• Newbie Artist Training Grounds IV - Day 15

    We did it, guys! We're here! The very last and final day of this installment of the Newbie Artist Training Grounds! We've brought you here from all levels of talent and walks of life, hoping to teach you even just a little bit about what you're actually capable of. A picture a day! A better sense of art than when you started! You, yes you, could learn to draw a pony. And the one who taught you how? Well, that was you, too! You came together to make Day 14 one of our bigger ones, clocking in at 653 happy little ponies. And that's enough to bring our two week total to 7426 images! We did it, guys!

    Tonight is a night of celebration, graduation, and coming into your own as artists. While I hope that we've been able to hand you the spark of motivation you needed to get started, or to start anew, after tonight it will be up to you to see how far you can carry your interest and your passion. I can't give you prompts forever, and as much as I wish I could, I can't be the one behind you telling you to push forward forever, either. Sooner or later, that has to come from you. Whatever you do, and whatever your level of involvement in this ATG has been, I implore you not to hang up the art supplies after tomorrow. Keep at it. You don't need to draw every day, but keep drawing. Keep improving. Keep surprising yourself. There's so much left for you to do, but you've built so much for yourself to do it with!

    Final days mean final celebrations, and final giveaways should live up to the hype. 4DE, Enterplay, and Diamond Select agree, so they've joined forces to help us make sure Day 15 creates more winners than ever! Five lucky people will get their choice of two 4DE plushies! One will take home Diamond Select's vinyl Applejack bank. And one more will receive a Crystal Games booster pack along with the mane six playmat you see above you, autographed by every member of the Enterplay Dev team! There is no ranking to these prizes, each one is given out in true raffle fashion, but we hope they make you happy, and we hope they push you to hand in a final picture worthy of the celebration! Thank you so much to all of our sponsors for working with us at Equestria Daily to make this event shine. We didn't make it easy on them or even give them a lot of time to prepare, but to the last every one of them stepped up and delivered. We can't thank you enough. You share in the accomplishment of this event, too.

    And now, our Day 13 winner! With a pencil drawn image of Pinkie boarding what I have to say is a very pretty train, entry number 195! Congratulations to Sparroew! We'll be in touch soon to set up shipping!

    To settle things, I have to ask you for one more prompt. There's a tradition in the ATG of looking back from the ending to see the beginning, and learn how much you've grown through your willingness to stick things through and grind. I see no reason today to break from that tradition. Tonight, Draw any previous theme/Draw every previous theme. This is your final project, make it something to remember!

    As always, submit all entries here by December 16th at 9 PM Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7). And also as always, don't hesitate to turn in a late entry; our last day counts just as much as our first, and I'm not about to shut the door and prevent you from trying to go all out on this one. One more day, everyone. It's been an honor and a pleasure hosting you here.

  • Singapore Live Pony Show

    Fluffy ponies for everyone!

    Hey folks! We've got some more neat live show stuff from Singapore. I gotta admit, these costumes are definitely different from what I'm used to, but I actually kinda like them.

    Anyways, find part one and two below the break and thanks to Bob for submitting them!

  • We Love Fine Ugly Sweater Contest, Plus 20% Off Sweaters until December 19th

    Another holiday sale is going down over at We Love Fine, with sweaters and pullovers as the theme. On one side, you have a contest with a chance to win any of the sweaters on the site with entry being a photo of your best ugly sweater.  Toss #WLFuglySweaters up for that one!

    And if you don't like contests, you can just buy the sweaters for 20% off.  All of the pony ones are over here. Drop WLFUGLYSWEATERS in at checkout for the discount.

    Thanks to Madrid for the heads up!

  • Nightly Discussion #201

    I wonder if we will get a canon appearance for AJ's parents? Even if they aren't around anymore it would be nice to know what they look like.

    Night time means chat time! Get to it!

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  • Story Updates - December 15th

    Story update time! Have some Chrysalis! Have some Twilight! Have a bunch of ponies below!

  • Spotlight Music: Flutterwonder (Acoustic Cover) / Run Away

    Time to remix the classics! We have Flutterwonder acoustic cover style to start, and a combo between Feather and Electrokaplankton in the second spot. Get both below!

    1.) Run Away (Feat. Feather){Original Song} (Vocal)
    2.) Flutterwonder [Acoustic Cover] [Remastered] (Remix - Acoustic)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #1380

    FOR SCIENCE! Would you do science with Twilight Sparkle? I totally would.  This sounds like a good profession. 

    Get some art below!

    [1] Source
    TwiDash - Chemistry

  • Equestria Daily App Version 1.4

    And the march of progress continues! A few hours ago version 1.4 of the Equestria Daily app was released for Android and iOS and brought with it a much requested feature: support for push notifications on new posts!

    Special thanks to SuspectEquestrian and Vaalyn for helping out with the beta testing for this version.
    Check below the break for a full list of changes.
  • "Rainbow Dash Recap" Season 5 Teaser Appears

    Another Season 5 teaser has appeared on the official MLP Youtube channel. After getting one for Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Applejack it is now time for Rainbow Dash to get her recap video. That only leaves Rarity for the last teaser.

    Again, Nothing really new is shown in these recap video's, but if you want a refresher on the most loyal pony in Ponyville, you can check it out below the break.

    UPDATE: This one actually shows 3 seconds of Season 5 footage. There was much rejoicing!

    And thanks to Maik, Andrew, and everyone else for sending it!

    Also, as a Dutchman, I approve of the bikes.
  • Ponycon NYC hosts free Black & White Year-End Party

    The end of the year means it's time to get your party on everypony! The folks over in NYC are holding a huge shindig just after Christmas so if you're in the area feel free to join in on the festivities. Check on after the break for all the info you need to attend.

  • Meet The Blogponies: Aquaman

     Next up is the amazing Aquaman, who has managed to carve out a niche for himself as a skilled and soulful wordsmith who always loves playing rugby and breaking faces. He's best known for doing long followups which never fail to polarize people over whether they're too long or not quite long enough. Meet him below!
  • MLP Manga Hitting American Online Retailers

    The MLP Manga has been out for a couple months now, but it can sometimes be hard to get your hands on things sold in other countries. Thankfully for those of you still looking to nab the super manga you can get it soon from Tokyo Otaku Mode who is an American online retailer.

    Currently they are out of stock, but you can expect more to hit the store soon I bet. Just make sure to sign up for the reminder email so you know when they restock!

    Thanks to Ayu for sending it in.

    MLP Manga Store Page

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  • Slumber Party Equestria Girls Set at Toys R' Us

    If you find yourself needing to collect dolls, we have another set appearing at a Toys R' Us in Toronto for you to hunt for. The submitter actually gave us a ton of information on them, along with more images,  so go check out their explanation below the break!

  • Story: A Sequence of Disadvantageous Circumstances: The Odious Outset


    Author: Lemonish Snicker

    Description: If you are looking for a joyful, exciting story about happy ponies, I heartily suggest that you look elsewhere. In fact, this story is so dreadful and awful, that if I were in your very horseshoes, I would seal away this tale within a very strong lockbox, swallow the key, toss it into the nearest ravine, and move to a different cottage far, far on the other side of town, if not in a different country entirely.
    These pages contain the sordid events surrounding the life of an extremely unlucky unicorn filly named Hope, and her time at one of the most vile institutions ever created: Mother Marigold's Care Center for Homeless and Orphaned Foals.
    It is my sworn duty to record these events as they unfold, but there is nothing stopping you from picking up something a bit more carefree and happy, if you like that sort of thing.

    A Sequence of Disadvantageous Circumstances: The Odious Outset

    Additional Tags: These events are most unfortunate.
  • Comic: What are the Fillypines? / Things Fluttershy Won't Say / Hop Skip Jump / Scary Movies

    I have quite a few friends that are Filipino so this comic really put a smile on my face.

    Comics guys! Click for full!

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  • Massive Plushie Auction for Charity

    The plushie and art communities are tight over on Deviant Art. When one of their own is in peril, they do everything they can to help out.  Plushie creator Kazzy recently lost her mother to cancer at 19 years old, and an armada of stuff is up for auction to help her get on her feet.

    They even tossed a Fausticorn plushie signed by Lauren up for grabs. Head on over here for the full listing!

  • Short Animation: It's Very Grown Up

    I suppose it was inevitable that this meme would be migrated over to pony.  Storm Analysis has a new one based on that Peppa Pig thing that has been floating around for a while now.  Head on down below the break for it

  • Early Morning Discussion #64

    You know, I wonder what sort of instruments the princesses would play. Maybe we'll find out in a future episode of pony or maybe an Equestria Girls movie.

    Morning gang, ready for the start of a new week?
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