• Equestrian Inquirer #37

    It's that time of the week yet again! The new Equestrian Inquirer has released, and can be found after the break, or here in PDF form.

    Copy paste:
    This week's program is a positively perplexing potpourri of peculiar proclamations. Joe trashes Trixie, chastises Celestia, lambasts Luna, and ridicules Rainbow Dash. TechRat talks of turmoil 'tween tweeting terrorists and trembling targets. Subsequently, Saberspark surprises with silly shenanigans. Plus Dustykatt debuts, so don't dare dismiss this delightfully delirious debacle. As always, any attention is appreciated. Also, alliteration is awesome! - TechRat

  • Fallout Equestria - Voices from the Wasteland

    There was a certain Fanfiction that started a sub community of it's own a while back. Fallout Equestria took our favorite little ponies and threw them into the most grimdark environment imaginable.  This is a radio play of audio logs leading up to the introduction of the fic, following the same style as the ones you find scattered throughout the game.  Even if you never bothered with the adventures of Lil Pip, this is still a really neat one for any fans of Fallout in general.

    Check it out here, or after the break!

  • Story: Tiny Wings


    Author: DeadParrot222
    Description: Scootaloo has always been a filly with big dreams, but can all those dreams really come true?
    Tiny Wings

    Additional Tags: Scootalove, Coming Of Age
  • Pony Solitaire

    Get Dunk'd
    Remember back in the day, way before Steam and graphics cards became the norm? Back when you would load up your good old Windows 95/98 system and be greeted by Solitaire and minesweeper hiding in that games section.  There were others, sure, but these were the best. 

    Well, someone has taken the best of the old and combined it with the new. 

    Go play it here.  I'm sorry about all of the hours you will inevitably lose. 
  • Andrea Libman Returning to Bronycon + Livestream

    Looks like Andrea is invading Bronycon yet again! I love how involved the people from the show are becoming in our little community here.  Or giant community.  I can't really tell anymore.

    Check out their press release after the break!

  • Canterlot Gardens Announces Tara Strong

    Tara Strong is invading yet another Pony convention, this time gracing the upcoming Canterlot Gardens with her Twilightlicious presence! Check out their full press release after the break, titled:

    Canterlot Gardens Roundup: There Is Simply Too Much To Announce!

  • Music: zahqo - Dream (feat. haymaker) / Alex S. - Party With Pinkie [VIP]

    Hey! Our poor mailbox can't handle the Alex S. swarm! Have that now.  And have another vocal track from the duo behind Luna's ruse to go with it, because it's also awesome.

    1 zahqo - Dream (feat. haymaker)
    2 Alex S. - Party With Pinkie [VIP]

  • Story: That Night, Atop the Tower


    Author: SoundofRainfall
    Description: Mere weeks before the Royal Wedding, Princess Celestia calls a
    private meeting with Cadance in the middle of the night. As uncomfortable
    truths are revealed, the bride-to-be soon begins to realize just how serious
    her love for Shining Armor is...
    That Night, Atop the Tower

    Additional Tags: Love, Choices, Royal Wedding, Heartbreak
  • Final Call for MLP Screenings with Tara, Andrea, Cathy, and Ashleigh on May 12

    That woman you see on the right in the photograph above you is Tara Strong. She is Twilightlicious, and she is going to be at the Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles on May 12. With her will be Andrea Libman, Ashleigh Ball, and Cathy Weseluck, and if any of this sounds familiar, it's because this is a fantastically huge deal. Oh, and the other woman in this picture, with the lovely pink highlights? That's Meghan McCarthy. Y'know, the person who wrote things like Party of One, Lesson Zero, and A Canterlot Wedding. Yeah, her. She's going to be there too. Surprise!

    In addition to autographs and the chance to watch some of your favorite episodes of Friendship is Magic on a much bigger screen than usual (an experience in and of itself, believe me!), There will be live readings taking place, and songs will be sung. To emphasize, twenty dollars will buy you a chance to sing songs with Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie and Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack, and Spike. How there are any tickets left at all is a complete mystery to me.

    If you live in or around LA, go to this event. If you live in any of the surrounding major cities like San Diego, go to this event. If you live anywhere in which it is even remotely feasible to make it down, go to this event. It is a chance, and an exceedingly rare chance at that, to meet all of this voice talent. And not just meet but interact with them, in a totally pony event. No conventions pulling their attention every which way, no concessions to be made for other productions, just you and them and My Little Pony Project 2012. If you don't go and you could have, you will kick yourself. Don't wait, don't risk it and try to buy tickets at the door. Get them now. Go right here and buy them. You will be glad that you did.

    Official Press Release follows below:

    May 12, 2012 12 Noon & 2 pm

    MY LITTLE PONY Project 2012 – Film Screenings at The Silent Movie Theater

    611 North Fairfax Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90036

    Join MY LITTLE PONY and friends for an enchanting afternoon of screenings at The Silent Movie Theater with MY LITTLE PONY Special Cast and Crew Guests, courtesy of ShoutFactory. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased in advance at www.welovefine.com.

    May 12, 2012 5pm-6pm

    MY LITTLE PONY Project 2012 – Friendship Is Magic Signing and Meet & Greet at Toy Art Gallery

    7571 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046

    Special guests will sign MY LITTLE PONY glossies. This is a free event. Reception to follow.
  • Story Updates May 9th (Evening)

    Nurse redheart needs an episode.  I guess that is what fanfiction is for though.  Find some below!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #421

    Equestrian Minesweeper looks awesome.  Someone needs to turn this into an actual sport.

    Have some art! 

    Source 1
  • Wallpaper Compilation #51

    Honestly I'm joining the swarm on this one! We already saw what happened when Chrys vs'd Celestia, and I don't see any Cadence and Shining armor here to save the day!

    We haven't emptied the wallpaper folder out in a while, so yours may be in the next one. Due to the nature of embeds, having too many will lock up some computers.

  • Story: The Nightmare Sonata


    Author: Adcoon
    Description: Lyra never had a nightmare in her life, so why did she ever decide to compose a piece embodying the spirit of the night terror in honor of Princess Luna? More importantly, how will she find a nightmare to help her?
    The Nightmare Sonata

    Additional Tags: Even Nightmares Need A Friend
  • Vocal Music: The Battle For Canterlot / The Mare with the Rainbow Mane / The Herd (Join It)

    Twilight looks badass in that first one's cover art. It's original vocal time! check them out below.

    1.) The Battle For Canterlot (Original Song)
    2.) The Mare with the Rainbow Mane [Caine the DoomBringer]
    3.) The Herd (Join It) - Hergest Ridge

  • Comic: Fallout: Lonesome Road / Changeling Check / A Background Uprising

    Suddenly I have the urge to go play Fallout.  All they need to do now is upgrade it to the Skyrim engine.

    Have some comics! Click for full as always  

  • My Little Pony Miniature Collection Confirmation

    Remember last night we reported the existence of some official looking MLP toys that had popped up on eBay and that were speculated to be part of the My Little Pony Miniature Collection? Well, apparently they are indeed the real deal! The MLP Facebook page just released the above announcement along with a gallery containing pictures of the figures themselves.

    They look pretty good and it appears that we can expect to start seeing them hit stores this fall! Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

    MLP Facebook Page
    Picture Gallery
  • Daniel Ingram Nominated for Outstanding Original Song

    Looks like ponies has once again been nominated by a major awards group, this time the Daytime Emmy Awards! In particular, Daniel Ingram has been nominated not once, but twice, for Outstanding Original Song in the Children's and Animation category. The songs nominated include Every Pony from Sweet and Elite and the Find a Pet song from May the Best Pet Win!

    While the show wasn't nominated for any other awards, seeing pony at least make an appearance at these award ceremonies is a wonderful thing and is a testament to the talent and skill of the team behind MLP:FiM. Keep up the great work you guys and congratulations Mr. Ingram on your nominations! You've certainly earned it!

    Check after the break for a screen cap of the announcement, official source information, and some videos of the competition.

  • Remix Music: Loyalty - Acoustic Version / Smile! Remix feat. Zabrina / a

    Time for some remixes! We have an acoustic Loyalty to start us off, followed by some progressive house Smile Smile Smile, and ending with another Still Shy. Find them below!

    1.) Loyalty - Acoustic Version
    2.) Smile! Remix feat. Zabrina
    3.) ArtAttack (ft. Metajoker) - Still Shy VIP (Spark remix)

  • Pony Pony Pony Pony

    Pony Pony Pony Pony
  • PMV - 2112

    It's 3:00 AM blog time.  Time for some nightly media!

    This time around, we have a 20 minute rush PMV, because you all look like you want to blow 20 minutes and I've never listened to rush before and I bet some of you are in the same boat.  Also ponies.

    Check it out after the break!
  • Nightly Roundup #313

    We here at Equestrian Innovations like to make sure that your Roundups are optimized for maximum enjoyment. Through work conducted in our underground research laboratories we can now safely say that this Roundup tonight has been infused with at least 17.28% more science! Don't worry, the tingling you may be feeling is perfectly normal and is certainly not the result of a deadly radiation meant to stimulate you into liking the Roundup.

    Time for some news while I gather data on this scientific endeavor!