• Pinkie Music: BGM - Not Okay [Hard Rock]

    A serious song expressing real problems, or a not-so-serious song about not settling for Pepsi instead of Coca-Cola... You decide how you'll interpret this new awesome song by BGM that stars Pinkie on the vocals this time, and even features a little vocal skit! Some of those lyrics are so stunningly relatable, and the messages (that I'm following up on in my comment on YouTube) are so true - make compromises, but stand for what you believe when you feel like you have to! Good will prevail! (At least I always hope so) Let the epic vocals and heavy guitar riffs bring you a new anthem for keeping up the good fight...

    Note: The song that is now embedded below the break is the "FIX'd" reupload. If you want to check the original upload that has been unlisted, you can find it here.

  • Nightly Discussion #2817


    My Little Pony Nightly Discussion Author Calpain Need Rescue
    Artist: wafflecakes

    I guess with the Kirin and Bat takeover things haven't been so bad. There certainly isn't a new quota on how many of them I have to post a day to please Seth's insatiable demand for more bats and kirin.

    Evening everyone! Welcome to the weekend! Ready for things to get started?

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  • Animation: The Best Sisters

    We have a cute but sad animation starring Sweetie Belle and Rarity going through their lives, complete with neat little scenes from foal to teen to adult in Sweetie Belle's case. It does get sad in the end though, so have a general warning there.

  • Everything Wrong With Buckball Season

    Anyone up for some Buckball? We've got another new EEW for you all today from Littleshy covering the sports episode. How did it measure up to the others? Check out its sins below!

  • Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #4007

    Alright you win. I'll cover other ponies too. Bats with kirin tails will ALWAYS get priority from now on though.

    And I'm keeping the banner.

    Amazing Art of less amazing creatures below! 

    [1] Source
    by strafe blitz

  • 66 Batpony & Kirin Plushies Hasbro Should Have Made But They Didn't Because My Money is No Good To Them

    "It's not WIERD, mom. It's ECCENTRIC. Tons of perfectly normal guys have lifesize pink and purple bat pony plushies on their couches. Get with the times!" Is what I'd say if they ever actually said what they were thinking, but they don't, so I continue to fall down this bat filled hole. How deep does it go? I don't know. I've been here for 11 years now and it just keeps going. I saw a thread on another site about pony tulpas which seem to be literal self-induced schizophrenia, so I guess there is always another layer. 


    Or maybe there are just multiple paths to take and millions of different layers between them? I guess if the year was 2100 we'd be talking about a bat pony android on the couch. I wonder how many of you would buy one? How many moms would be silently horrified while trying their absolute hardest to be supportive?

    This psychoanalysis is brought to you by a dude that took one semester of Psych 101. Please find a compilation of bat and kirin plushies I totally wouldn't buy if EQD wasn't paycheck to paycheck below~

    [0] Source

    Sweet Velvet OC by Lanacraft, also my living room

  • The Bats Will Dance on Our New Bat & Kirin Website

    Because ponies dancing is cute, but edgy ponies dancing is even cuter.

  • Top 6 "Kirin" of All Time

    A picture of an off screen character saying "Who's a good kirin??" with the Kirin Autumn Blaze sitting wagging her tail thinking to herself "God I hope it's me. Otherwise I'll burn down an orphanage."
    Artist: @RocketLawnchArt

    WeAreBorg here, emerged from my hole in spacetime, to speak about an important April topic, how awesome the Kirin are. In fact, I would like to list for you, the best of the best of Kirin kind. 

    Join me below the break on my breakdown of everything amazing about the Kirin and the amazing Kirins that make Kirins amazing.

  • Discussion: Why Have You Not Embraced Bats and Kirins?

    Artist: xwhitedreamsx

    I woke up today to people demanding the removal of bats. The closure of kirins. The re-application of unicorns, pegasus, and earth ponies. Unfortunately I cannot give in to these demands. Bats and Kirin are the peak of pony. Bat ponies have cute wings, fangs, and ear tufts. Their eyes can do that cute cat thing where the pupil gets all big and it's like omg this cat is cute, while simultaneously doing that thing where they turn into slits and it's like omg this cat is terrifying. How can you beat that? You can't. It's impossible. They just have superior eyes.

    Kirin on the other hand take pony tails and ramp them up to the next level. Instead of just a pile of hair on a dock, they take the dock, (which according to the brony fandom is the best part) and expand it to become the focus, shifting the hair to instead be a neat little accent styled into flag-like sections of cuteness. Why deny their superiority?

    This is your chance to confess to your kirin-hating and bat-loathing sins. Tells us why your opinions are terrible and why you haven't yet changed your OC into a batpony, waifue'd a kirin (if you are in that deep), swapped your profile picture over to a bat, drawn Sweet Velvet as a kirin, or built a shrine in your closet that isn't at all creepy and definitely does not have $1500 worth of lifes-size bedroom-eyed plushies mail-ordered from across the ocean because you do NOT have a problem and you definitely do NOT need therapy....

    Even terrible people can turn over a new leaf. Not that you are terrible. You are simply misguided. That's even easier to come back from. Let us fix you today so that you too can understand the wonders of kirinlife and the joys of batlife. 

  • Introducing Bats & Kirin! That's it. The Site is Just Called "BATS & KIRIN" Now

    It is now April according to the internet, which means it's time to unleash a new EQD on the masses. It's no secret that 10 years ago when this website was first born, it was originally created with the goal of simply getting more Trixie episodes. With that long since accomplished, we turned our attention to a new future for My Little Pony! One that would fundamentally improve every single aspect of it from the ground up. A concept so powerful that Hasbro would be foolish to ignore! I tell you here and now, our demands were simple but glorious! MORE BATS AND KIRIN!

    Unfortunately, we, and Hasbro in conjunction failed horribly. Everything about Equestria Daily over the past 5 years has been a complete waste of time as Hasbro chose to completely ignore our scaled backs and EEEEE calls. Instead of embracing the ultimate merchandise selling concept of edgy cartoon horses for teens and pandering to the kirin market like all of the other big entertainment corporations right now, they instead doubled down on boring regular ponies.

    Instead of licking our wounds and retreating, we are doubling down. From now on the focus will be on Kirin and Bats. If she doesn't have bat wings or a long kirin tail and scales, she's not getting the spotlight. Sorry everyone. This is for the best. G5 is here, and so far we have yet to see EITHER. It's an outrage bigger than any outrage before.

    April 1st marks our migration. Until we get bored at least. We will probably get bored. It usually happens. I can't fight a cause to save my life. I've got too many video games to play and pizza restaurants to try. I'm going to have a heart attack from all this pizza and have 0 plan in place for someone to take over once I'm gone. And have you seen all that Velvetposting I've been doing over the last few days from my Second Life expedition? Their new pony models are adorable and it is so distracting. I could play dress-up over there for hours. Invade random furry night clubs with an edgy red-eyed bat pony avatar and all they can do is bask in her adorableness. Or send me weird messages. Sometimes they send weird messages and I'm not sure how to handle that. 


  • Morning Discussion #2611


    My Little Pony Morning Discussion Author Calpain

    I guess things are getting a bit batty around here for today and even Nightmare Moon has changed her looks for the occasion.

    Morning everyone, hope you are all doing well today! Ready for some chatter?

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