• Nightly Roundup #771

    Twilight Sparkle is almost terrifying when she's studying. Look at all those books. How does one mare control so much knowledge? How does a pony of her size not lose her mind?

    Anyway go get some roundup stuff below!

  • Music of the Day #182

    How lyrical. I'm starting to think Lyra has the best color scheme.

    Last night was a small one, making tonight's Music of the Day a bigger one. Get 13 songs below the break!

    And as an added reminder since most of these came in without a genre; Please include one

  • PMV: Remember / Princesmagoria

    Rapid scenes and dubstep with loads of custom aimations! We have two new PMV's for you all to peruse. Head on down below the break to check them both out!

    1.) Remember [PMV]
    2.) Princesmagoria

  • Girl Named "Rainbow Dash" to Appear on Toddlers and Tiaras

    A show called Toddlers and Tiaras is airing tonight at 11:00 PM, with a girl going by the name of "Rainbow Dash" in attendance.  The age difference points toward the parents being older gen fans (FiM isn't 4 years old), but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a bit of new gen love in there too now that the name is so mainstream. 

    Found over in their schedule section
  • Both Peter New and Andrea Libman Up for UBCP Award

    Two of our favorite pony actors have been nominated for this year's UBCP/ACTRA Awards in Vancouver.  While Andrea is in the running for her role in "Too Many Pinkie Pie's", Peter is aiming for one of his parts in Littlest Pet Shop.  Technically this will be Andreas second time running, and if all things turn out well, second time winning too.

    Expect the awards to be announced and presented on the 24th of November at The Playhouse in Vancouver. 
  • Nici Plushies Now on Sale

    A while back, we announced some German plushies from toy company Nici.  As of today, these are finally available for sale.  Both the 12CM keychains and the larger full plushies have been added.   As is the norm for just about everyone, Pinkie, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash are first.  Head on over here to check out their inventory!

    Thanks to everyone that sent them in. 
  • 1/66 Days of Pony - Friendship is Magic Part 1

    As pointed out by our app programmer, Leon, we have 66 days until Friendship is Magic starts up its new season. Why is 66 significant? 66 is how many episodes are available (including EQG).  So what are we going to do about this? I propose a countdown!

    Every single day for the next 66 days we will revisit an older episode in order, turning back the clock if you will. There are only a few of these that didn't spark some kind of major discussion, be that based around the canon of Equestria as a whole, or the background ponies suddenly gaining resounding popularity and surpassing even the main characters in fan-created content. 

    So lets get this show on the road with the one that started it all!  Friendship is Magic Part One released way back in 2010, spawning an article on a website called Cartoon Brew that largely complained about  the revamp, citing it as another rung in the fall of creator-driven TV.  The animation fans over on the comics and cartoon board on 4chan saw it in a completely different light though,  spawning thread after thread about how great the animation is, and how ridiculously cute the ponies are.  Digging back on a Fluttershy Youtube video from October 18th 2010, It's pretty funny to read people's initial reactions:
    Fluttershy could make Chuck Norris melt. - Kruppenstien
    Eeee, she's uncontestedly the cutest pony in this series - Crimpyiff
    I will admit, I'm an adult and this scene still cracks me up! - Chosenviper
    Anyway, head on down below the break to watch the first episode of Friendship is Magic in all of its oldschool 480p glory.  We didn't have Xyro recording/uploading it in 1080p HD within 3 hours of it's release back then!

    Commentwise, if you want to have fun with it, pretend it's 2010 and you are watching it for the first time!

    (Now with 100% more embed after the break)

  • Animation: For a Muffin

    Have a very odd animaiton for an odd time slot.  For some reason, Derpy reminds me of Fluffle Puff in this one.   Get it below the break. 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #929

    Alright, you guys win.  Wubs wubs wubs and bass cannon is a pretty cool concept now.  She's still going to be my little Anamanaguchi fan though personally.

    Onward to art! get it all below. 

    [1] Source
    Bass cannon [2]

  • Michelle Creber Planning Concert Dates with Mandopony and BlackGryphon for December

    As is the norm for Michelle Creber, more fandom collaboration is on the way from the starlet.  Today on Twitter, she announced a plan to release concert information for December with Mandopony and BlackGryphon.   Right now, they are still in the decision phase on  which cities to hit, but I''m sure more information will be released on it as time goes on. 
  • Party of One App Releases from PlayDate Digital

    Another learning app for kids has released from Playdate Digital  The basic premise is similiar to the ones we saw in the past, with an interactive storybook.  This one is completely centered around the episode Party of One.   The app includes a scorecard (found in the image below) along with a the usual page by page vocabulary building activity set.  iOS owners can pick it up today,  with Android folks getting access to it next month.   Obviously this is geared more toward kids, but sometimes a bit of harmless pony is good for you.

    Head on down below the break for a video, or go get it here

  • Story Updates - September 18th

    Story updates! Go read stuff.

  • Discussion: You Have to Do The Job of One of The Mane 6

    Once again, you have been teleported to Equestria, this time with the job of substitute ____ on your plate.  A single bearer of the Elements of Harmony has to head out on a solo quest to recover an ancient relic that does something completely unrelated to this discussion post, and they need your help to pick up the slack.  

    You get to choose which one will be heading out on their journey, and in turn, which job you will be doing for the next month.     Interested in sorting hundreds of books every time Rainbow Dash trashes the library? Or maybe farm work is more your thing?  Hit up the comments with your choice in pony jobs, and how you will accomplish it with hands instead of horns, wings, and hooves!

  • Cosplay Compilation #3

    WARRIOR Rainbow Dash? I'd play that in a video game. Get on it Hasbro. The action adventure/hack and slash/god of war style genre could use a main character like that.

    It's cosplay time once again! These posts are a bit distant from one another, but there aren't a whole lot of cosplayers out there this time of year. Hopefully some of the winter conventions pick that up a bit.

    Now go get some cosplay below the break.

    [0] Source

  • Comic: Now That's Awkward / Spell Training / Bowling Alley

    I guess only Applejack has the finesse required to pull on other pony's tails.  Hit that up at the top, a multiparter (with parts in the description) in the second slot, and some simple 8 bit cheating in the third.  

  • Xbox Adds More Cutie Marks to Avatar Shop

    The Xbox live marketplace has expanded their pony selection with a few cutie marks for those that want to customize your gamer pictures.  Derpy (who is unnamed), Daring Do, Berry Punch, Celestia, Applejack, Shining Armor, Snails, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle are all included.   If you want it, hit it up over here for two bucks. 

    Thanks to Bronyta for the heads up.