• Another Season 3 Song - Chrysal Fair, Plus the Earlier Song in Higher Quality

    Another season 3 song has popped up from Comic Con. It's madness! Madness I say!

    Also have the other one from earlier in higher quality after the break!

  • Story Updates July 14th (Morning)

    Due to Comic Con taking most of my time, and this folder becoming ridiculous in size, this story update post is just going to be a list.  I really don't have time to get the images, descriptions, and tags over.

    Anyway, check them all out after the break!
  • Trailers: My Little Looper // My Little SAW //

    Epic Daring Do for epic trailers! I dunno, I got nothing.

    This hour we have two fantastical trailers for you, one based on Saw and the other based on Looper. Check em out after the page break!

    1) My Little Looper
    2) My Little SAW HD

  • Convention Compilation - July 13: Galacon Edition

    Pic unrelated, but adorable

    So, we hosted a compilation, but only one guy showed up. This is the quietest week on the convention front we've seen since the idea of conventions started to get taken seriously.

    That means its Galacon's time to shine! Euro bronies everywhere, rejoice and read up on the latest announcement from them. It seems a little silly to summarize this time, so I'll just refer you to the page break where you can see the singular press release from the week. We'll be back next Friday with even more conventiony goodness, provided they start returning our calls. It's two days before you sound desperate, right? I don't want to mess up this "second date" thing...

    Update: Trotcon sent in a piece a little bit late. There's only a week until that happens, though, so let's be nice and slide that in here too. Two's a party, right?
  • Ponykart 4 Update #4

    Unleash the candy swarm

    The Ponykart team has released a huge update on their currently in progress kart racing game.  Included in the mix are a whole pole of background ponies, new map design, Rainbow Dash's cart, and Derpy's role in it all.  This game is looking awesome so far.  Head on down below the break to check out the video, or hit up their website here!

  • I Wasn't Prepared For This/The Failure Song Cover (Yes, Really)

    Well this has got to be a record or something. Season 3 is still months away from release, and Hergest Ridge (Featuring Dreamhuk) has already release a snazzy punk rock cover of the first known song.

    We know now that Einstein's theory of relativity is bunk, because this fandom moves faster than light. That joke was terrible enough that I will now spend an hour in the snake pit as punishment. While I'm on that, please feel free to check below the break and listen to this. It's really good stuff.

  • Story: Author, Author!

    [Normal] [Bittersweet]

    Author: Pascoite
    Description: Much to her surprise, Pinkie Pie has discovered that the pen is a mighty tool, indeed. When she first tried her hoof at writing, she had no idea what the consequences might be. Now, more is at stake than she ever could have imagined.

    Author, Author!

    Additional Tags: 3rd place, /fic/ write-off #3
  • Double Rainboom Promo Released

    This is... this is the best non-show animation quality I have ever seen. I'm not even exaggerating. This is fantastic. Bother this guy to death until he finishes. I command you. Why aren't you watching this yet?!

  • Music: Ponyville Way // Rarity, Just Shine // Deejay Just Like Me //

    Silly CMC, that's not how you crusade for cutie marks.

    Vocals time! Today we have a parody of Rocky Mountain Way, an acoustic Rarity track (yesssss), and finishing with something for Scratch!

    1) Ponyville Way - Jeff Burgess
    2) Rarity, Just Shine
    3) Deejay Just Like Me: Vinyl Scratch's Song

  • Brony Study: Part 3!

    The scientific analysis of your average brony has hit it's third installment.  As of a few days ago, the question page is opened and everyone is invited to input their specific brony tastes.

    Head on over to this page to contribute.  As is the trend for the last two sections, it digs deep, so answer truthfully and don't take things personally!

    On top if this, the Daily Dot has written a bit more on it.  Check their article out here!

    (This one also covers clop, so just avoid page 11 if you aren't comfortable answering questions about it.)
  • Story: Pink and Famous

    [Normal] [Slice of Life]

    Author: Pjabrony
    Description: Rainbow Dash is famous for being a great flyer. Rarity is famous for being a great dressmaker. Pinkie Pie has lots of friends, but she doesn't have fame. When she decides that she wants to be as famous as her friends for being a party planner, things don't quite work out for her.

    Pink and Famous

    Additional Tags: Parties, Ambition, Letter to Princess, Episode-style
  • Drawfriend #502

    Tears for a crying filly edition. I have broken all of Equestria Daily's fancy new drawfriend technology so as punishment I am sorting today's gallery by hoof. And we'd only just gotten it, too!

    Source 1

  • Music: Never a Pushover // Ozzwald - Flying Lessons // MLP Extended Intro //

    Octavia for a music post! I have never done that before.

    Time for some instrumentals, ponies. This hour we have assertive Fluttershy, some Scootaloo, and an extrended version of the intro theme with pianos!

    1) Flaedr - Never a Pushover
    2) Ozzwald - Flying Lessons
    3) MLP Extended Intro Piano Cover [With Sheet Music]

  • Season 3 Spike and Twilight Song from Comic Con (Cell Quality)

    I just got back to the hotel and tossed this into the computer after fumbling with my phone charger for 10 minutes.  Sadly my actual camera I used to record the panel lasted about 35 minutes, so I had to grab this portion with my cell.  It's not the best quality on the planet, but a ton of people were recording, so hopefully we will see some more in the next few hours/days.  You still get the idea!

    A few clarifications on what was in the post earlier (I will upload the full panel tomorrow if no one jumps on it by then).

    Most of the things in the earlier post were very "hint hint" style.  The questions from the audience were not pre-screened at all, so naturally everyone asked about season three. 
    • Trixie's return was "confirmed" with a "I think we're not allowed to say, but I will expect season three to maybe see some great and powerful stuff".  after someone asked if she would be returning. (yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes)
    • There was a great section about Derpy.  Someone asked if she would be receiving anymore speaking roles, and the response basically said Hasbro loves Derpy, they have her everywhere now, but she probably wont be able to roll with anything other than background shots.  You guys scared the poor girl! 
    • Octavia's section was a question about "Which background pony would you like to voice?".  This eventually lead to a shoutout for Octavia, where Cathy Weseluck just out of nowhere busted out an awesome voice for her, with a hint that she could do a duet with Rarity.  
    • Fluttershy turning into a dragon and her cute voice coming from a giant lizard was actually mentioned by Tabitha.  Sounds like season 3 to me!
    • More crazy ponies on the way! These are the best episodes btw. 
    • Meghan reads Equestria Daily.  Suddenly I'm even more insecure about my writing on this site! Please don't read this blurb Meghan, I'm totally doing it in 10 minutes in my hotel room!
    • Dash not confirmed or denied for filly-fooling (this question was hilarious).
    • They hyped Luna up, so we will probably be seeing more of her. 
    • Tabitha's first panel was a huge success! And her voice is just as amazing in person as in the show.  
    There were plenty of other really interesting points, but I am running on fumes here when it comes to battery life on just about everything.  Anyway, enjoy! I will hopefully have the actual panel up tonight or tomorrow, or if someone else posts it the blog dudes will grab it.

    Update: Someone combined the audio from someone else's non cell video with my more close-up cell video.  Check it here!
  • BREAKING: Season Three Song Debut, Other Info Teased

    Migrate to here for more depth + video! 

    I've always wanted to use that capslock header. Anyway...

    Confirmed from SDCC from multiple sources, a season three song starring Spike and Twilight was debuted at the pony panel. We don't have an embed yet, but when we do it will appear in this post. Other things were hinted at during the panel, including:

    • A potential Octavia/Rarity duet
    • Fluttershy dragon (apparently the implication was that she turns into a dragon)
    • Trixie confirmed for season three

    Keep an eye on this post for more information!

  • Comic: Big Mac's Blunder / No Shock There / Cuties

    Applejack raises a very good point: where did Big Macintosh get all the money for a ring like that for Cheerilee? Either he is quite the saver or something else is going on...

    More comics coming at you! Click for full.

  • Create-A-Pony Winner: The Figurine

    The Figurine: The Game: The Movie: The Experience.


    In case you were wondering what the winning design of the create-a-pony contest Hasbro ran (her name is Tinker, by the way) looked like as a large figurine, well, here you are! This was spotted at Comic-Con just a little while ago. So there's that. I think she's a cutie!

  • 8-Bit Pony Tournament

    Want to win some Steam games and play The Hub's new 8-bit pony game at the same time? Well, sit down and listen up, because it's about to be your lucky day.

    You can find the Google Doc here with all the rules, but the gist is this: from the time of this post, you have twenty four hours to send a screencap to [email protected] of the ending screen with your high scores for each level. At the end, the people with the highest scores will compete live via Livestream for the prizes!

    Sound good? Well, you better get moving! The clock! Is! Ticking!

  • Gameloft Holding Sweepstakes For poniPad

    PoniPad? See what I did there? Eh? Oh god, it's too early for this.

    Gameloft, developer of the upcoming MLP mobile game, has got a sweepstakes going on during Comic-Con, the prize being an iPad customized with best pony and some other pony engraved on the back. Also, for some reason they're showing the original iPad there, but I can only assume it will be the latest model.

    It's as simple as that- give them some information and it could be yours! You can find the page to enter the contest here.

  • Pon-e3 Begins!

    It's time for two days of pony gaming e-3 style.  A whole bunch of the major pony game devs have banded together to show off what they have in progress and completed.  Lets get that hype train rollin!

    Check out the full schedule here, and check out the mane event here!
  • Nightly Roundup #375

    This Roundup's going to be perfect
    The kind of post I always dreamed I'd write again
    Everypony will click 'page break',
    And they'll do a double take
    When they realize that I am not Calpain!

    (I am required by Equestrian Law to inform you that our current banner is considered a health hazard due to excessive cute.The Surgeon General warns that too much filly Celestia and Luna can cause Type II Diabetes. Make sure you tell Jdan-S how this makes you feel.)