• Music of the Day #202


    I'm going to start up a Luna worshiping moon cult. Who wants to join Cult Leader Sethisto as we transcend into the world of Lunar happyness? Every friday we can run Luna cake baking contests, and on Tuesdays we can hold live Luna fiction reading events. 

    Anyway, it's music time.  Get 11 songs below!

  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Video Games / Right Here With Me

    Gamer Luna finally has music? But it's not chiptune! I'm kinda disappointed there.  Where is my chiptune gamer Luna stuff?

    Anyway, start with that and get some soft rock in the second slot!

    1.) Sim Gretina feat. Kathy-chan ★ - Video Games
    2.) Right Here With Me

  • Discussion: Pony, A Catalyst for Change

    My Little Pony. We might not remember the exact moment we first saw our first pony pic, pony gif, or pony vid, but all of us have had that moment where we cocked an eyebrow and said, 'What the heck is this?'. All of our journeys in this fandom have had similar origins despite how we have all diverged since then to follow different paths. Looking back, these paths have had amazing consequences: learning a new art, meeting new people, seeing new places, gaining new perspectives.

    My own story plays out as an example of this: a rather isolated individual who had never been out of his home State, whose only interactions were at university or through whatever MMO was popular at the time. Finding these cute, colored equines changed all that; bringing me into a world of art, perspectives and places I never thought I'd ever be exposed to. Thanks to pony I've met all of you wonderful people, seen your talents and your deeds, but not only that I've made friends with so many of you and have also journeyed to each coast of the US thanks to this fandom. Honestly, I can say that without my exposure to this fandom I would more than likely be the same isolated soul I was years ago, just doing what I can to get my doctorate and move on. It may seem cliche or silly, but I honestly believe things are for the better having been a part of this fandom, and a part of all of you.

    So, my question tonight is simple: have any of you felt the same way? Do you think pony has change aspects of your life positively whether it be that it makes you more outgoing or you learned a craft you never thought you'd do? I'd love to hear what you all have to say!
  • Skullgirls Adds Fluttershy Pallet Swap

    With a huge amount of pony fans backing the kickstarter campaign, the guys behind skullgirls have added a bit of a treat in the form of a pallet swap.  One of their fighters, Parasol, now comes with the option of Fluttershy colors. If you want to see her in action, a video can be found below the break, or specifically at the 1:35 mark.

    Apparently this character's sister has these exact colors, but the person that requested this asked for Fluttershy specifically. 

    Thanks to everyone that sent it, and Ronald for the video and image.

  • 35/66 Days of Pony - Sweet and Elite

    I think everyone was a bit burnt out on Rainbow Dash at this point.  I can remember the Skype chat rooms breathing a collective sigh of relief from my angle.  She's a great character, but they really did take her to an almost overwhelming level of Dashyness. 

    Onward to Rarity! Once again, the dressmaker is pressured into giving up fame and fortune for friendship.  I'm starting to wonder why they didn't tag her as the element of loyalty.  This seems to happen a lot!  At least Fancy Pants was a badass. 

    Sweet and Elite gave us an excellent view at Canterlot as a whole.  I still see the airship used in art and fanfiction to this day.  Outside of art, Rarity's "Becoming Popular" song spawned hundreds of remixes.  It got so bad at one point that we had 8 in a row during music review. 

    Outside of Rarity, we were introduced to Pinkie Pie's party canon (which would be revisited several times in future episodes), along with the first alicorn shaped non-princess pony Fleur De Lis.  Even Gameloft got her confused during one of their updates.  

    Oh and Twilight dancing.  Can't forget that:

    Get some Sweet and Elite below!

  • MLP CCG - Interview with Rob and Dean from Enterplay

    With the card game on the horizon, and play tests/demos happening at conventions all over the place, information is flowing pretty rapidly on what we can expect. Omnigamer sat down with Rob and Dean from Enterplay to ask a whole boatload of questions about it. If you plan to play it, check it out over here!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #962

    One thing this fandom always surprises me with is art styles.  We have such a huge variety.  In a world with so many of you, being able to recognize someone specifically based on how they draw the same pony 500 other people are drawing always impresses me.  It's almost existential or something.

    Anyway get some art!

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  • Lauren Faust and Mane6 Interviewed about New Fighting is Magic Game

    The guys over at Brony Time had a bit of surprise when an interview with Mane6 was crashed by the one and only Lauren Faust. If you want information on the new animal focused fighting game, as well as a bit of Friendship is Magic early days, head on over here to give it a listen!
  • Posible Wonderbolt Lore in Season 4

    Meghan is going to make the fandom explode at the rate she's teasing stuff.  It looks like we will be getting a look at the Wonderbolts as an organization in season four. We saw a bit of this when they were sent out to deal with Spike (along with failing horribly, I guess they don't do that combat thing much).

    Thanks to TomSFox for the heads up!
  • Discussion: What Pairings Do You Want To See in Friends Forever?

    If the cover art and synopsis is any indication, it looks like the first outing into Friends Forever is going to be dominated by Pinkie pie and Applejack.  For those that have no clue what these are, back a few days ago a new series was announced to replace the currently running micro series comics. The goal here is to pair ponies together for the usual wacky pony adventures.

    So which ponies do you want to see team up in future issues? According to Bobby Curnow, anything is possible, including ponies outside of the mane 6. 
  • Poll Results: Do You Take Part in Meetup Groups?

    Looks like a whole bunch of you are slackin.  With that meetup map Calpain made it should be easy to find one! I'm kind of curious, what is stoppin you from giving it a shot?

    Next poll: Something we polled way back during season one.  How interested would you be in seeing a long term multi-season storyline in ponyland?  Hit it up on the side bar. 
  • Spotlight Music: Taking Flight / In the Grotto

    Electronic vocal stuff is always fun, and d.notive brings us a new one to take up the first slot.

    And if words aren't your thing, we have a bit of ambient in the second.

    Get both below!

    1.)d.notive - Taking Flight
    2.) In the Grotto