• Nightly Roundup #768

    Heard someone suggest Screwball last night and I just happened to find this bittersweet picture of her tonight for the occasion. Hope she gets her dream one day.

    Time for the news guys! Check it after the break.

  • Music of the Day #180

    Your daily dose of music brought to you by Vinyl Scratch with a cat face, it's MOTD time. We have 12 songs in this one. Get them all below.

  • Story: The Arbitrage of Moments

    [Sad] "A game that deals its cards one by one, leading to a heartbreaking conclusion that's both undeniable and shrouded in secrecy." -Pre-Reader Noir Voice

    Author: GaPJaxie
    Description: When you have so little, and another has so much, it’s easy to justify theft. The more precious the commodity, the easier it is to tell yourself you need it more than they do. And what is more precious than time?
    The Arbitrage of Moments

    Additional Tags: Sometimes It Doesn't Get Better

  • Spotlight Music: Reminescence / Trophy Wife

    Rap and Rock, two staples of the modern world. We start off with a GatoPaint, Shadowcatkirara, and Lique collab track in the first slot, and some Viricide Filly rap in the second. Get them both below the break!

    1.) Reminescence [GatoPaint+Shadowcatkirara+Lique]
    2.) Viricide Filly - Trophy Wife (Feat. Nexgen and Sickness) [SOME FORM OF HIP-HOP]

  • Drawfriend Stuff #926

    I have no idea what is going on here, but Cadance makes scanners look good.

    Have some art!

    [1] Source
    Glow Cadence

    And new GTA banner by our very own Cereal Velocity, with art from Pirill-Poveniy, tgolyi, Tim015, amy30535, Apricolor, and G-Blue16.

  • Andrew Crews My Little Pony Collection Heading to Colette

    I suppose this is that fabled MLP set that was announced during the Hasbro Investor Day event a while back.  Designer Andrew Crews will unveil a capsule collection of 30 unique pieces dedicated to all things pony (including older generation stuff) at Colette in Paris this September 16th.  Admission will be free if you want to check it out, and the display will be up until the 18th.  Head on over here for a preview (Warning: plays music), and I'll toss some Google Translate goodness of their blurb below the break. 

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in!

  • Comic: Runner / Hang On / The Sea Twister

    I've always been a fan of this particular art style. ILoserLife just draws some incredibly cute ponies!

    Time for some comics today guys, click for full!

  • Story Updates - September 15th

    Story Updates! Have a creepy header, and get them all below.

  • Applejack Appreciation Day!

    Now that the NATG has come to an end I'm going to hold true to my promise about AJ Appreciation Day and get that started once again! Last year, some of you may recall we had a day for AJ where we posted AJ things of all sorts (plushies, drawfriend, ect) in order to give the pony that unfortunately consistently comes last in the polls some time in the sun. It's no secret either that I count her as one of my favorites right up with Twilight and I'm happy to say I've seen quite a bit of AJ artwork in the past year or so since the last event! Maybe she isn't as unpopular as we think, right?

    Anyhow, AJ Appreciation Day can't work without you guys! So, over the next two weeks I'd love if you guys can gather up whatever plushies, crafts, customs, artwork, music, tumblrs ect you can and send them in to us at [email protected] with AJ Day in the title and a description of what your piece is. The art doesn't have to maintain a specific theme, so she can be doing anything from celebrating her day with her friends, to just bucking apples in the orchard (or hanging out with a science pony). Once we've gotten everything, AJ Day will officially be on October 1st, a month that reminds me of cider, apples, and donut holes back in Michigan. So get your artwork in before then gang and let's give this wonderful mare the time of her life!

    Please no Background Pony Jokes
  • SFM: Party with Pinkie

    A classic fandom song finally get some SFM love from the ever talented Ferexes.  If you watched Flutterwonder or Sunshine and Celery Stalks, consider this number three in this awesome series.

    Head on down below to check it out.

  • PMV: Figure 8 / Intense Equestria / Does this DARKNESS have a name?

    We start this one off with a PMV that somehow ended up in one of our EQD email black holes. It's short, but has loads of animations and an Applejack theme for those of you that think she doesn't get enough love.

    Slot number two has a bunch of Dubstep, because I know you guys love Dubstep.

    And the third is sort of a half trailer have PMV focusing on FiM in general. Get all three below!

    1.) PMV - Figure 8
    2.) Intense Equestria (dubstep)
    3.) [PMV] Does this DARKNESS have a name?

  • Story: Lost Cities (Update - Sequel!)

    [Normal] "This story tells a tale without any characters. Somehow, it succeeds. Brilliantly." - Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Cold in Gardez
    Description: North of Canterlot, in the far marches of the Equestrian lands near the border with the Griffon tribes, there is a mountain that flies.

    West of Canterlot, beyond the Galloping Mountains and a desert painted in the pastel hues of a faded rainbow, a tower sits at the edge of the world.

    South of Canterlot, beyond the Everfree forest and the desolate badlands, a city of gardens waits to be born.
    Lost Cities
    Keskiyönnon (New Sequel!)

    Additional Tags: The lessons of the past
  • SFM Background Pony Expansion Pack

    Not enough ponies in your SFM? Feeling a little light in rainbow of characters not even I can name? Nutrafin on Deviant Art has released a pack of 23 new background ponies for all you source modders out there.  Fill up those stadiums and crowded zombie infested malls with way less copy paste in your next major SFM motion picture!

    Head on over here for it.
  • My Little Star Pony Seeks People for Animation Project

    With an entertaining video and the prospect of Ponies in SPAAACE in tow, a team of animators, writers, musicians, and voice actors is looking to expand a bit for their full blow star pony animation project.  They even threw togeather an entertaining video for all you people that don't have any of the required skills.  Head on down below to check it out!

  • New Rainbow Dash in M.U.G.E.N.

    I think it was almost a year ago when she first appeared in M.U.G.E.N. as a playable character, but there wasn't a whole lot of work put into it.  Fast forward to now, and we have a full blown character completely with tank as a companion and an all out deluge of rainbowy goodness to back him up.

    Head on down below the break to check out a gameplay demo.  

  • Pony Lesson Set Available on Toys R' Us Website

    The relatively new Pony Lesson Set is a tough one to track down in stores as I'm sure many of you hunting it down have found out.  Luckily the Toys R' Us website has them in stock and available.  If you want to get your hands on these three, and rescue Twilight's Smarty Pants from the clutches of Silver Spoon, head on over here for it. 

    Thanks to Angela for the heads up! 
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Final Gallery

    Rest well, my little ponies. My most wonderful students. You've worked long and hard, and it's paid off for you, and it's paying off for you, and it'll keep paying off for you as long as you continue to push yourselves and see where you can go. I still believe. But tonight, rest. You've earned it. This is the last time we'll talk like this for the year, and I could not be more proud to end it on this note. The NATG closes its doors and steals away into the desert the way it should, not with a bang but a thunderous roar and a proclamation of greatness! And that roar takes the form of a full 531 ponies of every shape and size and activity imaginable. And here's the best part: our final, 30 day total for the third installment of the Newbie Artist Training Grounds is an astonishing, staggering, utterly stupendous 10215 images! Yes, you read that right. I told you we could hit five digits, and look at what you've accomplished!

    This is normally the space I would use to link you to my e-mail or say a little something to keep you drawing for another night, and really I'm still doing that because this isn't an ending point for your art, just your training marathon. You're ready to start studying on your own, patiently going over your work and practicing new techniques at your own pace. You'll keep on getting better for as long as you keep putting in the work. But tonight, we pop the corks. Tonight we celebrate, and we rest. Because we've earned it. You most of all.

    I want to take a second here to thank knighty for all of the hard work he put into keeping our submitter up and running, because this has been one of the smoothest run events I've yet had the pleasure of administrating. And I want to extend a tremendous super huge thank you to Calpain, because without him none of us would be here today. He was the spark that pushed this year's event out the door, and he was the one with a kind enough heart to make way for me when I realized that I couldn't keep away. And the biggest thank you of all goes to each and every one of you, whether you submitted a ton of art or just a picture or two, if you were a wily veteran or someone brand new or someone without the time but who stopped in to say a kind word. There has been such an outpouring of love and passion through this event, in your art and your words and, I... I feel overwhelmed. Thank you.

    But I've kept you waiting long enough! This is a happy night, and you're here to look at ponies! Well, wait no longer, your gallery is here! We've got ponies and puns a plenty, so grab a drink and your favorite snack, pull up a chair, and soak it all in. You're going to be here a while!

    All right, folks. You've heard enough out of me for one event. Remember, the paths we travel lead ever onward. Never forget the passion that lead you here, and always try your hardest to keep moving forward. You are wonderful, amazing people, and you will move mountains in your time. I love you all so much!