• 0neTr1ckP0ny - Royal Canterlot Voice (Original Song)

    We are hangin out in the hotel with a bunch of people, and this one popped up in the inbox earlier.  Everyone agrees that its pretty great!   So go check it out!  (Or after the break)

    Music should be back to normal tomorrow.   Sorry about any delays. 30+ song  to go through each day is a bit much while juggling a convention!

  • Story: The Network

    "Tired of boring old, cliche-ridden, self-insertion human in Equestria stories? Take a few minutes and give this story a try; it is an experience not to be missed for anyone who enjoys suspense and conspiracy." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates.


    Author: Josh Meihaus
    Description: Murdered, then kidnapped. Resurrected, then hunted. Befriended, then betrayed.

    This place is treacherous. Trust no one. Believe nothing. Rid yourself of all morals and kill anyone who stands in your way. Do whatever it takes to survive. After all... a children's computer game is no place for mercy.
    The Network

    Additional Tags: Distopia, Collective, Cyberpunk, Double-Agent
  • Story: Everypony Loves Rainbow (Update Part 6!)

    "Behold: Equestria if it were run by crazed Rainbow Dash shippers." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates


    Author: WaferThin
    Description: Future Wonderbolt, coolness incarnate, and all-around awesome. Is it any surprise that everypony wants a piece of Rainbow Dash?
    Not that she wants anypony to take a piece, mind you. All she wants to do is live her life. That's something she finds pretty hard to do when everypony she meets falls in love with her on sight, though.
    Everypony Loves Rainbow (New Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: Random Fun With Shipping Hurrah
  • Drawfriend Stuff #538

    I heard the new mode, Mann vs Machine, has come out for TF2. Unfortunately due to my move I haven't been able to play it yet. Hopefully I can jump on the servers sometime and join some of you in robot smashing mayhem!

    Art time guys! Check them out after the break.

    Source 1
    Medic Redheart

  • Comic: How to Save a Relationship / The Wub That Binds / You Forgot /

    Cadance, it's probably not a good idea to be searching around on another pony's computer. What you see cannot be unseen and it looks like Shining agrees with that notion.

    Lots of comics lately! Oh well, I'm not complaining. Click for full!

  • Custom Compilation #81

    I don't think we've ever had a custom compilation dedicated to a piece of scenery before, but man this one sure does deserve to be the first! How did you guys ever get so crazy talented?

    While I go pick my jaw off the floor, have some other customs that might blow your mind.

    Source 1
    Zecora's Hut

  • Live bronyville Andrea Libman podcast!

    Andrea Libman is about to be interviewed on Bronyville! Charge! justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast
  • Comic: Light of the Party / Air AJ : Anypony Guarenteed / Twilight's Moose-take

    Poor Spitfire, Derpy is eventually going to drive that filly crazy with her shenanigans if she keeps this up. Maybe she should just pay Snips a visit and get a nice hair cut.

    Click for full as always folks!

  • Bronies for Good Presents: Redheart's Roundup, Volume II!

    Last year, a fledgling group calling themselves Bronies for Good attempted to start a movement based on the idea that bronies were awesome, and if you pointed them in positive directions they would do awesome things. It was a counterpoint amidst waves of concern about the image the fandom projected to the general public, and while the group hadn't yet evolved a full organizational structure, they were still able to encourage and confirm the donation of 17 liters of blood.

    Since then, Bronies for Good has grown into a charitable behemoth. Projects like Seeds of Kindness are literally changing the world: proof of the limitless enthusiasm that a group of devoted and caring people are capable of. So being bigger and better than ever before, Bronies for Good is rolling back the clock and introducing a redux of their blood drive. Nurse Redheart is calling, will you answer?

    The donation goal this year is a full 100 liters of blood, which is enough to make a significant impact on the lives and survival of many people who desperately need replacement blood transfusions. The need for blood is a constant thing, and so long as its healthy for you to do so, there is no such thing as too much blood given. I'd like to briefly emphasize that point: before you head down and join this drive, make sure you talk to your physician or consult a Red Cross guide to make sure you qualify and can safely donate blood. The last time I tried, my blood pressure bottomed out and my heart briefly stopped. It's no laughing matter - don't push yourselves. Please be safe.

    Once you've done that, you're ready to donate, and BfG is happy to accommodate you! This year they've organized a raffle to help incentivise more donations and help make the event fun. Once you've confirmed your donation you'll be entered for a chance to win cool prizes like BfG memorabilia, art commissions, blind bag ponies, or other awesome stuff. Pretty cool deal, right? I mean, that doesn't even count the cookie they give you for donating in the first place! If you're interested, details for Redheart's Roundup, check out Bronies for Good's page for it here. Have fun, and happy donating!
  • Comic: Hot Date / A Lovely Snack / Starbucks

    Derpy, we can certainly leave it up to you to misunderstand things in the most hilarious of ways. Never change pony girl!

    Some comics to start off your day! Click for full as always.

  • Enterplay All Sold Out of MLP Trading Cards

    Maniacs! You bought them all! A brief bit of news from Enterplay, makers of the MLP trading cards: you guys really, really like them. Like, a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

    Like, so much that they are basically all gone. Enterplay has no more to send out to stores. Some retailers: local Toys R Useseses, Hot Topics, Walmarts, Targets, and so on might still have some, but it's not guaranteed. Another run will not be printed until the end of September, so if you're about to die from lack of pony cards, now is your very last chance to go a' huntin'.
  • Morning Everfree Update

    I'm using this image again, because why not?

    Good morning, EQD! If you've been remotely following my twitter feed you'll know that the convention is going very smoothly and we're all having a metric ton of fun. The new phrases you should be aware of that have come out of the last two days include 'metric units of wub' and 'look, a moose!'. I'll of course have a full retrospective writeup once all the festivities have died down. One day to go!

    In the meantime, have two updates from the con, after the break!

    EFNW 2012 - The Guys of MLP
    Official press release for the charity auction

  • Story Updates August 19th (Morning)

    Trixie stuff! Not really, story updates. Charge!

  • Story: Fluttershy Wishes


    Author: Pen Stroke
    Description: Rarity returns to Ponyville from a business vacation in the camel homeland, bringing gifts for all her friends. Amongst the souvenirs, Fluttershy receives is a beautiful, blue bottle. Yet, upon taking the bottle home, she quickly discovers it contains something magical: a genie.

    How will Fluttershy use the three near-limitless wishes she has been given, and why does this feline genie's smile seem to mask more than it reveals?
    Fluttershy Wishes

    Additional Tags: Genies love to twist wishes
  • Nightly Roundup #412

    Time for some Fluttershy because you can never have enough Fluttershy can you? This scene certainly reminds me of back home when we would have rabbits visit our yard looking for bird seed that dropped into the snow.

    Another short Roundup tonight. Everyone must be partying too hard at Everfree!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 18

    You know how I'm always saying I'll take a pony any way you can draw it? Well, here's a Twilight Sparkle on a barometer! How's that for pressure, huh? I'll tell you how: awesome. And although I detect a rather sad overall lack of bikini-clad ponies in this gallery, I'd say any night you can bring 376 ponies together on a Saturday night is pretty hot. Heh... you see what I did there? Because it's... yeah. Well, uh... right then, moving along. With tonight's gallery included, our grand total has reached 11518 images! I'm kind of wondering if I shouldn't call the good people at Guinness at the end of this and find out if we qualify for a world record. Because honestly, it's starting to feel like one to me. What do you guys think?

    Whether we're going for a record or not, you'll want to submit for Day 18 by clicking that link. And remember that there's still one more day left on our first make-up gallery! If you've got any themes you missed or you'd like to take a second crack at one of our past themes, that's the place to do it. Go for the gold!

    And speaking of gold, how about that women's gymnastics team? What, you think I'm dated and bad at segues? Think again! Yes, the Olympics have passed us by, but thankfully they're only tangentially related to tonight's theme. Flips and tumbles and twirls and death defying feats! Draw a pony acrobat/Draw a stable pony! It's a bit of a silly one tonight, so have fun with it. As an aside, keep in mind that entries which are directly contrary to the theme of the night still count! Remember, if you can't come up with a good idea, don't fret. Just stick it to me, instead! I can take it.

    Our gallery tonight is a bit of a sauna, so don't forget your towel! How embarrassing would that be? I mean really. Lately it seems I've been doing a good job of herding you guys away from Pinkie-themed imagery and onto Twilight, because she's everywhere. Mission Accomplished! Who should we shoot for next? Could we stand to be a little more Flutteriffic? Do I have it in me to craft a theme for Lyra, or would my heart just burst? These are the questions that keep me up at night, ladies and gentlemen. (Brief aside: I can't help but notice most of you had the same idea of pressure: thinking of pictures for this event. Don't beat yourself up trying to rock the house down - a simple idea can be just as awesome! Hang in there, everybody. We're almost 2/3 of the way home!)