• Top Ten Pony Video Voting for September

    It's that time of the month once again! This one is probably going to be the most intense if our popular post section is any indication.  It seems like every time I look over there I see 4-6 media posts sneak up. 

    Anyway, head on down past the break for the usual rules breakdown. 
  • Snuggle Truck Adds Ponies, Plants Trees

    I'm sure a bunch of you have run into Snuggle Truck at some point in your cell phone/indie game days.  It's pretty much everywhere.  I think it even comes pre-loaded in some carrier's software and game packages. 

    It looks like they plan on embracing the pony!  One of their staff members pitched a brony mode idea, and they rolled with it.   Tomorrow at 1:00 PM ET Snuggle Truck will be the daily deal on Steam for $2.50, with the pony DLC included completely free.  iOS users will also have access to it, though it is payed DLC over there. 

    On top of that, for every 200 iOS purchases or Steam gift sales, a tree will be planted in celebration of their upcoming Jack Lumber game. For Fluttershy of course. 

    The sale won't be active until tomorrow, so keep an eye on it's page if you plan on grabbing it on steam, or jump on your iPad/iPhone and dig it up in the market.   It's time to plant some trees and play with ponies!
  • Poll Results: What Kind of Pony Merch Do You Own?

    Looks like Tee shirts and blindbags are the dominant force in the pony world.  That may be due to the amount of them we have.  Hopefully those future collector sets keep expanding on the molded ponies!

    Onward to the next poll! This one is a bit complicated.  We have a ton of characters in FiM if those Comic Con promo posters are any indication.  A good amount of the one-shots or "every once in a while" characters enter and leave before we really get to know anything about them.  Discord for example seems to be an ancient equestrian evil, while Zecora is a complete enigma.  

    I'm not including fan named characters, but if I missed a canon character that you think needs some explainin', feel free to pick other. 
  • PMV/Trailers: Booooring! / Spikezilla

    We start this post off today with another really neat PMV filled with all sorts of custom effects, and because this poor Spikezilla trailer has been sitting in queue for a while, have it as a bonus!

    1.) Boooring! [PMV]
    2.) SPIKEZILLA (re-edit version)

  • Friendship is Magic Themed Disposable Wash Glove

    I guess if you are going to ponify everything, you need to ponify everything. We now have disposable wash gloves.  Now at first, I was a bit confused at this.  We don't really have these here in the states.  A quick message to one of my European friends on steam though confirmed that these are in fact a thing over there. 

    This one in particular was found at a store called Poundland for £1.  It looks like you get five of them, so not a bad deal!

    Thanks to Megan for the image.
  • Game: Canterlot Defense

    A swarm of changelings are attacking Canterot, and it's up to you to defend it!

    This game has a surprising amount of depth. Each character has a different weapon style, from Pinkie Pie's exploding party projectiles to Rainbow Dash's rainbow beams, and between each wave you can upgrade everything from Canterlot's shield strength to their specific ultimate abilities.

    Head on over here to give it a shot!
  • Comic: The Ruse / About Last Nightmare Night / Kindergarten Days 3 / Fifty Shades of Pink / Cloud Napping

    Check the description for more chapters!
    We have a multiparter to start us off, with some of the wildest Pinkie out there, followed by Rarity's Nightmare Night, two more Pinkie's, and some Cloud kicking to finish it off.   Find them all below!

  • Vocal Music: Melody / Berry Punch / Ponies of War

    Jedi's and Tron? Why hasn't this happened before?
    We have some vocal dubstep from Aviators, a song dedicated to ponyville's ultimate drunk, and a bit of classic rock to finish us off! Check them out below.

    1.) Aviators - Melody
    2.) Berry Punch - Jeff Burgess
    3.) Ponies of War (No Pony's Land)-Kenneth

  • Beach Ball Comics MLP Launch Party in California

    Good news for all you Californians or people willing to travel and hang out with Californians.  Beach Ball Comics in Anaheim will be celebrating the November 14th launch of the first issue of the MLP Comic with a giant party!

    Both Katie Cook and Andy Price (the artists working on the comic) are being flown in for the event.  This is probably your only shot at getting them both to sign one, as they live in completely different states. 

    So get your meetup groups involved, set up some car pooling, and make this event a huge success! The MLP comic wouldn't exist without us, and it's already confusing the hell out of comic stores everywhere.  Lets make sure it releases with a bang and show them that we are interested in seeing more! 

    Hit up the Beach Ball Comics facebook page for updates as November approaches.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #581

    Derpy has the best mane, just look at how flowy it is.  It's like a big golden pile of flowyness.  Luna has a cool moon too.  Look how moony that moon is. 

    Have some art. 

    Source 1
    Look at the moon
  • Story Updates September 30 (Morning)

    Five story updates for you all today! Find them below.

  • Now on Twitter: Charlotte Fullerton and Steph Mahoney

    Greetings from Canterlot Gardens my friends! Calpain here has finally stolen a laptop with internet access and has hunkered down to give you guys a bit of news.

    Talking with some of the people here at the con we have word that pony writer Charlotte Fullerton has arrived on the Twitter scene. Writing such episodes as Look Before you Sleep and the wonderful Suited for Success! So log on and give Charlotte a big warm welcome to Twitter and thank her for the work she has done.

    Also entering the Twitter scene is Steph Mahoney, an animator and layout artist on the show. We wouldn't have such great animation without people like her so send her our best wishes too at the links below.

    Charlotte Fullerton Twitter
    Steph Mahoney Twitter 
  • Super Smash Ponies - Evolves Again!

    What started as 4 hours of silly game making seems to have evolved into something that actually might turn out really awesome!  Fluttershy Sparkle on Youtube has released three more videos showing off the progress he has made so far.  Included this time is a whole bunch of Rarity and Applejack, Octavia's final smash, and a demonstration of a couple of levels, namely Hyrule castle. 

    Head on down past the break for all three videos!

  • M.A. Larson Signed for EQLA in November!

    I looked everywhere for a ponification of the guy, but found absolutely nothing.  How does M.A. Larson not have a pony yet?  This is an outrage! Or something.

    Anyway, EQLA has signed him up for their convention in November.  Head on down past the break for all the neat little tidbits of information straight from their con heads!

  • Source Film-maker: Scout's Misinterpretation / Medicinal Smile Song

    Actually, the Scout and Pinkie Pie make a pretty for pair. I always figured Rainbow Dash would make more sense, but this video has converted me! Touche' creator!

    And we also have the cast of TF2 in a Smile Smile Smile parody. It's completely ridiculous, but you expect that from SFM posts right?

    Find them below.

  • Awesome PMV: Dork (Bumped Cause it's Awesome)

    Or should I say style PMV? Cause that's what this PMV has... style.  It's filled with custom animations and not obnoxious at all.  Can't get better than that right? Find it below.

    UPDATE: This kind of got buried by 3 other posts all in the same 10 minute span earlier, and it's awesome, and you guys keep sending it, so I'm bumping it for the over night slot for ALL TO SEE.

  • Nightly Roundup #453

    Like you guys didn't expect to see this drawfriend image pop up somewhere! Hah! It's Trixie night.

    And in celebration, have the Trixie AKA Boast Busters panel from earlier! 

    Onward to an extremely short roundup!