• Newbie Artist Training Grounds XIV: Day 6


    Sometimes it is nice to have friends in high places, especially if they have the best of intentions. They can help lift us up with the connections they have and help us grow. I see it in the comments veterans leave for the newer artists or in the NATG Discord channel because those who have worked to get to those higher positions were once just starting out themselves. It's always heartwarming to see such kindness.

    As we approach our first week of the NATG being complete we bring in another 61 ponies which now brings us up to 320 ponies in total. Keep up the great work as always everyone!

    Today's prompt, I must admit, is one that was inspired by you all in part. Today was my last day of teaching classes so thinking of you all combined with today made me interested in a knowledge-based theme for our prompts. That's why for today I'd like you to Draw a pony learning the ropes / Draw a pony offering a pearl of wisdom.

    As always you can find the submitter here.

    For our mobile friends trying to upload, try this:
    Once you have the image uploaded to Twitter, DeviantArt, or wherever try this: Touch and hold the image. Depending on what browser you’re using, select the image URL by tapping the links below: 
    Copy link address 

    Use that URL in the compiler for your image. Hopefully that works!

    Max Image Size is 4MB!

    Animations do not animate when sent through the compiler! Include some text with your submitted animation so people can follow your links to the source to see the animation in full.

    Remember, our compiler for the old prompt is up a few hours even after this post goes up with the new prompt so feel free to submit your submission to the previous day's submitter!

    Also, if you are late submitting and the submitter is closed, don't just throw your pic into the next day's submitter. Wait for a Makeup Day to submit!

    Attention Discord Users:
    For those of you with Discord we are really pulling out all the stops this year as we have a channel on EqD's official Discord server called #artist-training-ground for you to hang out in with your fellow artists during the event. You can join our Discord server here.

    Check on after the break for today's gallery!
    Tutorial on First Day on How to Upload
    Art Tutorials
  • Nightly Discussion #3600


    I really think I would have liked to have seen a spin-off with teenage Flurry Heart and her friends. It would have led to a bunch of new adventures.

    Evening my friends! We made it halfway through the week! How are you all holding up? Time to chat?

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  • Drawfriend - Equestria Girls / Anthro MLP Art Gallery #552

    Time for another post filled with hidden links! You sure all do love making saucy humans and anthros.

    Go get that below.

    [1] Source
    by pinzillastudio

  • Discussion: Do You Create Any Pony Content or Just Consume it?



    Do you actively contribute to the fandom, or do you just enjoy the content?  If you do, even if you consider your contribution to be small (like just making a few pictures for fun on your free time, organizing some small events, etc.), what is it?

    Honestly I mostly just consume the content.  There's some really talented people in the fandom that make great art and music, and some very dedicated organizers that make all the cons and meetups happen.  I definately appriciate all that work and because of it we are still here nearly 15 years after the beginning.  As for me, I don't think my contributions are particularly large.  What I do is post a few things here and help keep things in check on the Discord.  It's not a huge amount, but it keeps me busy and makes me feel like I am doing something meaningful while procrastinating for something else more important :P.  I do like interacting with y'all though so it's a fun task to have taken up.

    What about you?  Discuss Below.

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  • Comics: Fluttershy's Hair Styles / Adorkable - When Alone / MLP TF #25 / Cold November #16.4


    I think she looks good in ALL hairstyles.

    Get comics above and below !

  • Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #4792

    Fluttershy in light blue socks is a classic combo!

    Time for art. Get it all below.

    [0] Source
    by minekoo2

  • Featured Music: MelodyBrony - Run Away

    Melody Brony, Frozen Night, and Blackened Blue team up for an energetic new rock track all about Zipp Storm!

    Head on down below to give it a listen.

  • Fanfiction (Scouted): A Quick Question


    Author: EileenSaysHi

    Description:So what does one do upon finding out that their best friend (and lately a bit more than that) has been hiding something from them? Namely, the fact that, once a month, they transform into the body of a destructive dark angel and spend the night hiding in their room?

    Well, if you're Sunset Shimmer, you ask Twilight a magiphysiological question.

    A Quick Question

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  • Morning Discussion #3397


    I know the rent is due, Trixie, but you certainly can't be this desperate, right?

    Good morning everyone! Wishing you all a peaceful Wednesday ahead! Ready to chat and get the day going?

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