• Snuggle Truck Adds Ponies, Plants Trees

    I'm sure a bunch of you have run into Snuggle Truck at some point in your cell phone/indie game days.  It's pretty much everywhere.  I think it even comes pre-loaded in some carrier's software and game packages. 

    It looks like they plan on embracing the pony!  One of their staff members pitched a brony mode idea, and they rolled with it.   Tomorrow at 1:00 PM ET Snuggle Truck will be the daily deal on Steam for $2.50, with the pony DLC included completely free.  iOS users will also have access to it, though it is payed DLC over there. 

    On top of that, for every 200 iOS purchases or Steam gift sales, a tree will be planted in celebration of their upcoming Jack Lumber game. For Fluttershy of course. 

    The sale won't be active until tomorrow, so keep an eye on it's page if you plan on grabbing it on steam, or jump on your iPad/iPhone and dig it up in the market.   It's time to plant some trees and play with ponies!