• Collection Set and More Popping Up at Toys R' Us Early, Plus Trixie/Lyra at Target

     Looks like some of you may be able to pick up your Nightmare Moons and Vinyl Scratches early! Some Toys R' Us locations have already started to release them.  This specific pack was found by someone over on MLP Arena.  You should probably call in beforehand just in case! 

    And in other news, Trixie and Lyra have both popped up at Target as part of the Crystal Empire displays.  Again, not all of them have these available, in fact someone here in Arizona found a single Trixie at a Target in Mesa. 

    These are technically "our" set, so if you see it and have the money, grab it! Vinyl Scratch is there because of you!

    They also those blindbag accessory sets out too!

    Thanks to whatshisgame for the MLP Arena scouting!

    Their cutie marks have glitter for whatever reason.