• Music of the Day #3

    Oh, don't think we didn't hear you doubting us. "Equestria Daily can't possibly shine a spotlight on so many young musicians every single day", I pretended you said. "This feature will disappear quickly", I put words in your mouth.

    Fake doubt me no more! Joining forces with Octavia, heretofore and present unofficial mascot of the Music of the Day post, I am descended from on high to lay down some mad beats for your late night listening pleasure. Swing to my tune, gentle readers, and rejoice.

    Here are your rules one more time. Party mode? Switch. On.

  • Discussion: What Do You Want to See In The Pony Comic?

    We have seen a few things come out of the MLP comic now.  Covers directly right at us, fandom favorites hanging in the background, Derpy everywhere;  clearly, this comic has the ability to stretch the boundaries! 

    So where would you like it to take our little ponies in the coming months?   What do you want to see out of the Friendship is Magic comic series?
  • Super Smash Ponies: Updates

    A new video has been released showing some the updates to the in-progress game based on Super Smash Brothers. The entire game has undergone upgrading- more characters, smoother animations all around, items, and more! There will also be an open beta starting soon, though they didn't specify when. Still, it's looking good. If I still had my N64 I'd probably be tempted to play the original. With myself. Because no one's around.

    Check out the video here!

  • Daniel Ingram Selling Custom Composing Desk

    This isn't strictly pony-related, but we love helping out the show staff whenever we can, and I think this qualifies! Besides, it's pony-related if you stretch it a bit, which I'm about to do.

    Are you interested in owning a piece of pony history, as well as other history stuff that probably came before ponies but that one can only speculate on? Then you might want to take a look at this. Daniel Ingram is selling his custom-designed maple desk on eBay. This is where all the music magic has happened throughout all three seasons of pony, and on top of that it's a beautiful desk if you've got the room for it.

    The eBay link is here, and currently the price is quite reasonable. Let's see where it goes!

  • Comic: Kindergarten Days 9 / Derpy's First Time / Miracle Powder / Not so Faithful Student / Daring Do and the Ancient Curse

    Suddenly the world has become clear again! Celestia is explained!

    And a bunch of other stuff.  Click for full!

  • Music Remix/Instrumental: The Best Party / The Crusaders / Dragon Quest

    We have a mix of instrumentals and remixy stuff today! First off is a Best Party Pinkie Pie gala song, followed by some cutie Mark Crusaders electronic, and finishing a with a rock style instrumental we apparently derped the other day! Check them out below the break.

    1.) The Best Party (2012 Mix) [2000 Subscribers Thank You!]
    2.) Sub.Sound - The Crusaders
    3.) Dragon Quest - Wolfblur

  • Drawfriend Stuff #594

    What was that game called where everyone had instrument weapons?  This kind of reminds me of that.

    Have some art while I go dig it up!

    Source 1
    Octavia, the Grand Duelist
  • Story Updates October 13th (Afternoon)

    Luna is even more adorable though. 

    Have some story updates!

  • Derpy and Dash Invading Stores

    We had a few people send this little tidbit of information over to us, but couldn't be completely sure.  It's an extremely rare occurrence, but some Hot Topic locations have a couple of these in stock already.   Your best bet is to give them a call, or stop by on your way home from work/soccer practice/knitting lessons.

    Our media guy, Xyro, also talked to someone from corporate about it.  Apparently they were about 56 Derpy's over ordered on their website right now.  Someone "derped" and accidently re-opened it.  Rainbow Dash on the other hand should still be available.

    Thanks to Cyberdashie for the images above and everyone else for submitting their store receipts and stuff!
  • Story: Changeling (Update Complete!)


    Author: Deceased
    Description: With Chrysalis' defeat, Princess Luna recalls a bitter memory from her own darker days. Resolute on absolving herself, the Princess finds it in her duty to prevent the death that she foresees: she cannot allow herself to let the darkness of Chrysalis to reconstruct itself outside Equestrian borders.

    She sees in herself a chance at atonement--a change to forgive herself for past wrongs.
    Changeling (New Part 15!)

    Additional Tags: Changeling, Identity, Rogue, Absolution, totally-not-schopenhauer
  • Full Quality Comic Page on Andy Price's Deviant Art

    Because camera phone pictures just can't handle the epic, Andy Price has uploaded the page from the Project: My Little Pony event for all of you to enjoy.  Yes, that is in fact Screwball, along with a bunch of other fan favorites.  Can you handle the epic? cause this comic might cause a black hole or seven.

    Click it for the full version!

    And in other news,  Andy will be appearing at Hama-con in November, so now you can go meet him!
  • Craft Compilation #1 - Introduction

    Hello everyone! Today I'd like to introduce a new feature on the site. As some of you already know from the customs post, we have a new organization system for customs. Custom posts are now dedicated to modified official merch (blindbags, brushables, ect) while everything from ties, shoes, sculpts, anything else will be included in our new Craft posts! Hopefully these new posts will allow more people to be spotlit and provide a slightly better sorting system so people can find what they want.

    On to the first set of crafts guys! Charge!

    Source 1
    Derpy Dice Bag

  • Animation - Dusk's Dawn

    Want a full 20 minute pony animation?  The team over at Project Interlude has released their first one!

    For a bit more information if you missed the release a few days ago:

    Dusk's Dawn Episode 1 Synopsis:

    “On his 9th birthday, Dusk is finally allowed to learn the secret his family has kept for generations! However, Dusk soon discovers the DeNoirs past might not be the cutiemark-earning story he hopes it to be...”
    It's a full OC cast, and even includes a bit of music FiM style! Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Custom Compilation #89

    It's been quite awhile since our last custom compilation. It isn't because we've been receiving fewer emails, heavens no, but instead in how we have been sorting crafts. Hopefully you guys will like the new sorting system! You'll see what I'm talking about later on, so stay tuned.

    As part of this new system, customs are now based around creations made using modified official merchandise (blind bags, brushables, ect) only. Please continue sending in shoes, ties, wood workings, sculpts, papercrafts, ect though! You'll see why soon...

    Anyhow, enough rambling, check out our pony customs after the break!

    Source 1
    SOLD: DJ PON3 Fashion Style Custom

  • EQD + Bronyville Podcast Q&Neigh at Noon PDT!

    (Are you ready kids? I can't hear you!)

    Hey gang! It's time for another collaboration with your bloggers at EQD and the podcastsers over at Bronyville Podcast. So come join Seth (if he wakes), Cereal, Phoebe, and Xyro of EQD with Bronyville Podcast's Chef Sandy and Apple Cider. We'll be talking about the limited new information about Season 3 of MLP, the recent Bronies vs Walmart thing(?), and giving away that prize Zecora for show donators! Info below!

    When: Noon PDT Today - 3 PM EDT - 8 PM UTC
    Who: Bronyville Podcast and Equestria Daily!
    Why: Because Season 3 ain't here yet

    Nopony ever reads footers. Pickle barrel kumquat pickle barrel kumquat pickle barrel kumquat pickle barrel kumquat pickle barrel kumquat.
  • My Little Pony Project Livestream Starts Soon, + Discord Shirts

    Welovefine's livestream of the My Little Pony project is starting this afternoon!  at 3:00 PM Pacific / 6 EST their stickcam feed will start up for all of you to invade. 

    Head on over to the main page for project main page for it!

  • Story: Ordo ab Chao (Update Complete!)

    [Sci-fi] [Dark]

    Author: Integral Archer
    Description: One hundred eighty years before the first Nightmare Moon incident, the United Republic of Equestria is ruled by two prevailing parties and simply switches hooves between them every few years, as the citizens get more impatient and indecisive.

    In the midst of the worst depression in Equestrian history, an egregious scandal befalls the United Party when the president of the country is found guilty at her trial following her impeachment—obliterating her and her party, and cementing any future victories of the Royal Party and their leader Princess Celestia.

    Out of apathy, the United Party chooses Disce Cordis as their new leader—a strange draconequus with a piercing stare, an odd accent, and who can't even pronounce his opponent's name properly. He appears innocuous and ineffectual enough; but as his campaign goes on and he starts to gain more popularity, his strange speech and manner makes the citizens of Equestria suspect that, perhaps, the welfare of the Union isn't what is first and foremost in his mind.
    Ordo ab Chao (New Part Epilogue!)

    Additional Tags: Equestrian Republicanism, History, Politics, Insurrection
  • William Anderson Heading to EQLA

    It just keeps growing! Hope you LA people are in for a party. All Information on William Anderson's confirmed attendance can be found below the break.

  • Nightly Roundup #466

    Luna just seems appropriate for the Nightly Roundups, she is the Princess of the Night after all! Hope you all have a great weekend planned out filled with lots to do, pony or not.

    Time for the news! Check it after the break.