• Meghan and SteffaM.A. Larsondrews Season 4 Spoilers of the Day!

    For the past few hours now, both Meghan and a hybrid of M.A. Larson and Steffan Andrews have been dropping all sorts of tidbits about season four! Technically it's 11:00 blogtime, so these are totally still relevant!

    Head on down past the break and drool over the possibilities.

  • Pony In a Music Box: L-Y-R-A, Plus some Micheal Jackson!

    The YMCA song has always been a popular one.  Over the years though, it has lost it's charm.  Luckily, Pony In a (Music) Box has released this brand new rendition of it, that fits perfectly into EQD's new posting policy.  Head on over here, or below the break to check it out!

    And as a last minute addition to this post, We have a bit of Beat It from Michelle Creber and BlackGryph0n.. The title art is pony,  and we do it with Scratch all the time, so all good in my book! 

  • Super Serious Pony Media Compilation

    Pony media has been completely crazy today!  Both the top 10's rushed to early completion, trotmania released a brand new pack, and a bunch of other groups released videos.  Head on down below the break for the most incredible set of pony media you will ever lay your eyes on.

    Update: Now with Trotmania link!
  • Japanese Pony - Opening and Ending

    For those that missed it earlier, the opening, and ending of the Japanese MLP are all on Youtube now.  Check them all out below the break!  Still waiting on a full episode to pop up, hopefully we get one eventually. 

  • MAD Skit with Rainbow Dash (Now in HD)

    As was announced a few days ago, MAD TV did a skit tonight with some pony involved.   Head on down below to check it out!

    Update: Xyro ripped an HD Version.  Find that instead below!
  • Luna Reviews: Bioshock Infinite (With Socks)

    Citizens of Equestria Daily! It is I, Luna!  As part of our program to re-integrate with thy current pony society, your princess hath taken up this personal computation device and used the royal coffers to fund an excursion into the great unknown of "gaming".  We have very little interest in such matters, but our dear sister hath requested it of us, and the Lunar Royal Guard constantly celebrates about this "Bioshock".  One would think they just landed the filly of their dreams the way they speak of it!

     So without further ado,  thy princess of the night gives you her review on this new style of fun

  • Comic: Never Prank Fluttershy / Spoon Fed Massacre / They're My Idiots / Happy Pony Easter

    Prankstershy? I could roll with that.  It's comic time! Click for full!

  • Untitled

    Experts pour cold water on claim that Griffon crisis caused Bitcoin boom

    Image credit Ars Technica, from Zach Copley

    The Griffonia Talon banks opened yesterday after a two-week hiatus following a major financial crisis. The Equestrian Union authorities went to drastic lengths, including flying over an entire dragon's cave worth of bits, to keep the floundering banks afloat. Many news networks, including Derpy Hooves News, have taken the opportunity to point out the crisis may have a hoof in the recent large spike in Bitcoin prices, which are now hovering in the two hundred bit range.

    Bitcoin watchers and financial experts are skeptical, however, that the recent uprise in value of the Bitcoin has anything to do with the situation in Griffonia. While the two events occurred simultaneously, there is precious little evidence to support their connection.

    “If I was looking for a store of value, I'd buy gold, wouldn't I?” asked lead Equestrian financial adviser Filthy Rich.

    A major factor debunking this myth: most experts point out the fact that most Griffon bank accounts have been frozen the last two weeks, leading to the conclusion that its highly unlikely they were trading their funds for Bitcoins. Claims of a Bitcoin-based ATM in Griffonia have also not played out.

  • Cloudsdale Weather Factory Works to Clean Up Rainbow Spill

    The staff of Cloudsdale Weather Factory continues their cleanup operation today after a major pipeline burst and sent thousands of gallons of concentrated rainbows raining down upon the unsuspecting citizens of Ponyville.

    A brief investigation revealed that the rupture in the pipe was caused by a civilian accidentally flying right into it. The pegasus responsible for the damage, who has chosen to remain anonymous, claims “she just doesn’t know what went wrong.”

    It is still unclear how many gallons of rainbows were spilled, but damages to property and environmental concerns surrounding the leak have lead the Equestrian Department of Health to impose a fine of 1.7 million bits on the Cloudsdale Weather Factory.

    We approached Ponyville resident Pinkie Pie while she was scrubbing the spill off the roof of her place of business and asked if she had an opinion about the rainbows.  She responded by gingerly tasting the rainbow residue before replying, “Still spicy, but it’s not so bad.”

    An official from the Equestrian Council for Control of Hazardous Materials has determined that the situation in Ponyville is now under control and is “nothing a good repainting can’t fix.”

  • Ward's Injury Inspires Ponyville In Win

    Image credit Keterok

    Triumph mixed with tragedy at Lucolt Oil Stadium last night, as the Ponyville Pounders soundly defeated the Rockton Rough Riders to advance to the Fabulous Four round of the March Mareness basketball tournament. The Pounders’ 85-63 victory was marred by the loss of point guard Castin Ward, who broke his right hind leg in two places while defending a shot attempt by Rough Rider forward Tyler Thorntrot.
    The tournament, already the subject of controversy due to it still being called March Mareness when virtually all the players on the teams are stallions, suffered another blow with 6:33 to go in the first half. Ward landed awkwardly after leaping up in the air to contest Thorntrot’s three-point shot, resulting in a gruesome injury that silenced the sellout crowd and caused several players to display extensive amounts of liquid pride. Thankfully, the convention of euthanizing athletes injured on the court fell out of favor several centuries ago, so Ward was taken out to the stadium on a stretcher and to a local hospital, where he received immediate medical care. The sophomore unicorn’s presence and points-scoring prowess amongst the Pounders players will be sorely missed, as he was the only player on the team capable of magically shooting the ball with his horn as opposed to bucking it into the net or dunking it with his teeth.

    The Pounders will travel to Canterlanta next weekend for the semifinal round, where they will face off against the hard-nosed Hitchita State Shockers. The winner of that game will move on to battle either the Syracrop Orange or the Detrot Timberwolves for the March Mareness Tournament Championship, after which everypony in Equestria will go back to either waiting for hoofball season to start or swearing that next year they’ll pick Foalida Gulf Coast to go all the way.

    Story credit ESPN, 2013
  • Japanese MLP Over Now - Stream Link

    I honestly have no clue if this site is going to explode, but japanese MLP is being streamed in a bit here.  It looks like all of the english stream channels have already capped, so this might be the best bet.

    Anyway, head on down below the break to watch it!

    (Pony Starts at 3:30 PST or 7:30 JAPAN TIME)

    (Update):  It's over!)

    (Click the switch on the lower right to turn off messages scrolling across the screen if they bug you, lots of NSFW up there) 

    (Embed is gone, feel free to keep watching Japanese TV at this link though) 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #761

    Twilight Sparkle derpin a spell edition!  We have a completely normal pony post for you all on this hour slot.

    How boring. 

    [1] Source
    MLP - Twilight Sparkle Wrong Book

  • It's Time to Ship Everything

    With EQD switching to an everything, all the time format, our demand for shipping fics has increased. Now, the idea of simply shipping Twilight with Trixie, or Fluttershy with Big Mac, is insufficient  No, we need shipping stories that cross boundaries that should never be crossed. Rainbow Dash in a love triangle with the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink. Trixie not just eating pine cones but also marrying the tree they fell from. We need to ship everything, all the time, no matter who, what, or when it is.

    To fill this gaping hole in our shipping story quota, we are proud to present this automated ship-fic writing system known as The Shipping Story of Everything. Head below the break to fulfill whatever twisted fantasies may be rattling around your head. Go wile, go crazy, and above all else, go shipping!

    Seth Update: (Looks like you guys broke it! Alternate hosting coming soon :P)

    Pen Stroke Update:
    It's been confirmed. The horde of shippers overran EQDMusic's defenses and brought the server to a crawl. We are currently looking for someplace else to host the game live. In the meantime, we are happy to provide a download of the game.

    Just click the link below, unzip the file, and open the CLICKMETOPLAY.html.

    Don't let the thin pipes of the internet stop the shipping. Download and do your part today.

    (Thanks to El Oso, Gamma Ray, and Hypermark for editing help)
    (Thanks to P0nies for the Rainbow Dash Vector)
  • German Pirate Party Renames itself German Pony Party

    With Pony Time not providing nearly enough Rainbow Dash for their liking, the German Pirate Party has decided to simply rename themselves the Pony Party and adopy Rainbow Dash with a scimitar, eye patch, and pirate hat as a mascot. 

    I can't speak German, but we luckily have a translation now from Tobias!:
    In an unscheduled meeting last night, the German Pirate Party's executive board resolved to change the party's name to Pony Party. At the same time, they also agreed upon several important changes to the party's official corporate design.

    From today on, the Pony Party, formerly known as Pirate Party of Germany, presents itself in a new look. The reason for the change of name and the new design that comes with it is the desperate need for a reorientation with regards to the party's political goals. A complete reboot was neccessary, especially taking into account several laws the federal parliament recently passed.

    The Pony Party's chief executive, Bernd Schlömer, comments:

    "With the new Leistungsschutzrecht, which grants publishers a kind of monopoly on internet articles, and with new laws granting police excessive access to citizens' personal data, Germany has once and for all turned itself into a banana republic when it comes to internet law.

    Of course, that's an insult to countries that actually live on the production of bananas. Obviously, politicians in the German parliament lack any sense of reality. Even though a politicians' behaviour should be an example for all to follow, in reality, their lack of diligence and responsibility is clear for all to see when you take a look at how many of them actually bother to show up for the important parliamentary votes.

    For politicians of established parties, who rely on one or two party executives to make their decisions for them and then forgo any sort of critical thinking under the guise of faction discipline, Germany as a whole and politics in particular seem to be a vacation at the pony ranch."

    With that in mind, it seems only right for the Pirate Party to follow suit and adapt to the circumstances.
    From today on, the German Pirate Party shall thus be known as the Pony Party of Germany.
  • Super Secret Insider Season 4 News: Trixie Joins the Mane 6, Gilda Axed, Luna Sells bad

    Didn't Discord already join the Mane 6?

    The unquestionable word of Meghan McCarthy and M.A. Larson has popped up over in Trixie's review of the Nexus 10 comments section.  Deep within a 50 comment and growing thread, several season four spoilers have already been released.

    Included in this completely 100% accurate list:

    Trixie joins the mane six in season 4: 

    With a bit of market research, the team at DHX has determined that Trixie is, in fact, the best fan favorite character for inclusion into the mane six.  Not only is she worshiped 24/7 on both here and Derpibooru (and now Trixiebooru), but her blue color compliments Twilight Sparkle's purple perfectly (hence M.A. Larsons comment on what size Trixie's new alicorn wings should be). 

    Gilda was axed due to bad toy sales:

    Poor Gilda.  One of these days, you might just claw your way back out of whatever hole you crawled into after Pinkie Pie scared you away, but Hasbro's toy department is a pretty heavy weight to lift!

    No more Luna episodes:

    Sad news for Luna fans.  It seems the princess of the night isn't too popular among the core FiM demographic of little girls.  The lack of pink makes her the prime example of a toy that just doesn't appeal to the holy grail that is the pink isle.

    There is a prototype for a brand new Luna floating around though.  Perhaps she may see the light of season four with her new design? 

  • Announcing: Trixiebooru

    Tired of the Trixie label on Derpibooru not living up to your standards when it comes to finding the perfect Trixie image?   Do you need specific tags for every single aspect of the greatest and most powerful pony in all of Equestria? Introducing Trixiebooru.  Head on down below the break for the full press release, and information on why this is the best thing for the fandom as a whole.

  • Untitled

    Equestria's top supercomputer from EQ2456 now obsolete, will be dismantled and replaced with actual unicorns

    Image credit Ars Technica, from Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Five years ago, the Canterlot-commissioned Pegasus-class supercomputer, the Nautilus, was the fastest supercomputer based in Equestrian borders. The 296-rack cluster was used to model the impact of different weather pony activities on crops and general ecosystem health. The system was capable of a peak performance of one thousand and sixty unicorns, or just over one Megacorn of processing power. Its use in predicting the influence of different weather patterns, like humidity levels and variable rainfall, allowed certain parts of Equestria to continue its year-over-year growth in crop output.

    In the intervening years since its construction, machines like the Nautilus have slowly been phased out in favor of using actual unicorns to perform the same work, which has been found to use far less power than trying to keep energy production facilities online for the supercomputers alone. This radical shift in policy came in EQ2458 when Supreme Sun-Ruler Celestia famously quipped, "wait, this is silly, why don't we just replace these boxes with unicorns?"

    Indeed, with a power requirement of over a million wingpower, this quote spelled the death for machines like the Nautilus. The parts will be recycled and be used to make more efficient farming equipment.

  • Animation: A Tropical Octav3

    As promised, have a bit of pony content to break up the swarms of super important real life news and reviews of gadgets that you should all already own.

    Animated James has done a full animation in honor of the Tropical Octav3 song/rap.  Find it below!

  • G.I. Joe uses Jelly-filled Glory to Surpass Animated Ancient Horses

    Newly released action Movie G.I. Joe: Retaliation won the weekend box office battle in Equestria and northern LookAMooseLand, beating out the antics cartoon cave-ponies, The Croods, and the alien-possession love story, The Host.

    The G.I. Joe sequel managed to net 41.2 million donuts worth of domestic ticket sales from Friday through Sunday, according to studio estimates.

    "The result is as spectacular as the look of the movie," said Don Horses, president of domestic theatrical distribution at Paramount Pictures.

    "We couldn't be happier with the result in terms of both the domestic and international box office and the response from movie goers."

    Inspired by a Hasbro toy, "G.I. Joe" tells the story of elite bakers fighting of the evil enemy organization of doctors bent on getting ponies across the world to cut back on the sweets. This time, they work from inside the Equestrian government, using a shape-shifter to replace our beloved Princess Celestia and using her to push their agenda of eating celery and carrots.  This sequel to "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Fruit Bats" was slated to open last summer, but the release was delayed to convert the film to 3D.

    In the end, we can all sleep safe knowing such evil plots only exist in the movies and that no force could ever hope to separate us ponies from our sweets or our Princess Celestia from her cake. 

    (Original News Article)
    (Donut Joe vector courtesy of SirSpikensons)

  • Trixie Reviews - The Nexus 10

    Greetings to all of my loyal fans!  The greatest and most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria, and current holder of the title of humblest and most apologetic pony in the universe is here to grace you with her glorious presence!  You see, thanks to this website that keeps posting Trixie's greatness and their new posting rules, I have decided to dabble in a new field, one Trixie has noticed lacked the spectacular showmareship that made my wonderful name known throughout the world!

    (Click read more or Trixie will put you on her list of bad audience members and ruin your careers forever.)

  • BronyCon Announces 2014 Convention Location!

    Due to their massive success over the years, Bronycon has decided to make 2014 the most unforgettable convention of your lives!  Have a press release: 
    BronyCon Announces New Location for its 2014 Convention

    BronyCon is showing that the sky truly isn’t the limit by bringing you an “out of this world” experience by taking its convention to the moon for BronyCon 2014.

    “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” Zephyr Sparkle, convention chair of BronyCon, said in a very reminiscent speech.

    Sparkle went on to explain “that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.”

    BronyCon is leaving no energy to spare as they have already contracted construction of the moon base necessary for the event. The “Mane Event Hall” in the base is said to be able to accommodate up to 12,000 people for its annual music festival, BronyPalooza. That’s double the space available for its 2013 event! There will also be a special con discount rate for lodging on the moon.

    Such an endeavor is not cheap, but BronyCon is doing its best to keep things affordable for its attendees. However, if you are one of those who don’t mind spending a few extra bits to help out, BronyCon is making a new sponsorship level called the “Lunar Sponsorship Badge.” 

    For just $10,000, the Lunar Sponsorship includes some very enticing perks such as free hotel room on the moon base, laser engraving of your name on the moon’s surface, a private walk with the real Princess Luna, thumbs up from John de Lancie and much more! A full list of perks and their stipulations are detailed in the video announcement.

    “The thing is,” Sparkle said, “BronyCon has already marked itself as the largest convention for bronies on Earth. We just wanted to broaden that scope to go a little bit beyond our planet.”

    For more information about BronyCon 2014’s new location on the moon, visit the BronyCon 2014 page. Keep an eye out for registration as this will truly be a once in a life time experience!
    Low gravity dance party and Moonwalks with Luna? Count me in!

    Check out their Lunar Sponsorship video below the break!

  • North Unicorea Says Its Tolerance Weapons Won't Be Traded

    Long-range surveillance footage of the "Canterlot Bravo" test from Feb 12. (UCNA)
    Supreme Love Leader Amorous Cloud issued a pointed warning Sunday, saying that tolerance weapons are "the nation's life" and will not be traded even for "billions of bits."

  • War Thunder Adds the Pony Nation

    Fly planes, be a pony.  Who needs us to ponyify when they are doing it themselves already?  Send three of these over to Unicorea and watch the peace treaties sign faster than Rainbow Dash on Double Rainboom potion. 

    Video below the break, and check out War Thunder's pony announcement here!

  • Twixie is More than a Candy Bar

    The best couple. 
  • We Love Fine Announces New Line of Pony Cologne!

    Yes, you see that correctly.  Ever want to smell like Luna?  Now you can! Attract all the mares!  Have some information from We Love Fine:
    Power of Pony Homme Cologne
    At last, the fragrance collection for men that will increase your animal magnetism so much... it's almost like MAGIC! Turn heads everywhere you go (or canter, or fly...) with Power of Pony Homme colognes. Three unique scents - "Twenty", "Shy" and "Luna by Luna" - each a bold statement that says hey, girl... let's hoof it out of here and have some fun.

    Power of Pony... because no one can resist a man with a cutie mark.
    TWENTY: Send the ladies' pulses racing with the bright-as-lightning, rainbow-fresh scent of Twenty. Now you won't just look 20% cooler, you'll smell it too!
    Eau de Toilette Pour Homme, 1.7 oz.; $39

    SHY: Nothing says attractive, modern man like a guy who is in touch with his kinder, gentler side. Shy: The scent for making her a little bit sweet on you.
    Eau de Toilette Pour Homme, 1.7 oz.; $39

    LUNA BY LUNA: You know when it's nighttime, it's the right time for a regal, elegant scent like a cool breeze in the moonlight. Luna by Luna: Be her prince of the evening, all day and night.
    Eau de Toilette Pour Homme, 1.7 oz.; $39