• Music: Seeds Of Kindness // Celestia // A Day At The Races //

    Luna- now with butter!

    Vocal tracks, abound! This hour we have a song for Fluttershy, a slower piano piece, and a mashup of show voices. Check em out!

    1) Seeds Of Kindness [Caine The DoomBringer]
    2) Lectro Dub and Moon Melodies - Celestia
    3) Skruffy Pony - A Day At The Races

  • Custom Compilation #74

    Maybe there is something to this 'Spitfire is best pony thing'. Two of my friends insist on it so there has to be some merit, right?

    Sorry for the lateness of this compilation guys! Customs were literally coming into us at a trickle so I had to wait for them to build up again. Check out what we have for you after the break!

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  • Plushie Compilation #70

    Once in a blue moon we get a really good plush of a random minor pony, but boy is the wait worth it! I think I may have seen just two Sapphire Shore plushies ever in my entire time doing plush compilations so it's cool to see another one I can add to that short list.

    Plushie time you guys! Check them out after the break.

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  • Blast from the Past #9

    Hey again everyone! Ready to delve once more into the realm of the pony past? It's hard to believe it's been two weeks since our last edition, but as these features point out time in pony terms just seems to fly.

    As always, you can send suggestions to me at: [email protected]

    Since our last edition I have taken into consideration a few suggestions offered by you good folks and will be trying some new things in this post.

    First up is that in each Blast post I will be featuring a small Blast from the Past Drawfriend (just a few pictures) so to speak by featuring pics/comics from the distant past that newer fans may have missed or that veterans might wish to revisit. If you have suggestions for great old pics or comics just send them to my EqD email.

    Secondly, I'm going to try out a little 'This Day in Pony History' sort of thing where I go back exactly a year to the current date and find an interesting tidbit of news/history to share with you all!

    Anyhow, enough of my babbling! Check after the break for some nostalgia!

  • Story Updates July 7th (Evening)

    We need more history on Starswirl imo! Side series yah?

  • Bronycon Documentary - Release Details

    Micheal Brockhoff has updated the Bronycon Documentary posting on Kickstarter with some information on the actual release.  It sounds like there will be a primary we will be seeing in November, followed by some bonuses involving the European BUCK and GALACON in 2013. 

    His release says it best though! Have some information:
    Many of you have been asking for a while now about the release plans for the documentary. After much discussion and consideration here is what we have in mind.

    Later this year, the feature length film "BronyCon: The Documentary" will be released. As promised, we’ve captured some amazing stories of individual journeys that converge at the convention and can’t wait for you to see them. The film will introduce you to the people we followed and will also be a celebration of BronyCon itself. On a larger social level, there will be insight into who the fans are and what is driving the phenomenon.

    As bonus features, we are hoping to shoot and include two self-contained mini-documentaries on Germany’s GalaCon and the UK’s BUCK convention. Those plans are being made now.
    When is this going to happen? Most likely, the release will be in early November. Yes, we originally promised September, but that was when we thought it was going to be two cameras covering two convention days only. Now we are in the process of logging and editing over 100 hours of raw compelling footage shot all over the world. Don’t consider it delayed; think of it as an early holiday gift. If there is any way to deliver earlier, we will.
    (More after the break)

  • PMV: Toxic / The great and powerful Trixie's return

    We have some really neat shorties this time around! Or maybe I'm just biased toward Trixie? I refused to admit to that.  Anyway, have some crazy editing. 

    1.) Toxic
    2.) The great and powerful Trixie's return - track by Alex S

  • Fighting is Magic Live Feed from EVO2k!

    Fighting is Magic is currently livestreaming from Evo!  Get over there!
  • TetraPony's Art Request Challenge Starting Now!

    Tetra had so much fun the first time, he has decided to turn the Art Request Challenge into a weekly event.  Every Saturday at 1:00 PM PST (Or 3:00 PM PST Today) he will be absorbing you all into his room and drawing your OC ponies, requests, and general crazyness. 

    Head on over to his page here to join in on the fun!

    If you are curious about what happened last time, check out below and after the break, or check his website out here

  • Drawfriend Stuff #496

    Erin Bronett edition!  This drawfriend is overflowing with amazing stuff! 

    But no Trixie.

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  • Derpy Watching a Washing Machine

    You laugh, but I guarantee you will be doing the same thing after a few seconds. 

    And have some Superdash too! Click both for full.

  • Story: Starlight Over Detrot: A Noir Tale (Update Part 84-87!)


    Author: CEO Kasen and Chessie the Cat
    Description: Monster attacks. Crime. Illegal hallucinogens made from electric fruit.

    They say things didn't use to be like this. They say things were different, before Luna came back 60 years ago, but Detective Hard "Hardy" Boiled of the Detrot Police Department has never known any world other than that demarcated by the seedy streets of his beloved decaying metropolis; a world in which the coroners sing and dance, surveillance bugs have personality disorders, and the Chief of Police is a scarier entity than most of the eldritch things the city attracts.

    The grey unicorn who turned up dead outside the posh High Step Hotel seemed like just another case, but her missing horn is just the pointy tip of a very large and nasty iceberg. It's up to Hardy and his friends - a rejected monster hunter, a psychic cab driver, and an underground antiques heir - to find out what’s going on in an investigation that promises to turn Detrot upside-down and inside-out.

    Especially if Hardy has anything to say about it.
    Starlight Over Detrot: A Noir Tale

    Starlight Over Detrot: a Nightmare Night (Part 84-87!)

    Additional Tags: Noir Mystery Thriller Gone Batshit

    Fan Art:
  • Bronyville Episode 061 – Friendship has Failed! and EQD Q&Neigh NOW

    Pretty much this

    It's that time of the month once again! Bronyville and Equestria Daily (Otp) will be collaborating on one of those crazy Q&Neigh things, primarily focusing on Bronycon this time.   Have some Infos:

    Contrary to the title, this is not a last episode (besides what some neighsayers may say). Actually, Dennis Daniels of the Dennis Daniel Show (http://www.alltasteexplosion.com/) dropped in so we can talk about pony, performing a show about pony and getting in the show stars, and even offering a contest for those who listen. There may be fabulous prizes! And then chop this full of fun with our Bronycon discussion, the hot new toys on the way from Hasbro, and pony fighting games hitting the big stage.

    Bronyville Episode 062 - EQD Q&Neigh - Bronycon Wrap-up (~Bronycon Wrap-Up!~)

    It's time for another monthly installment of the EQD Q&Neigh. The staff will be live on justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast at Noon PDT, Saturday July 7th. Listen to Seth, Phoe, Cereal, Calpain, and other of your favorite EQD moderators alongside Chef Sandy and Apple Cider as they give you their accounts and experiences at Bronycon Summer 2012. How well did the staff do? Was the con fun? Did Tara, DeLancie, and the other guests enjoy themselves? Did the con catch on fire? Wait... it did? Oh well okay, then you should certainly join us and even call into this very special combinocast with Bronyville and Equestria Daily.

  • Claire and Michelle Debuting Song with Mandopony on Saturday Night Songs

    Mandopony and Michelle are the best combo! It looks like they will be premiering a new song from Speedy & Stretch show starring Mando, Natalie Sharp, and Everyones favorite southern speaking CMC.

    Anyway, check out their promo after the break, and tune in at 7:00 PM To check it out!
  • Comic: You-Man-Gee / My Mother Always Told Me... / Walking Flu

    We have ponies playing Jumanji, Twist being ridiclously cute as a teenager and way better than when she had braces, and ZOMBIES.  Click all for full! 

  • Music: Gummy the Alligator //Electric Pony Carnival // At Least 1000 Years //

    Time for some music that lacks people saying words in a rhythmically pleasing manner! This hour, we have a Gummy and two original tracks. Go check em out!

    1) MrCrackles - Gummy the Alligator
    2) Metapony - Electric Pony Carnival
    3) Neighsayer - At Least 1000 Years

  • Story Updates July 7th (Morning)


    I heard fimfiction is at 15 words a second.

    Anyway, have some stories. 
  • Nightly Roundup #369

    It's finally the weekend! Time to party down or just kick back and relax. Hope you all have some interesting things planned.

    Not a ton of news tonight, but if you are looking for meetups, like pony podcasts, or are a fan of merchandise you might just find something for yourself in here!