• Welovefine Adds Gym Shorts, Equestria Games Swag

    Time for you ladies and guys that wear ladies clothing out there to get in shape!  Welovefine has tossed up a pair of Rainbow Dash gym shorts, with a very limited stock.  I'm sure if they do well we will see more though, and hopefully some for us guys!

    They also have a few new Equestria Games shirt that sort of play off a certain real life event going on right now.  Head on over to this page for all their new pony stuff! 

  • Fighting is Magic Clarifications and Updates Post!

    Fighting is Magic has released an update to their yesterday post.  A good amount is apologetic for their somewhat sudden shutdown yesterday, but it also gives a really good look at why they were disappointed at the leak, via a humongous house analogy.  How many dev teams give out house analogies? That's right, only one.

    It's a long one, and filled with all sorts of neat tidbits of information for those of you clamoring for more.  Head on over to this page to give it a read!
  • Vocal Music: My Little Sister / The Ballad of Pinkamena Diane Pie / Cadance's Ballad

    We start off today with some Acoustic music dedicated to Luna's transformation, followed by some creepy Pinkie Pie stuff, and finishing with a ballad for Cadance! Check them all out below!

    1.) My Little Sister (ft. BassBeastJD)
    2.) Coconeru - The Ballad of Pinkamena Diane Pie
    3.) Cadance's Ballad

  • Instrumental Music: Gently Please / The Element of Dreams / Luna's Moonlight

    Time for some instrumental stuff! We have drumstep, trance, and orchestral this time around.  Check them out below!

    1.) Gently Please - Taps ( Upcoming Main6 Album ) (Drumstep/Samples)
    2.) The Element of Dreams - the Phony Brony (Trance)
    3.) [Orchestral] Luna's Moonlight (Orchestral)

  • Friday Convention News Compilation

    Time for this week's convention news compilation! BUCK, Everfree Northwest, Galacon, more convention news than your body has room for!

    • BUCK Promo Video
    • Hot Diggety Demon to attend a Sold-Out Everfree Northwest!
    • PHPonyCon 2013: The 2nd Philippine Brony Convention
    • Galacon Press Note

  • Redaction About Shorts


    It turns out Big Bad Toy Store actually just lifted the logo that can be found here and used it for their pony page. Shame on you, Big Bad Toy Store. At least throw a credits link in there.

    We're sorry for the confusion!

  • Friendship is Magic Short Episodes on the way?

    EDIT: This has been confirmed fake.

    Included in the Big Bad Toy Store Spa pony page is a filler image (found above).  I'm pretty sure most of these big toy websites are required to use specific logos sent from the companies when displaying items.  If this is the case, Friendship is Magic may be seeing some shorts in the near future.

    Either that, or someone at Big Bad Toy Store wanted to screw with us.

    Thanks again to Whatshisgame for the information!
  • Spa Pony Collectable Mini Pops Up on Big Bad Toy Store

    A while back, we posted this spa pony mini someone leaked over on Taobao.  It looks like Big Bad Toy Store already has it listed, though no image is included to show off the other two characters that she will come with.

    Before you jump up and order it though, do note that they have listed unreleased toys before, then sent the wrong ones when people actually order them. 

    They also have 8 packs of the Cloudsdale, Wedding, and Spa Pony sets.   These are most likely just the boxes they come in, as Target's stock straight from the factory came in sets of 8. 

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up!
  • Ponilympics Ending Tonight and Model Contest Ending in a Week

    Banner by Ste-C
    As many of you have no doubt noticed from the past few days, we have been rotating banners in from the Ponilympics contest.   If you were working on one, today is the final day for entry!  Head on over to this page for information on submitting yours!

    The Equestria Model Contest is also heading into it's final week.  Since this one is much more in depth than our normal contests, I figured I'd toss out a one week reminder on it!  Information on submitting yours, as well as prizes, can be found here!

    Now go be creative! As always.
  • Official Map and Season 2 Cast Picture Show Up

    Breaking news! Cool stuff!

    The lovely Pixelkitties just uploaded a unique find on Twitter- an official season two cast picture and what appears to be the first canon map of Equestria we've ever gotten. I know at least one pre-reader who's very upset that he guessed his landmarks wrong, so, writers: you may want to pay attention to that!

    I had the best day of pony hunting ever! Not only did I find pretty much everything from Crystal ponies to new pony plushies to a complete box of Wave 3 Blind Bags to white Celestia, but the Butler, PA Walmart near my my doctor's office had FREE posters when you purchase said swag! I bought pretty much everything so they let me away with two copies of each of the four designs!

    - Pixelkitties

    Two small notes about the cast picture:

    • Applejack is totally in the background with all the other background ponies, which made me laugh until I couldn't breathe.
    • The Big Lebowski ponies are in there. Awesome.

    Commence freaking out.

    EDIT: Additional compilation picture with every released poster after the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #523

    Gravity falls edition? Works for me!

    Have some art! 

    Source 17
    Rarity Falls

    Ponilympics Banner by Ste-C! Thanks dood!
  • PMV: Petrified / Fashionista

    We have two really fun PMV's for you all this time around! Both with their fair share of great editing and effects to keep your short attention spans entertained throughout.  Check them both out after the break!

    1.) Petrified
    2.) Fashionista

  • Comic: Awesome Pets -If you Build it, They Will Come / Special Date / Just Her Problem

    Comics! Lyras! Soarins! Madmaxes! Veggies!  Click them all for full as always!

  • Doctor Whooves Adventures Short: The Search, and Assistant Episode 6 Part 2!

    We have all sorts of Doctor Whoovesy goodness for you all today.   First off is a new short from the Doctor Whooves Adventures team titled "The Search".

    And in the second slot, we have part 2 of the Doctor Whooves and Assistant's sixth episode has also released for those that prefer a bit more derp with their time traveling. 

    Both can be found after the break!

  • Story Update August 3rd (Morning)

    Story update time! I'll roll with some Rarity this time.  Check them out below. 

  • Nightly Roundup #396

    Photo Finish is best pony!

    Cereal is asking for Raindrops, but I'm loyal to ponies for more than a day unlike him.

    I have no clue what else to write here so have some roundup.
  • Artist Training Grounds II: Day 1 Gallery and Explanation

    Ok, so... you guys gave me so many ponies that there is literally no image hosting site that is willing to take them all, especially not on a daily basis. Picasa exploded. Literally exploded, in a hail of hellfire and cutie marks. We cannot in good conscience load this in a traditional blogger post - it will crash your browser with the fury of a thousand suns. And point of fact, we have no host sites.

    Fortunately, a little bit of magic from knighty gave us a solution, and the gallery is now hosted on the submitter itself. Fingers crossed that is holds, but check out all the pony that ever ponied a pony right here.

    I'm so sorry for all of the difficulties. Somehow we are never prepared for the sheer scope of this event, and the tsunami of your enthusiasm. It's... amazing.
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 2

    This thing you are looking at above is not an accurate depiction of what you guys have been up to today. The total number for tonight is... massive. No. Massive misrepresents what you've done. Makes it sound tiny. There aren't words to describe this - it's... never happened before. I am enormously proud of each and every one of you. You've done so well already and it's only Day 1. All expectations are completely blown out of the water. Today's total: 1380 images. Gallery coming soon. You guys... uh... broke the internet. o.O

    Unfortunately, there's a downside to this. Due to the sheer level of interest and participation, and due to the way the submitter works, I can no longer accept late entries. Further, submissions will close at 11:30 PM to give the system time to process every entry. I will be experimenting with this and seeing how far I can push it back, but if I don't do this, we can't publish anything. If you're late I am sorry. But your work still counts! Save it and wait: we'll be doing special makeup galleries for late entries throughout the event. Don't be discouraged.

    Now then. For today you'll need to head to the Day 2 submitter and fill out the form just like you did last night. Remember that the system only takes direct image links: only the url that shows when the image itself is the only thing the browser displays is the right one. Right click and select view image if you're a Firefox user. If you can't figure it out in your browser of choice, I recommend temporarily switching when you submit.

    Onto today's theme! You've tried resting, so now let's get on with the action, action, action! Draw a pony in motion/Draw a pony on the go! Don't forget to bring your thinking berets!