• Nightly Roundup #854

    Isn't she the most adorable little super hero? Just don't deny her hugs or cookies or she'll zap you with a bolt of lightning.

    News time once again you guys, you know the drill by now. Check it all out after the break!

  • Music of the Day #236

    MUSIC... of the day!

    We have the cap in this one at 15 total.  Go listen to stuff! And go find me a quick way to turn these posts into playlists with a list of youtube links! I bet there is a site out there somewhere that does it.

  • Bronycon 2014 announces Heather Breckel and Tony Fleecs

    Heather Breckel, the colorist for the official MLP comics, and Tony Fleecs, artist of some of the comic covers, have both been announced for Bronycon 2014.  Check out the press release after the break!

  • Everfree Northwest 2014 Holiday Sale

    Everfree Northwest comes bearing gifts this holiday season with a chance to get your ticket to the convention at a discounted price! It's only for a limited time though so make sure to grab yours quick. Check out the full presser and a promo video after the break.

  • Newsarama Article Reports on IDW and Hasbro Partnership

    The MLP comics have been a surprise hit from IDW, selling scads of copies since their launch and helping to revitalize the comic market. In a recent article by Newsrama, the author explores this relationship between Hasbro and IDW for not only MLP but many other Hasbro properties as well! It's an interesting read, especially if you are a comic fan so check it out at the link below for the full story and a behind the scenes look of this partnership between IDW and Hasbro.

    Thanks to Masem for the heads up!

    Newsrama Article

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  • Drawfriend Stuff #1023

    I simply love this time of year with all the festive cheer, gift giving, and all around happiness. Too bad it only comes once a year.

    Have some art guys!

    [1] Source
    Hearth's Warming Eve 2013

  • "Three's a Crowd" Episode a Musical!

    From the cheese sandwiches and random tweets, to the hints during convention panels and Meghan McCarthy's usual shenanigans, this episode has been poked for over two years now.  Remember way back during April 2011 when this happened?  Jayson is the director over on the Friendship is Magic team for those curious.  A simple ponification of a Weird Al song was the trigger that sparked what we will finally get to see come January.

    Anyway, had on down below the break for some speculations on what we will be seeing in Three's a Crowd"!  

  • Snowflake Officially Named Bulk Biceps in the CCG

    Here's a bit of potentially old yet under the radar news for all of you out there that pay attention to background pony names in canon.  According to the MLP CCG Card "Good Hustle", the pony we know as "Snowflake" is apparently "Bulk Biceps" over there.

    I'll let you guys decide on which you like more.  I'm leaning toward Snowflake myself!

    Thanks to Nick for the heads up.
  • Comic: The Day of Hearth's Warming

    After several weeks of work this huge collaborative effort by a dozen amazing artists is finally complete! Here at EqD we are proud to present the 12 Days of Christmas with ponies! Click for full and please make sure to visit the artists in the description, I'm just hosting the comic as a neutral party so please visit their pages and leave feedback if you can.

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Japan Time - Hearth's Warming Eve

    Another Monday means another Japan Time here at EqD! Ready for some holiday ponies?

    As always, you can find the embed after the break and thanks for the corrections folks!

    And if you need to catch up on Japanese ponies you can do so here.

  • "Power Ponies" Analysis, Round 1

    Videos have been coming in a little slow for the new episode, but I've got a couple for ya! Tommy Oliver and I power through our opinions of power ponies with punchy precision. Check 'em out after the break!

  • Episode 11 - "Three's a Crowd" Synopsis Revealed! - Weird Al Announced! (UPDATED!)

    This is a pretty major one. It looks like that awesome special guest we have been waiting for has finally arrived.  Head on down below the break to check out the synopsis!

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in!

  • January 2014 Episode Highlights for MLP Released!

    Discovery has released their monthly highlights, detailing episodes 8, 9, 10, and 11! Expect the spoilers via the synopsis.  You know how this works by now. 

    Head on down below the break for all of them.  Thanks to Derpysquad on Skype for the heads up! He even beat you submit box people, slackers! 

  • A Merry Christmas from Anneli Heed and Tombstone

    Things are kicking into high gear as we head deeper into the holidays! Anneli Heed (Swedish Spitfire and more) has teamed up with Tombstone to bring this very festive pony song for you guys. Check it out after the break to jam out.

  • MLP CCG: Send Tournaments!

    With the official card game finally out in the wild, and people slowly discovering combos and strategies for it, it's time to get some community building going! I know boatloads of meetup groups probably have systems setup for letting their members know when tournaments are taking place, but there are also loads of lone wolves looking for a place to throw down some Twilight Sparkle.

    There are a bunch of card shops out there that only advertise locally, and if they are anything like the ones here in Arizona, they don't advertise much at all!  It's time to blast it across the internet!

    If you see or plan to attend a tournament hosted at a nearby card shop in your area, send it in! If we get enough, we will convert it into a weekly post.  Otherwise keep an eye out for announcements on each in the Nightly Roundups.

    Include the following:

    Email Header: TOURNAMENT
    Rules (if any)

    Copy paste that up there, fill it out, and send it over!  Hopefully these become more common as the cards become a bit more available.  I know quite a few people in busy cities/areas that can't find them due to lack of stock. 

  • Ponymotes: Daring Don't, Power Ponies, Flight to the Finish, and Crossover!

    I still have no clue where to file these, but they are pretty funny.  Comic maybe? Animated comic? I guess that would kind of work.  Anyway, get three dedicated to the new episodes, and a crossover to finish it. Click the images to go check them out.

  • Poll Results: What Was Your Favorite Micro Series Comic?

    Honestly, this is one of those polls I actually agree with the victory on.  Rarity definitely was a close second, but Luna had so many good moments.   Moonbutt has solidified her place as second best pony in my book after that one.  She really needs a "silly Luna" style episode to go with it this season. Actually, this season could use more happy go lucky in general.  I do love me some of that. 

    I'm sure boatloads of you voted for her by default though.

    Next poll, Part one of two:  Which Character had the best costume in Power Ponies? Get it over on the side bar!
  • Passion - Love the Ponies!

    Sometimes it's good to just sit back and take a look at this completely off the wall pony thing that has flooded just about every corner of the internet in the 2010-onward era.  We had our major influx of fandom growth a little over a year and a half ago,  and over time people become more and more jaded as the freshness wears off and expectations rise to astronomical levels.

    The video below is a good reminder of what exactly we have going for us.  This is a massive community, built around some of the best characters to hit pop culture in a while.  The art, stories, music, videos, and full blown fan animations are simply put, amazing.  Only a handful of other fandoms come close to what we've accomplished when it comes to expanding the original source material. 

    We've been through a lot together over the years, from run-ins with Hasbro shutting down major projects, to the huge positives via charity and and the armada of real life meetup events around the world.  There will always be bucketloads of drama and overly enthusiastic angry fans in comments on Youtube, Twitter, and here during episode posts, but that isn't always a bad thing.  It's good that people care enough to dig into something so deeply.  This is a sign of something that has changed millions of lives. 

    Anyway, what was supposed to be a simple video post ended up expanding a bit. Just keep rockin' on guys! We already made history, lets keep it going! And go watch stuff below!

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