• Nightly Roundup #626

    me every day
    The wind howls. The moon hangs overhead, swollen and bloated, blood red. You dog begins to shiver and whine, the hair on its neck rising. What was that you just saw out of the corner of your eye? Things that have been dormant for a millenia stir and begin to awake.

    PK is doing a nightly roundup. 

    The font also isn't cooperating. Sorry.
  • Music of the Day #90

    Still the best part of What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me.

    Onward to music of the Day! We have 10 tracks for you all this time around.  Check them out below. 

  • Untitled

  • Spotlight Music: Princess Twilight Orchestral Suite / Sun

    I don't know about you guys, but Princess Twilight has grown on me.   This song right there mixes the feeling of her coronation and ascendance (via orchestral scores of finale songs), with a bit of epic thrown in to fill out the rest.

    And as a bonus, if you are still in the good old orchestral mood, Another one from Carbon Maestro was sent in earlier, with some vocals from MEMJ0123 to top it off. Find both of them below the break!

  • Comic: Darned Draconequss /Orange Pony / Always Greener / Apple-Bolts /Weathering the Storm

    Part 1 Here

    Poor Twilight, you should know better than to play games with a trickster! Oh well, at least it looks like you learned your lesson at least.

    Comics guys! Click for full!

  • Story Updates - April 4th

    Story updates! The world is yours to command!

  • Story: Clop It! (Update - Complete!)

    [Comedy][Random][Shipping] "This story takes what could have very easily been disastrous, offensive material and turns it into fantastic, over-the-top parody. This is a story I'm going to be eagerly awaiting more chapters of." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: PrettyMonster
    This is not a clop fic.

    Twilight Sparkle and her friends awaken to find themselves far from home, being held captive by their ruler. Princess Celestia insists that the fate of Equestria rests upon their treatment, but it quickly becomes apparent that her motives might be very different than what she claims.

    Mysteries abound, but can our heroines survive the horror that is... Straight Camp?!
    Clop It! (Update Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: Ponies must survive Straight Camp
  • Random Media: Bad Boys / Twilight Holmes / Ace Combat 6: Fliers of Equestria

    I have no clue what to actually label. the first one.  YTPMV, PMV, or it looks like it calls itself PonyDub, so lets roll with that.

    In the second slot, we have some Twilight Sparkle pulling off a Sherlock Holmes style attack on some Changelings, and in the last, a ponified Ace Combat trailer. Check them all out below!

    1.) Bad Boys - When the CMC Finally Kicked Babs' Ass
    2.) [Parody] Twilight Holmes- Traumatize Solar Plexus
    3.) Ace Combat 6: Fliers of Equestria (Full Trailer)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #764

    I think the Dark Magician is the only thing I remember about this show.  That and the blue-eyes white dragon that gets stomped in the first episode.

    Onward to art!  

    [1] Source
    I summon Dark Magician Trixie!

  • SFM: Meet the Ponies: Source Ponies Explained

    As many of you have noticed throughout the last few months, the introduction of Source Filmaker has required a big update to the pony models of old.  A few updates have released, but this video in particular touches on just about everything. 

    SFM is awesome so far, and has even more potential as the pony models keep expanding, so give it a shot!  Video after the break.

    And if you couldn't care less about creating ponies with SFM, its still fun to watch derpy talk/be animated for 2 minutes, so watch it anyway!

  • Funrise Announces Octavia

    To compliment their release of Vinyls Scratch, a bit of Octavia is on the way.   They don't have a release date yet, but usually their facebook announcements give a ~ 4 month gap before they hit stores. 

    Find their announcement here!

    Thanks to Luis and Hannah for the heads up!
  • Discussion: What Have you Discovered Because of Pony?

    Since ponies first began they have been crossed with just about everything: starting back in the early days with Ponycraft II and the Elder Scrolls VI: Equestria to more recent endeavors such as Derp She Is!! The great benefit of this of course is that pony has the potential to expose the members of the fandom to a wide variety of things they otherwise would not have if pony had not been mixed with it.

    So my question to you all is what sort of shows, games, ect did you not have exposure to, but were made aware of thanks to ponies? I know I was made aware of League of Legends through pony thanks to their pony contests they held awhile back so tell us your stories down in the comments!
  • New Feature: Meetup Group Listings

    Meetups have been one of the key features of the fandom that has not only let pony fans get together, but make friends, inspire community spirit, and even spawn collaborations that the whole fandom can enjoy. In fact, many fandom conventions have spawned from local meetup groups that have greatly expanded from their original inception!

    Considering the importance of meetups to the community and after seeing so many comments in the Roundups about people wishing for meetups or groups in their area, Seth and I are going to be working on creating a Meetup Group page similar to our Conventions page. The new page will be sorted alphabetically, including countries around the world and split up by State in the case of the USA.

    This is where you guys come in! We need you all to start sending us Meetup Group pages (Facebook pages, forums, ect) so we can start filling out the new page. Please don't send us info on individual meetups for this feature, those will still go into the Roundups! Also, new Meetup Groups are still encouraged to send in their info for the Roundups in order to give them exposure. If you know of a meetup group to add to the list please send it into [email protected] with Meetup Group in the subject line with a link to the group, the name of the group, and what region the group is located in (country and possible State is preferred).

    We're hoping this will make finding pony fans near you an easier experience so you all can have a bunch of fun over the pony drought and beyond! It'll be a little while till this is officially launched, so leave your feedback in the comments so we can consider your ideas! Rock on guys!
  • Animation Shorts/Flash: My little Ghostie: Capitalism... / Scootaloo Scoot / Carrots / Jedi Trixie

    Way back in the early pony days, there was a completely off the wall capitalist radio host who absolutely hated the pony thing.  Unfortunately for him, the majority of his audience was perfectly fine with it.  The first video is based on audio clips from his show, so you probably wont get it at all if you never followed good old ghost. Pretty much every single bit in there is a reference to his fans calling in. 

    And in the last three slots, we have some simple short stuff, with Derpy, Scootaloo, and an interactive Jedi Trixie.  Click for full!

  • Album Compilation - April 4rd

    Album time! We have four of them in this one, ranging from Orchestral to 80's style.  Head on down below the break to check them all out!