• 52/66 Days of Pony - Canterlot Wedding Part 2

    And thus season two came to an end. This was pretty much the pinnacle of the fandom.  I don't think it was ever larger than this.  We would have 18-25 things to post a day,  and drawfriend compilations consistently broke 60+ images per.  Here's to hoping season 4 spurrs that again! I'm cool with spamming you all with stuff. 

    The episode itself brought us our first villain song, and what a song it was.  I don't think I've listened to a pony tune more than This Day Aria.  It really gave this episode a full on Disney feel, which is something I remember Daniel Ingram (Music guy for FiM) saying was his dream job.

    We were also introduced to Chrysalis, surprising pretty much everyone.  Changelings were suddenly a thing, and they were awesome.  

    I still think this should have been a full on movie.  The main complaint was the rushed feeling that the ending gave.  You can only fit so much into 40 minutes.  Equestria Girls was a thing, but I really want to see what DHX is capable of in the actual pony world.  Canterlot High School Vs. Canterlot the city is like comparing a shack to a skyscraper. Or a school to a city... yeah that didn't work like I thought it would.

    That's a disucssion for another post though.  Get some Canterlot Wedding Part 2 Below! Just one season remaining in these posts until season 4!  GET HYPE.