• Vocal Music: Obsolete / Wing Power

    I heard some of you don't like metal, so get PUMPED with other genres! Have some Rap and Electronic vocal tracks from Mic the Microphone, IBringDaLulz, and Musical Pony!

    1.) [Rap] Rudebrat (Feat. TwentyTen): Obsolete
    2.) MusicalPony - Wing Power

  • We Need More FiM Ponies!

    The war against Discord requires more ponies!  How many Rainbow Dash Dressing in Style does it take to create the real the 20% cooler Sonic Rainboom Dash!?  From the looks of it, hundreds!

    How are you helping to make a difference!? What is your battle plan for the coming hours?   These guys are doing their part, its time for you to do yours too!  We cannot lose this war! 

    Follow the brave lead of James, Mackenzie, and Dara, and we just might come through!

  • Music: Bronified - Brony Metal Medley (FOR VICTORY!)

    We are slowly breaking through!  I can see the light! Everypony is battling Discord and his army of So Soft Pinkie Pies and G3.5 toys!

    Lets help them out by getting PUMPED with some METAL!

    Check it out after the break!

  • Story: Honey Trouble

    [Silly Ponies are Silly] These ponies are so silly. G4 needs more silly ponies.

    Author: Pen Stroke
    Description: What are Spike and Lickety Split to do when they eat all the honey
    Buttons was going to use to make Baby Heart Throb's birthday present?
    Honey Trouble

    Additional Tags: Ponies from the movie are silly ponies
  • Story: A Very Special Sunshine Princess

    [Sarah is Best Princess] Guys, we adopted Sarah and added her to the blog as new official author.  All stories will be written by Sarah from now on.

    Author: Toodlepip
    Description: My name is Sarah and I am eight and a half and I'm really pretty because Daddy and Mommy says so and I am also a princess. I have brown hair and blue eyes but no freckles. I really want a pony because ponies are cute and I love ponies lots and lots but Daddy and Mommy says I can't have one.
    A Very Special Sunshine Princess

    Additional Tags: ponies don't bounce
  • Here Comes TOM

    There were rocks in the older gen pony shows.  I am still working through my new g1 course packet,  so I don't know exactly what kind of role they played, but I'm sure it was critical to the success of the series.  Did you know Tom in particular showed up multiple times?  He was their "Derpy", but none of them really picked up on it.  Kind of sad really...  So much potential lost. 

    Anyway, this awesome new TOM plushie has joined the ranks of epic g4 customs.  Just look at those details!  Seriously Hasbro, you need to pick up on this.  I already broke five monitors trying to throw money at the screen. 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #382



    As with the new terms, some G1, old gen and Anthro has been added to the mix.

    But I just want to eat trees like Twilight Sparkle.


    Source 1
  • Doctor Whooves Adventures: Express Delivery

    The team behind Doctor Whooves Adventures has released a quick four minute special for all of you loyal fans out there! What will Derpy and the Doctor get into this time? Find out after the break!

  • April Foals Day Compilation

    We've gotten quite a few emails today compiling a number of places across the internet that have gone pony on us in celebration of April Foals Day. Apparently Spoutcraft, a popular client for Minecraft, was one of the many to join in on the pony fun!

    Check after the break for more instances of the internet being ponified in unexpected ways!
    (I escaped, but they are after me! Must get to Phoe quick!)

  • Untitled

    You adorable little foals!

    Enjoying the beginning of the month? I sure hope so, because the new EQD isn't going away any time soon! Fashion advice and dressing in style for everypony! Give it a while, I'm sure you'll end up finding it twenty percent cooler. Is that joke tired yet? Who cares?!

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some dresses to populate the story archive with.
  • Story: Minty's Sock Explosion


    Author: Toodlepip
    Description: Minty's favourite pair of socks are missing, whatever will she do?

    She'll just have to go and find them, that's what!
     Minty's Sock Explosion

    Additional Tags: The things Minty does for socks
  • Story Updates April 1st (Evening)

    You guys had to pick today of all days to send me 17 story updates! Confound these writers they drive me to fall behind!

    Have some updates. 

  • Music Remix: The Jamboree of Ladybugs / Where Have the Unicorns Gone?

    We have two more awesome older generation remixes for all of you to eargasm over this time around. First off is a Jamboree of Ladybugs remix from G3 by PhillyPu.  The beat is garunteed to make you explode in happiness!   And in second place, a tekstospeach version of "Where Have the Unicorns Gone" from the ever talented Overkillius.

    Check them both out after the break! 

  • Look What We Found on Twitter


    Ok, that picture ought to distract them for a little bit. Sheesh, this corporate takeover thing is a lot more hostile than I thought it'd be. Baby ponies are patrolling the halls of the EqD office looking for me - it's less cute than it sounds. But there's real news happening today, and just because it's happening today doesn't mean that I can slack off.


    Check this tweet out. From the looks of things, DHX Media is still gathering writers. Writers, as you know, write. Pony writers usually write episodes. This late in the process, it is... unlikely that Ms. Levinger was brought on to handle any of the already announced 13 episodes of Season 3. Are we already seeing hints of an extension? A fourth season? A movie? Quickly, get in here and speculate baselessly below!

    ...Please don't leave me alone.
  • Episode Followup: Ponyville Confidential

    Cereal had to remind me that this was, in fact, a Cutie Mark Crusaders episode, and not a Trixie episode.   Imagine that!  I swear I'm not biased at all, nope.  That Trixie banner never existed.  Besides, she isn't even a G1 pony.  How uncool.

    So last night I was grinding away at scheduling today's g1-3.5 stuff, and jokingly told the pre-reader chat I was too lazy to do the episode followup and Cereal had a headache.  An hour later they sent me this!

    So without further adieu, I present to you Guest Author: Alextrazsa (AKA that dragon from World of Warcraft)'s episode followup.  This dude loves his screenshots!

    Check out his entire followup after the break!

    Images fixed!

  • Fighting is Magic: Diamond Tiara Stage Theme!

    I have to admit, Diamong Tiara is growing on me.  I'm glad the Fighting is Magic team agrees that this amazing filly needs some spotlight. 

    I'm pretty sure this stage will not dissappoint.  You can't really grasp the epicness that her fathers wallet can accomplish.  Money changes the world!

    Check it out after the break! 

  • Comic: April Foals 2012 / Spidercolt vs J.J. Diamond Tiara

    Click for Full
    The madness continues today with new comics from Madmax. Thank goodness I've been locked away in the "My Little Pony Bunker Playset"™ with my tinfoil hat to avoid the indoctrination ray!
    (Please send food)

    Above we have some April Foals Day pranks that didn't quite pan out while below we have Diamond Tiara finding out that not everything is worth reporting.

    Now I need to run before Seth can trace th

    Click for Full
  • This Video Will Change You

    Or something.
  • Custom Compilation: Classic Edition

    Time for some old timey customs! Our new G1-3.5 overlords demand it!

    We have a mixture of Mane Cast and crossovers this time around.  It looks like the older gen folks liked to turn everything into ponies as well! We aren't that different after all... 

     The friendship, it grows!

  • Super Secret Season 3 Episode Synopsiseseses Leaked!

    Some of you may remember our blog superspy, Tekaramity.  Usually I would tell you all he was in Cambodia working on something that even we don't know anything about, but this time around he was actually on a mission specifically for the fandom! The ULTIMATE heist as it were.  

    I would like to report on this fine April morning, that he was completely successful!  With catlike reflexes and Ryu Hayabusa level stealth, he snuck into the heart of DHX and swiped the official episode list for season three!

    He is now hiding out in an unnamed country, but forwarded the document to us to post! Because I'd rather get Google in trouble, we have hosted it on their docs service as opposed to pasting it after the break.  You can find it here!

    Note: These are subject to change, as with all TV shows. 
  • Friendship is Magic Now Available on Netflix

    ...Hello? Is this thing on? Oh thank heavens, they haven't gotten to this account yet. Watch the skies, watch the skies. Always watch the skies. That's how the flutter ponies get you...

    Hey there, fillies and gentlecolts. Phoe here, sneaking on during this most craziest of days to bring you some actual news. The first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is now available for instant streaming on Netflix. For those of us who are allergic to iTunes, this is super duper awesome and encouraging news, at least for those of us who aren't facing off against the super poisonous tarantularoos in Australia where those DVDs are.

    There. Your last bastion of sanity in a world where none is left. I need to go now before Seth figures out what I'm up t
  • Story: My Little Fanfiction

    [You will become dehydrated and die from the amount of liquid lost from emptying your tear ducts] There was a good hour and a half of debate on how eqd could possibly hold a fanfic of this magnitude. It really does explore a side of Rainbow Dash that we just aren't familiar with. I broke down into tears from both eyes, sixteen times. It's just that amazing. Also Dash looks good in a hat.

    Author: A1X3
    Description: Rainbow Dash loses her hat!
    My Little Fanfiction

    Additional Tags: Rainbow, Dash, Loses, Her, Hat
  • Derpy De Chocobo

    Why is the Derpy + Doctor Whooves thing so awesome?  I still haven't had time to watch the actual show, but they seem to meld so well togeather.

    Check this one out after the break!

  • New My Little Pony Toy Lines!

    We here at EqD have the exclusive of the century to share with you today! The (un)official unveiling of Hasbro's new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic(tm) toy line!

    Top notch designers at Hasbro have been listening to feedback and feverishly working behind the scenes to launch the toy line to end all toy lines, and today we get to share a first look of them with you, our faithful reading public.

    Above is one of the first, a cute little alicorn going by the name of Little Moon (an early version of the press release names her Mini Moon). We can only guess at where she belongs in the story canon, but it's going to be amazing finding out! Maybe she's Princess Cadence's foal? Wouldn't that be exciting, a relative who we might see in Ponyville living with Twilight, perhaps?

    more after the break!

  • New Welovefine Product: Hoof-Hands!

    Are you guys tired of those obnoxious finger things constantly getting in the way of everything? Have you ever looked down and wished you had marshmallow pony hooves?    It looks like Welovefine has decided to target YOU! 

    Introducing the Hoof-Hands, a revolutionary new way to embrace the cute cartoon pony buried deep inside your boring human soul.

    But I digress, have Welovefine's press release below!

    Los Angeles, CA, 04/01/12 — WeLoveFine.com continues to expand its online shopping experience in new and exciting ways, offering more exciting and immersive products for the die-hard fans of our licenses than ever before: introducing the newest additions, My Little Pony Hoof-Hands! These two items are an exciting leap into pop-culture product innovation, accentuating and surpassing our recent additions of hoodies, art prints and polos. Learn more about these limited edition, ultimate fan items!:


    The next level in My Little Pony fan fashion, WeLoveFine are proud to introduce My Little Pony Hoof Hands, available in pink (Pinkie Pie) and blue (Rainbow Dash) colors! Finally a fluffy marshmallow-like hoof shaped glove to cover your human hands - because dexterity is overrated, anyway! Now you and your friends can bro-hoof like pros, kick up some dirt and go buck-wild! The hands retail for $20 per pair.

    Hoof-Hands are the perfect accessory for all those important brony-tastic moments when a simple handshake just won't do. Clop on these equine-extensions and you are ready to go!

    Hoof-hands are appropriate for any and all social situations: They are great for when riding actual horsies, negotiating important business mergers that requires an extra dose of FRIENDSHIP! - or just plain horsing around. These limited-edition, officially licensed My Little Pony Hoof Hands will not last long, so canter over to WeLoveFine.com and order yours today!

  • Manestream Games Announces Day One DLC and Special Editions for Upcoming Game

    For all of the fans out there frothing at the mouth for the upcoming Cutie Mark Crusade: A Dash of Adventure game, it looks like they have some really awesome treats in store for you!  Your base client just gained the option to become 20% cooler, for only 30 dollars more!

    Check out their page for more details, and their press release after the break!

  • [Singing] Mic Befriends Tsyolin and Veggie55: Somewhere New

    Success! Our G3.5 indoctrination has captured Veggie55, Mic the Microphone, and Tsyolin just hours after the mind control gun was set to maximum power.  It's only a matter of time before you ALL start dressing in style! 

    Err, I mean, check out this awesome new song from a trio of extremely talented musicians after the break! 

  • Top Ten Videos of March!

    It's that time of the month once again! You have voted, and the top 10 videos have been chosen! We have a really awesome set this time around. Check them out after the break!

    Or else....

  • Untitled

    I hope you guys aren't planning on sleeping, because I have stuff scheduled ALL NIGHT LONG.
  • Guild Wars Adds Friendship Attribute, Bathesda Joins the Herd

    Over in the game in the game I can't wait to play, but really need a beta key for (Come on Arena.net! You know you want me!),  it looks like magic damage is now based on your Friendship attribute.  I'm assuming this has some sort of tie to either your guild, or friend list.  Those of us that friend everyone will finally have the upper hand instead of digging through 30 pages of people every time we want to invite a specific person.

    And over at the Bathesda Forums, everything has been improved with a My Little Pony tag.   They don't have any beta keys for me to beg for, so I guess I'll just agree that this is really neat!

  • Animation: Escape From Equestria

    Even though we have converted most of you, it looks like some are still releasing g4 content.  Have some Twilight Sparkle being a badass!

    After the break. 

  • Music: [DestructoMetal] By Right, I Shall Be Queen (Of Death)

    Click for Metal / Image Source
    So, our new overlords tell us g1 ponies are pretty freakin metal.  Like seriously hardcore metal.  The image above should give you an idea of how metal hardcore is.  If you suck at learning visually though, its like diamonds mixed with titanium injected into a nuclear missile and launched into a volcano; that's how metal G1 ponies are.  Why did we ever doubt them?

  • Cereal has Lost His Mind

    The new policy here on EQD seems to have knocked a few screws loose from Cereal. The poor guy just can't handle the lack of Rarity. We found him uploading... videos.

    PK is currently working on a cure in the new laboratory extension we build for his laundry closet.  

    Just keep embracing the older ponies I guess! Hopefully we can bring him to the light eventually...