• Story: What's in a Name (Update Part 4!)


    Author: Comma-Kazie and Chengar Qordath
    Description: Ditzy Doo is the daughter of a prominent family in Canterlot. So why has she shown up at Rainbow Dash’s doorstep, years after they last saw each other? Rainbow is willing to go to out of her way to help an old friend, but she may get more than she bargained for: being away from home isn’t the only thing Ditzy has to adjust to...
    What's in a Name (New Part 4!)

    Additional Tags: lifestyle adjustment, old friends, pregnancy
  • Comic: Veggie's Farewell

    For a long while now we have featured comics of many types, a tradition started on EqD dating back to the earliest Madmax comics. Since those times we have featured many artists, some of them becoming staples on the site due to the quality of their work and the positive reception they have received not only on EqD, but across the fandom as well. One such comic artist is Veggie.

    I've known Veggie for a long time, long before I ever became a blog author. Since his humble beginnings I have seen him grow much in that time as he shared his own variety of wonderfully show accurate comics to us all. He has given us Adult Scootaloo, Spitfire and Soarin jokes, and the Lyra and Guyra comics... and now he wishes to say goodbye.

    Veggie will be missed, but he still promises to keep in touch! If you're a fan of Veggie's comics, as I am, click the picture above and leave a comment on his last comic. I'm sure he'll appreciate it! Best of luck, Veggie! Thanks for all the fun.

    An Indefinite Hiatus - Journal Entry
  • Tumblr Spotlight: Filly Queen Chrysalis

    Considering the popularity of Chrysalis after the finale, it makes sense that the tumblr scene would spawn some Chrysalis related content. Following in the vein of other filly tumblr blogs, Filly Queen Chrysalis is full of cute and childlike adventure as Chrysalis learns to be a queen much like her mother. If you're a fan of cute and a fan of Chrysalis I'd definitely give this one a look!

    Filly Queen Chrysalis - First Page - Current Page

    As always, please send me tumblr suggestions to my email at [email protected] or to my Twitter account: @CalpainEqD
  • Story Updates August 26th (Evening)

    Spike just realized he genuinely likes a magical pink alicorn princess.  You will get over it buddy.

  • Story: Chrysalis Adopts a Cat!

    The Pre-reader responsible for this story being approved early apologizes, has been beaten three-quarters of the way to death, and is being made to re-read Grimdark and sad fics as punishment and promises to try and not do it again.

    [Comedy] [Slice of Life]

    Author: Erudite Muffin
    Description: Defeated and separated from her beloved hive, Chrysalis finds herself at a quaint little town named Ponyville. Fuming and down on her luck, she also finds herself in much need of love. But as our dear changeling queen discovers, love can come from the most unexpected sources.

    Chrysalis Adopts a Cat!

    Additional Tags: Chrysalis, Cat, Oh Wonderful Day!
  • Music: Dawn in Equestria

    It's pretty rare to see these instrumental tracks split off.  It's hard to really set them apart with so many out there, but the reviewers were all ecstatic at this one.   One compared it to the works of Jeremy Soule, whom you may know from Skyrim, or my personal favorite, Icewind Dale.  Pretty big praise if I do say so myself!

    Anyway, check it out after the break. 

  • Custom Compilation #82

    Every time I think Cereal's brainwashing isn't taking hold, some amazing Rarity related artwork pops up to recondition me again. How can she not be best pony with poise and grace like that? Not to mention those curls!

    Custom comp time guys! Check out all the pony after the break.

    Source 1
    Gems Dahr-ling 2

  • Vocal Music: Rocket to Insanity / With a Sister [EileMonty Cover] / Last Sign of Loyalty

    This is probably the most diverse vocal music post we have had in forever.

    Starting off today, we have some Metalcore, complete with all that screaming stuff fans of the genre tend to like.

    And if that isn't your thing, have the complete opposite of the spectrum with a country music song. She actually does a pretty good cowpony voice!

    And finally, soft rock/acoustic.  Find them all below!

    1.) Rocket To Insanity (MLPwn + Metal Core Pony)
    2.) ~ With A Sister ~ by Mandopony [EileMonty Cover] ~
    3.) [Song] Last Sign of Loyalty - FakePony, Pencil Eraser, BassBrony

  • Discussion/Music: Foozogz - Of Fond Memories

    Apparently Foozogz started this one at the airport on his way back from Bronycon.  I'm pretty sure the majority of us have met some awesome people in this fandom so far.  You may or may not have met them in real life, but the fond memories of the friends you made during your pony years will travel with you forever!

    And this song hopes to capture that.  Head on past the break to listen!

    And in the comments, how has this fandom effected you on a social level?  Do you go to meetups? Play online games with brony friends? Or just hang in skype chat and gossip about Twilight Sparkle's new mane color?

  • Drawfriend Stuff #545

    Earth pony Vs Pegasus isn't even fair.

    Have some art!

    Source 30
  • More Leaked Blindbags on Taobao - Different Versions Edition

    Either we have bored factory workers playing with color combinations, or Hasbro really loves the Greatest and Most Powerful cutiemark in all of Equestria.  Three new versions of Trixie have popped up on Taobao, along with a revamp of Colgate and a few others.  They even derped the eyes of that one with a pie on her butt.

    Ace Reporter Whatshisgame dropped a whole bunch of collector level bullet points for us.  I can't top these:
    • Apple family member Peachy Sweet: Has already been floating around.
    • Magnet pony: Has already been floating around.
    • Background pony Minuette: Still doesn’t have a two-tone mane or tail, but her solid-colored mane & tail now match one of their two in-show colors, unlike the version that’s already been floating around.
    • Background pony Sassaflash: Has already been floating around.
    • The Great and Powerful Trixie Lulamoon: Has the same shape of crystal star in her cutie mark as mini-figures of Twilight Sparkle and another pony as a recolor of her that have already been floating around.
      • Two-tone mane & tail, blue-starred cutie mark: Is more accurately colored, unlike the version that’s already been floating around.
      • Two-tone mane & tail, green-starred cutie mark: Is the same as above, but with a different color of cutie mark star.
      • Solid-colored mane & tail, clear-starred cutie mark: Has already been floating around.
    • Diamond Tiara: Has already been floating around.
     Well there you have it!

  • Bronyville Podcast Interviews Andy Price of IDW Comics Live at Noon PDT

    Okay everypony, dust off your live broadcast glasses and listen up! Andy Price, the awesome fellow helping to make up the offical My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comics book is going to be live on Bronyville Podcast at approxiamtly 12 PM PDT today. We're certainly going to talk about the upcoming comics in addition to the usual community news, emails, and banter you expect from the show. So, follow the links below and we'll see you there.

    Can't catch it live? You can listen to all our old recordings at bronyvillepodcast.com or Subscribe to iTunes.
  • Derp Face

    Click for derp
    Derp Derp
  • Music: Love Is In Bloom - Cello Duet // The Gypsy Bard Version // Friendship is Improv //

    We’re goin’ all out
    But get ‘em up, get ‘em up
    And if they wanna take a picture
    Tell ‘em I don’t give a f--k!

    It's time to remix your morning, or something. Throw eggs at it, I suppose. Cover it with bacon and wubs. Wubs- a part of this balanced breakfast. Cereal recommends at least six unit wubs every day. Why are you letting your breakfast tell you what to do?

    Love Is Is Bloom, Gypsy Bard, and and improv pianos.

    1) My Little Pony - Love Is In Bloom - Cello Duet Cover
    2) The Gypsy Bard Version
    3) Friendship is Improv (Brony Piano Collaboration)

  • Fillydelphia Radio's Day 2 Musician Cast - EFNW Edition

    Yesterday was BUCK, today is EFNW! Tons of big names all giving you their 2 cents on the ponyness. 

    Tune in this afternoon at 6PM EST / 2PM PST  for a round with Silvahound, MictheMic, BronyMike, Foozogz, F3nning, Odyssey, Alex S, Acoustic Brony, and more.

  • Story: No Regrets


    Author: Horizon
    Description: A story about two alicorn sisters who love each other, and the worst decision they never made.

    No Regrets

    Additional Tags:
    Luna and Celestia swap duties
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 25

    Don't worry your pretty pony head about it Twilight, we've all been there. When our friends learn a little more than we wanted them to. When our faces flush red and we pop blood vessels trying not to faint from the embarrassment. Why just the other day, I... well. Ahem. Maybe that's a story for another time. Today's story is the tale of 320 sneaky, sneaky ponies and their tales of daring do and thievery. Not to be confused with The Tale of Daring Do and the Thief of Thievery Way. I'm not sure what choice you have other than to become a thief living on a street like that. Which is as lovely a segue as any to tell you that this secretive bunch brings our very public total up to 14322 images! Think we can clear 16k in the last few days?

    To submit for Day 25, follow your nose to the great taste of Loop Froots cereal, a part of this complete breakfast containing a complete breakfast plus a bowl of cereal. You might also want to click the link and fill out the form - on some browsers that's been known to work better.

    Perhaps you've noticed already, but tonight I am in a silly mood. And a silly mood gets a silly theme: Draw a pony Singing/Draw a pony wailing. I'm expecting lots of big, big entries tonight. And a side of krill. Do me proud, or call me Ishmael.

    With your help, I've put together all of the missing pages of the Thievius Ponificus. In which Sly ponies abound, along with Octavias and Vinyl Scratches galore. We've all got our secrets to hide, which I think is why it's so much fun to drag them out into the open. But secrets have a price, and anything that can be sold can also be stolen. Watch your back, and be wary before stepping into the dark, dear readers. I'd hate for you to run afoul of any "treasure hunters" so close to the end of the Training Grounds!