• Random Merch: Cash Register, Rings, Tattoos, and More!

    Now YOU can learn the value of a bit via ponies! This was found in Norway by Kirkeby, along with a load of other stuff.

    You know the drill at this point, more random merch below!

    Pony Rings

    Pretty simple! found at Walmart by Kelsey

    Puppet Tattoos

    Pretty silly! Found at Walmart in Texas by WeAreBorg

    Cra-Z-loom Rubber Bands

    Note: The image is not the product, we aren't sure what they look like yet. This is a similiar product by the same company.

    Found at Walmart's Website by Loretta!

    Lip Balm Rainbow

    Found at Toys R' Us by Shadowrose.

    Japanese Pony Intro and ending Song Single

    Apparently they trumped us on the music, at least the Japanese version.  This is a CD available over there. Thanks to Mimouni for the heads up!