• Music of the Day #32

    We have around 11 tracks tonight for this music of the day post! Go listen!

  • Simple PMV: Keep drifting / Dumb Ways To Die / Affirmation

    Ponies matched to music.  What could be more relaxing?

    Find them below.

    1.) Keep drifting [PMV]
    2.) [PMV] Dumb Ways To Die
    3.) (RsHy) Affirmation PMV

  • Entertainment Weekly's Magic Duel Exclusive Clip

    We can probably expect an article in a bit for this one, but right now Entertainment Weekly has a clip for the new Magic Duel episode on their video player.  Head on over here to check it out!

    Now with article and image!

  • Random Merch: Lip Balm and Magnets

    We have a smaller compilation of Random Merch this time around.  Starting us off is yet another set of new products from Hot Topic.  The lip balm up above can be bought for $4.50 a pop, or buy two get 1 free.  Hit their website up for either Rainbow Dash or Twilight Sparkle.  Thanks to Guest for the heads up there!

    And if you are over at Sams Club looking for pony magnets, it looks like a new playset has popped up bundled with two others.  While you may not be fans of Barbie or Dora, you can always have a pretend invasion of earth using their figures right?  Thanks to anon for that one!

  • Applejack's Awesome Apple Acquisition

    Apple capturing has evolved! While we have plenty of games running around as Applebloom, or in Gameloft's case all the ponies (provided you have a bunch of money), catching apples has always been a common gaming trope for pony. It's time to add another factor! It's time to buck!

    Yes, not only are you catching apples, but you are bucking them. Can you handle the multitasking? Go play it and find out!

  • Less Than Two Days Remaining on Amy Keating Rogers' Kickstarter!

    We reported a month ago on a project that Amy Keating Rogers, a brilliant and influential writer for Friendship is Magic, was trying to get off the ground. The documentary: Jason Bateman Thinks I'm Dead is a journey through Amy's life, career and the entertainment industry as a whole as she embarks on a magical quest to track down actor and former classmate Jason Bateman to inform him of her continued existence. The documentary is fully filmed, and (I've been told) has a very happy ending. But production and distribution is a very involved and expensive process.

    So far, the response has been very very strong: more than $17,000! But that's only about 20% of the necessary funding. Due to the nature of kickstarter, unless the full $80,000 is raised in the next 43 hours, then all of the amazing donations will melt away into well wishes. It's a daunting amount of money in not a lot of time.

    Money is not an easy thing to come by, and especially at this time of year there's a lot to spend it on, but even just ten dollars could make the difference for successful funding in the end. Amy is a bright and wonderful person and her work has brightened this community considerably. If you've ever been touched by Smile, Smile, Smile, or if you've caught yourself laughing at words like picklebarrel or kumquat, I implore you to consider donating. If you can't donate or don't want to, you can still contribute by helping get the word out to others who might be able to help out. Please, do your part. This is too cool a project to just let it fade away.
  • Pinkie Pie and the Rockin' Ponypalooza Party

    Another book from "Little Brony Books" has been tossed up on Amazon for pre-order, with a July 2nd release date. This is the same company working on the seapony and guide to Equestria set we posted a few days ago. Amazon has a summary up that gives a bit of information on what it's actually about:
    Pinkie Pie has always been a bit different from her very serious family. When she plans a Ponyville "rock" concert to support the family business, Pinkie's family doesn't like the idea. They just want her to be serious, for once. This is a real problem! Read along as Pinkie gets a little help from her friends in this original and brand-new adventure!

    Don't miss the pink activity pages in the back of the book!
    Obviously these are books meant primarily for kids, but this sounds like a pretty entertaining synopsis regardless. Find the book here!

    And thanks to Longneck 626 for the heads up!
  • Story: And a Dark Wind Blows

    [Dark] "This is how you do ambiguity correctly. This story has worldbuilding that I envy as an author. I wish I had this author's skills." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: RazedRainbow
    Description: Was it a magical spell gone awry? An angry god laying waste upon a world that had forgotten him? A long and bloody war? An incurable disease?

    Fluttershy couldn't remember what it was that had turned the world to this. All she knew was that she had to survive.
    And a Dark Wind Blows

    Additional Tags: A silent romp through hell
  • Pinkie Pie box Revealed from Enterplay

    For all you collectors out there looking to nab the final mane 6 promo, this is the way to get it.  Around the middle of December, Target will release the box seen above, with the promo, various pinkie related objects, cards, stickers, and a poster with a checklist on the back. 

    They haven't mentioned the item's rarity at all, outside of it's plans for releasing specifically at Target to begin with.  Plan a trip for the 15th if you want one just in case!

  • Michelle Creber Joins "Animate! Miami" Convention

    The general animation convention over in Miami Florida that is looking more like a pony convention as the days roll on has added yet another Friendship is Magic staffer to the already star studded cast of guests.  Michelle Creber will be showing up to join Andrea, Nicole, Peter, for the event.  Full press release can be found after the break!

  • Story Updates - November 29

    Story update time! Charge!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #639

    Luna has the best guards.  Have a whole bunch of art!

    Source 1
    Luna GuardFinal
  • More Babs Seed on the Way

    As an honorary eastern representative of the Cutie Mark Crusaders organization, it looks like Babs Seed may be seeing a bit more airtime in the future.  Whether this is a full episode or just a one off mentioned pony isn't completely clear, fans of the new character can at least expect to see some more of her according to Cindy Morrow (One Bad Apple's writer) on her Twitter page

    I for one welcome our new tail covering pony trope. 

    Thanks to Leopold for the tip!

  • More Season 3 Tees at Welovefine

    After the chaos of black friday and cyber monday, We Love Fine has added a couple new shirts to their ever expanding supply of pony parodies and fan references.  The majority of these are from season three, with Sombrero and that Pinkie with hands taking center stage.  Head on over to their pony section for all of them!

  • Comic: Microtransaction / Project

    We start this one off with nightmare moon taking over Equestria Gameloft style, followed by another one of those ridiculously long 100+ page comics that keep stumbling their way into our inbox lately.  It's a pretty dark one at a glance.  I see a lot of pony tears in there! Click the image below for page one and continue on in the description.

  • Nightly Roundup #510

    With Trixie's episode coming up it only seemed appropriate that she get a header this week. Plus Seth asked and I really don't want to be locked in the laundry room with PK.

    Sorry for no news yesterday guys, but there literally was so little news to report it would have been one sad looking Roundup. Tonight's is much beefier so that's a relief! Also, apologies if there are any mistakes as I've been up for 36 hours and things are a little loopy right now.

    Check it all out after the break and thank you Sugarcube-Owl for the awesome picture!