• Nightly Roundup #816

    I just so happened to be listening to Sinking Ships by the Rainbow Dash Presents guys while I was doing the Roundup so I thought this would be an appropriate pic.

    Hope you all have had a wonderful start to your weekend! From what I've heard the first day of Nightmare Nights went well so I hope that continues as we make it through the weekend. Have a good one and see you all tomorrow!

  • Music of the Day #214

    Bat pony break! Time for some Zecora. I'm hoping she gets her own episode in season 4 personally. Exploring the zebra would be interesting.

    Onward to music!

  • Ponified Trailers: My Little Homeland / X-Mares: Days of Future Past / Pon Cry 3

    Ponified Trailers! It has been a while. We have X-Men, Far Cry, and a ponified intro to Homeland. Get them all below.

    1.) X-Mares: Days of Future Past
    2.) Pony Cry 3
    3.) My Little Homeland

  • Random Merch: Cash Register, Rings, Tattoos, and More!

    Now YOU can learn the value of a bit via ponies! This was found in Norway by Kirkeby, along with a load of other stuff.

    You know the drill at this point, more random merch below!

  • Rarity Bedroom Eyes On Display at London Art Gallery

    Time for a journey into the realm of the bizarre.  The Carroll / Fletcher gallery in London is hosting an exhibition called "User Unfriendly", complete with all sorts of internet and general current generation things. 

    In the main window is the screen seen above, displaying a loop animation of Rarity rockin bedroom eyes for anyone walking by.  I suppose it was inevitable. 

    The video below shows it off in motion at the :50 mark, though the entire thing involves ponies mixed with other things throughout.  There is a point in the video that shows what appears to be a forum post reacting to the more NSFW side of the fandom near the end, so avoid that if you like to ignore the stuff entirely.

  • 52/66 Days of Pony - Canterlot Wedding Part 2

    And thus season two came to an end. This was pretty much the pinnacle of the fandom.  I don't think it was ever larger than this.  We would have 18-25 things to post a day,  and drawfriend compilations consistently broke 60+ images per.  Here's to hoping season 4 spurrs that again! I'm cool with spamming you all with stuff. 

    The episode itself brought us our first villain song, and what a song it was.  I don't think I've listened to a pony tune more than This Day Aria.  It really gave this episode a full on Disney feel, which is something I remember Daniel Ingram (Music guy for FiM) saying was his dream job.

    We were also introduced to Chrysalis, surprising pretty much everyone.  Changelings were suddenly a thing, and they were awesome.  

    I still think this should have been a full on movie.  The main complaint was the rushed feeling that the ending gave.  You can only fit so much into 40 minutes.  Equestria Girls was a thing, but I really want to see what DHX is capable of in the actual pony world.  Canterlot High School Vs. Canterlot the city is like comparing a shack to a skyscraper. Or a school to a city... yeah that didn't work like I thought it would.

    That's a disucssion for another post though.  Get some Canterlot Wedding Part 2 Below! Just one season remaining in these posts until season 4!  GET HYPE.

  • Analysis: Understanding Mary Sue

    Bronycurious (or Tommy Oliver now) tossed up a surprisingly interesting analysis on Mary Sue as a whole.  It primarily compares Twilight Sparkle to Superman, and the two of them against a blatant fanfiction style epic mary sue.  As with all anlysis, the subject matter can probably be debated to the moon and back, but that is kind of the fun of it. 

    Anyway, go get it below.  What are your thoughts on Princess Twilight's sue status?

  • Season 3 DVD Details Revealed

    Earlier today, a pre-order page for the 3rd season of Friendship is Magic on DVD was tossed up on Amazon.  We now have a bit more information on it from a press release sent out by Shout Factory. Have some of that, bullet style:

    Episodes per disc:

    Disc 1                                                                               Disc 2
    The Crystal Empire, Part 1                                           Just For Sidekicks
    The Crystal Empire, Part 2                                           Apple Family Reunion
    Too Many Pinkie Pies                                                    Spike At Your Service
    One Bad Apple                                                               Keep Calm And Flutter On
    Magic Duel                                                                      Games Ponies Play
    Sleepless In Ponyville                                                    Magical Mystery Cure
    Wonderbolts Academy

    Bonus Features:
    San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Panel
  • Wallpaper Compilation #107

    I could see this on a teacher's classroom computer.  I always used to get in trouble for changing the wallpapers on school computers.  One actually tried to tell me it ruined computers at one point.  How they were a computer teacher, I will never know. 

    Get some wallpapers! And be sure to click source links for full size 1920x1080 versions

    [1] Source
    Equestria Department of Education

  • Story Updates - November 8th

    Story updates! Get them below!

  • Comic Signing at Haven Comics in Alabama

    With season three right around the corner, a store called Haven Comics in Madison, Alabama is hosting a signing event on the 23rd of November for all you pony fiends to go bombard with hype right after the episode airs.  In attendance will be Andy Price with the usual pen in hand signing your comics and selling his prints for 10 bucks a pop.

    Head on down below the break for the press release!

  • Gaming for Good: A Brony Gaming Livestream Fundraiser

    Gaming! Charity! Who wants to help people and have fun doing it? Head on down below the break for all the information on it. 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #979

    It's a little late for Halloween stuff, but I coudn't not set this as a header.  It must take forever to draw all the mane 6.  I bet a few artists out there wish there were only one or two main characters!

    Anyway, get some art.

    [1] Source
    Best Night Ever

  • Season 3 DVD Listing on Amazon

    A listing for the third installment of the full pony series DVD's has popped up on Amazon.  No real information is listed other than 300 minutes total, so we will have to wait on any announcements of exclusive interviews and other content. With a release date of February 4th, hopefully they have some things on the horizon for us. You can pre-order it over here

    Thanks to Johnny with the first and everyone else for the heads up!
  • Top 10 Pony Videos of October

    Manly Twilight presents: Top Ten Pony Videos of October 2013!

    That thing has gone viral even outside the fandom. Get your usual stuff below!

  • Hubworld Backgrounds Revealing Possible Season 4 Locations

    A couple of backgrounds over at Hubworld appear to be displaying locations we have never seen before. One even points back to an Amazon post we dropped to a while back.  Head on down below the break to check them out, or avoid it to evade those spoilers, and thanks to Whathisgame for the heads up!