• ...Taking PonAI and Ponecoin Back to the Drawing Board For Now...


    Welp... That was embarrassing. It seems our little AI has some pretty significant learning to do. Unfortunately, after much deliberation and many a cancelled Lamborghini order, we are going to need to go ahead and postpone the ICO launch indefinitely. It looks like the Crypto market crashed again anyway.

    ...Not that it hasn't been doing that for 3 months now.

    Thank you all for assisting in the beta test. Unfortunately our AI cartoon horse friends and waifus will have to wait. If you want to reminisce in the potential of Ponecoin one last time, you can find everything over here.


    Now, before the crypto-friends among us decide to send me angry emails for making fun of the idea over the last 22 hours, I do want to say that while there are hundreds, even thousands of terrible coins, tokens, and upcoming ICO's out there scammin' away, the field itself and several of the major crypto options are completely legitimate and exciting future technologies. The market "crashes" harder than a blind grandmother who decided to joyride drunk in her husbands SUV almost every few months, but the tech continues truckin' along. If you do decide to take your newfound crypto knowledge and use it though, always be wary. None of us here on EQD are financial advisers and never invest more than what you aren't afraid to lose.

    We take crypto currencies here on EQD now for anyone that doesn't want to go through Patreon but still wants to support our 24/7 pony shenanigans. You can find the page for that over here. Right now it has everything from Bitcoin to Monero. Basically whatever people asked us to add. Everyone has a favorite.

    Hopefully you all had fun! And sorry for those overwhelmed with today. April fools is that one time a year we get to cut loose and just be obnoxious, and obnoxious we definitely were for 2018! See you all for a completely normal pony day tomorrow while I and Blueshift (Our PonAI bot who was 100% manual and I have no idea how he managed that) pass the hell out.


    >STATUS current_market_cap=45,305 ponecoin CONGRATULATION
    >STATUS MOOD: Taupe

    >you have 9.50 FIMcoins CONGRATULATION

    >STATUS IQ: 200
    >MOOD: Rick and Morty




    >MATHEMATICALLY PERFECT PONY |||||||||||||100%

  • Everything Wrong With Trade Ya! In 4 Minutes or Less

    Trade Ya! Is what I would say if we were trading Ponecoin yet, but it hasn't even launched yet. Have the episode and everything wrong with it though while we continue building hype by driving you all completely insane for the next few hours! Just like other ICO'S! YAY!

  • April News! - Pony Dating Sim "Pony Tales Adventures" Replaces Pinkie with Nyx! Legends of Equestria Adds Microtransactions!

    We aren't the only ones that love doing groundbreaking things for April! The gaming scene is right there with us!

    Pony Tales Adventures:

    In news that totally isn't inappropriate at all, the pony dating sim "Pony Tales Adventures" that we posted about a few months ago, has scooped up the legendary fandom OC "Nyx" for their upcoming game. Everyone's favorite Nightmare Moon filly thing has left the care of auntie Twilight and is apparently seeking to take her understanding of humanity to completely platonic and safe places. At least that's what they have promised us. Her script and storyline is complete, with art assets underway even as the month chugs along!

    Unfortunately, Ponk was deleted. I guess those looking to really party with Pinkie will have to look elsewhere.

    Legends of Equestria: 

    And in other news, Legends of Equestria has joined video game companies everywhere in slowly draining the life out of beloved childhood memories improving user payment options via microtransactions! Now you can deck your pony out in horse armor with a swipe of the credit card instead of a swipe of the sword! They even have an alicorn option, because why not?

    Happy gaming!

  • Nightly Discussion #1397

    It may be April Fools, but it's Easter as well, so Happy Easter everyone! For those of you who have a big dinner to celebrate I hope you all had something delicious to eat.

    Evening everyone! Time to chat.

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  • Introducing Ponecoin's Corporate Partners!

    Ponecoin is undoubtedly the cryptocurrency of the future, and we couldn't be more excited to be bringing it to you.  However, try as we might, we simply can't do it alone.  There's no way to build a successful cryptocurrency out of sheer HYPE alone.  (At least not yet; Still waiting on the science to come in on that one.)

    That's why, in order to make sure that each and every one of you gets the most cryptobang for your cryptobuck, we here at Equestria Daily have formed several key strategic partnerships with global tech leaders to ensure that Ponecoin is the massive, unprecedented success we already know it will be.

    Come and meet our esteemed partners after the break!

  • Best PMV 2018: My Favorite Thing About Horses

    daspacepony is well known for his works of art, but this is probably his best effort yet. The use of elements such as comic sans is especially impressive, and overall this is really the video Francis Vace's song deserved. So take a break from mining ponecoin and check out the PMV below!

  • 9 Reasons You Want Unicorns in Your Mouth You Won't Believe!

    Hey all you Bronies and Pegasisters, I got the chance to grab the hot, magical new Unicorn Cereal from my local supermarket. I don't know about you but I love generic unicorns as they have got to be the 3rd best type of equine behind Plane Pones and Ratponies. I gave them a try and Sweet Celestia do they hit the spot!

    Grab some high fructose corn-syrup below as I count down the top reason you need these inside you!

  • GIANT Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #2578

    That/'s just awesome. I have no idea what the backstory is, but it had to be header.

    We have a TSUNAMI of art today. Go get it all!

    [1] Source

    Symphony of the void by DiscordTheGE

  • The Great and Powerful Trixie Reviews - Ponecoin!

    Greetings and welcome my humble and gigantic audience! Tis I, The Great and Powerful Trixie back yet again, and offered obscene amounts of bits given the wonderful opportunity to review ...coins! Trixie must admit, she would much rather be dazzling you all with her AMAZING feats of magic and slight-of-hoof expertise, but a pony such as I has talents far beyond keeping an audience going of course~

    A successful and amazingly well paid pony such as myself is obviously the perfect choice for anything involving money. Trixie is the go-to mare for all your bit and coin based things. And now that everypony has started combining the two into a single word, Trixie is, dare I say, an expert in the bit...coin world as well.  Trixie has collected many bit...coins! She can't wait to collect the pone version.

    Now go! Be enlightened by Trixie!

  • Ponycoin ponAI Loader

    ponAI v.1.0001
    >install ponAI.exe
    ponAI has been installed on WEBSITE: EQUESTRIA DAILY

  • What Will PONE Be Used For? Will You Finally Get to Cuddle Your Equine Waifu? (TLDR; PonAI!)

    (Note: Episode followup tomorrow cause today is going to be a mess)

    Friendship is Magic took over the nerd world years ago, thrusting everyone into a wonderful land filled with colorful talking horses highlighted by questionably curvy features. Indeed, there was once a time where you couldn't go three clicks without running into a MLP avatar, or ten clicks without stumbling into a "plot" joke. Pony is the engine that drives Ponecoin, and our road map has high hopes for how far it can take both EQD and the fandom as a whole!

    You've heard about Waifu nodes in our "How to mine" post, and learned that defending your favorite pony will be the true driver of how the ledger functions, but what is the mid game? The end game? The ultimate goal of Ponecoin that will make pony fans, young and old, rich* and happy?

    Get our incredibly in depth and thought out roadmap below! And keep an eye out for PoneAI as it roves around comments today. It's in very early testing phase and gathering information on which pony it should be based on the one with the most positive feedback!

  • MLP Instagram Celebrates April Fools...With Pony Poo

    Yep, you read that title right. Apparently over on the MLP Instagram they have posted a little joke for April Fools involving something I would not have expected: Pony Poo. Is it wrong that I find them to look a bit like ice cream toppings?

    Anyhow, get some close ups of each after the break. Thanks to Robert for sending it in.

  • Comic: Math Books / Earth Ponies / Rogue Diamond 10:3 / Result / New Life 11 / Shadows 20

    Guess you could say that Spike threw the book at her... I'll go to my corner now.

    Comics guys! Get a single shot and updates after the break.

  • Your Exclusive EqD Cryptocurrency Guide

    Confused about cryptocurrencies? Insecure about internet money?  Unsure if Ponecoin is the coin for you? (yes)

    Here is a handy guide to the best and the worst of fake internet money!

  • If Gordon Ramsay Sounded Like Fluttershy


    But also hilarious. Get Fluttershy yelling at people below.

  • How Do I "Mine", Or Where Do I Get Ponecoin? - (AKA Defend Your Horse, EARN COINS)!

    As an avid gamer and someone who's currently running on an 8 year old PC while crying at current prices on graphics cards, I understand how painful the current Crpyto revolution is. Miners have become a blight on our hobby, and the last thing we here at EQD want to do is help perpetuate that!

    Ponecoin is different
    Ponecoin is better
    Ponecoin is fueled by something you are doing anyway


  • A New Era of Cryptocurrency Has Arrived! Introducing Ponecoin (PONE) ICO!


    After years of being exploited by banks, devalued, and inflated, the worlds currencies have become an absolute joke. Every day, you hear more and more about how your monetary safety is in jeopardy with an endless cycle of fraud perpetuated by these so called "Safe" centralized financial institutions. Who has time to read all the fine print when opening a new bank account to make sure you aren't going to get completely destroyed by surprise fees? Who's tired of randomly discovering new nickle-and-dime techniques that sneak in after a TOS change that no one noticed? Why should HODLing the US dollar or the British pound cause it to lose value over time? Lets take control...


    Continue Below!

  • Morning Discussion #1170

    You know, out of our mane six I can totally see Rainbow being one that would get piercings, at least her ears. Rarity too for that matter as I can't see her passing up any extra opportunity to accessorize.

    Morning everyone! Sleep well?

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  • Music: 4everfreebrony - Kindness (cover)

    A fandom classic redone in modern fandom style! 4everfreebrony continues to kill it with some of the smoothest acoustic out there. Hope you are all into the mood for some Flutterlove~

    Head on down below to listen!