• Music of the Day #172

    A bat, and a pony! We are really shaking things up here on EQD!

    We have 11 songs this time around. Get them all below!

  • 2nd Annual "Talk Like Zecora Day" Tomorrow

    I hope you are all ready with your rhyming hats, because tomorrow is once again, Talk Like Zecora Day.   Expect a comment rap battle, Zecora headers, and me failing at it on every post.

    Thanks a lot Steffan Andrews! If you weren't around last year, you can find the archive of the old one here
  • More Rainbow Power toys from Taobao

    We have more fun stuff from that ol' Taobao leeky site.   The Rainbow Power line of toys has expanded with these three.  Even Rarity is an alicorn in this one.    I wonder if the rest of the ponies will join them? Pinkie Pie would be a terrifying alicorn.  That's just asking for another Discord.

    (Update: The toy is just a washed out Twilight, derp)

    Thanks to Kirara for the heads up!

  • Story Updates - September 3rd

    Story updates! Get them all below.

  • General Zoi Pony Creator Updated to V3

    Tired of the oldschool pony creator lacking that posibility that you need to really bring life to your precious black alicorn with red eyes and dragon wings?  General Zoi has released an updated version with a few new key features:
    - The ability to turn the pony's head.
    - Posing that is more accurate to the show.
    - Some new manes and tails.
    - New accessories like neck ties/necklaces and additional hats.
    - Undo/redo buttons.
    - The ability to zoom in or out on the pony.
    - Poseable wings and tails! They don't highlight green like the other body parts, but if you click and drag them in Pose Mode you can move them around.
    Some things are still being migrated over to the new format though, so you might be lacking in the robes and wizard hats of old.   Fortunately The Superior and Awesome Tracy (DONUT STEEL) up above looks great with her new hairdo. 

    Head on over here to try it out, and spread your pony spawn throughout the internet!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #914

    Epic Twilacorn? I never get sick of that.

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source

  • Original Music from Friendship is Witchcraft (Ep. 7-9)

    Friendship is Witchcraft has spawned some of the most memorable songs of the fandom, with an endless amount of remixes in each.  It also sports a pretty awesome backtrack that a good amount of you probably never noticed.  Head on down below the break for a compilation of all of it from the creator, Sherclop Pones.

  • Comic: A Day in Equestria / Poytitis: Trixie the Suggestive / Turn that Frown Upside Down

    We start this one off with a four page multi-parter (Hit the description for 2-4), followed by some suggestive Trixie (or Twilight being a perv), and finish with Pinkie Pie fixing things. Click for full!

  • A Canterlot Wedding: The Big Fix

    Some of you may remember that a few months ago, youtubers Antony C and Bronycurious made a forty-minute video completely dismantling and analyzing A Canterlot Wedding. In today's video, the gang gets back together to talk about how all of the episode's plot holes could be fixed by making one simple change. Check out The Big Fix after the break!

  • Celestia Micro Series Comic Preview

    Next up on the list of micro-series comics,, is the one and only Celestia.  What crazy story will she be the head of? What kind of canon wil we see built in the world of the sun princess? Head on down below the break for a preview!

    Thanks to Kein for the heads up.

  • Untitled

    This is what happens when we sit around twiddling our thumbs waiting for season 4.  Anything is entertaining.  Discuss ponies swimming or something. 
  • SFM: Fallout Equestria: New Day

    We haven't had a SFM post in a long time, and almost no new ones are coming in, so have something super short for all you FoE fans.  The atmosphere here is excellent.  Get it below the break! 

  • Short Animation: Dew Droplet / My Little Pony - Rock

    SCIENCE pony, and Rainbow Dash trying to levitate things.  We have a few short flash thingies this time around.  Click the images to go check them out.

  • PMV: Rain or Shine / Princess Luna Lives for the Night

    Low on effects and big on syncing in the first slot, followed by an overwhelming amount of effects in the second. Luna has socks though so it's all good. Check these pmv's out below!

    1.) [PMV] Rain Or Shine
    2.) [PMV] Princess Luna lives for the night

  • Nightly Roundup #757

    How can anyone not like Fluttershy? Even if she isn't your top pony, she's still amazing.

    Get some nightly roundup stuff below!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 19

    Here we go now: Scratch, Turn, Mix! Mix, Scratch, Pose! Now Drop, Bass, Turn, and kick it! Ahem. Good job, artists. You can go on to the next stage now! But before we do, let's flip it back around for a second, and check back in with our 271 dreamers and planners, sleepers and schemers. There's an unreal amount of creativity and passion among the lot of you, and I am so amazingly impressed by the progress I'm starting to see. Not to mention there's a whole bunch of names that are really starting to look familiar! It's amazing to me how many of you have stuck with it so far, helping to contribute to our new total of 7224 images!

    And remember, everyone! Tomorrow we'll be opening up our second makeup gallery, which marks another chance to submit for our themes gone by, whether you hadn't joined in yet (and by the way, if you're reading this now and wondering if it's too late to start, please please please do jump in and give it a shot), if you had to skip over a day, or if another intepretation of an old theme occurred to you a little too late to do anything about it. Let all your ponies stand up and be counted! It begins again, tomorrow night!

    I've been dreaming, I've been waiting, to see you growing, changing. Your new sketches and digital prints, picking up some new art tricks. You've formed a crowd of thousands, you're sparkling like diamonds, and I'll sing your praises in this parody tonight at the Gallery! (thank goodness this part is short 'cause I've got nothing after! Keeping rhythm's hard it seems, writing about my galleries!) I... I'm so sorry, everyone. I know I can't sing, and here I keep doing it. Let's... just shuffle along, mmk? Mmk.

    I have officially parodied myself out for the night, and we've collectively gathered together a bunch of ponies with plans and  dreams. Now it's time for us to put those goals into action! But this is still the training grounds, so what do they need? Practice! Tonight, Draw a pony working out/Draw a pony training. Submit all entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Tuesday, September 3. What are we working out, exactly? I don't know, maybe our plans. But get on it!