• Music of the Day #179

    Lyra with soda.  Is there anything more simple?

    We have 10 tracks for you all tonight, from just about every walk of life.  Get them all below. 

  • Spotlight Music: Welcome Child / Radiarc - Ancient Power / Promises (Album Version)

    It's almost my favorite holiday ever, so I'm in the mood for creepy stuff.  Hopefully you are too! Lets start off with some Story of the Blanks soundtrack from the upcoming 2D Sidescroller of the game.   And Slot #2 is some good old epic orchestral from Radiarc, this time decdicated to Ahuizotl. I actually had to Google how to spell his name. Finally, slot number three is a complete re-do of the classic "Promises" song from Prince Whatever. Get them all below the break!

    1.) Story of the Blanks Soundtrack: Welcome Child
    2.) Radiarc - Ancient Power
    3.) PrinceWhateverer - Promises (Album Version)

  • WeLoveFine and TeeTurtle Pony Deals!

    Two big shirt sellers have some pony shirts on sale for you guys! WeLoveFine has this awesome Megaman parody shirt as their daily deal so rush on over to their site if you're interested! I got this one myself and it's a really sweet shirt I've got to say.

    We also have TeeTurtle offering a pony shirt, apparently for the first time according to our emailers! You can get the shirt up through the 19th so there isn't as much of a rush, but get it while you can here.

  • Crystal Fair Announces Tabitha St. Germain

    With conventions starting to wind down for the year, news of conventions next year are starting to heat up! The Crystal Fair in Finland for instance is proud to announce the attendance of Tabitha St. Germain as a guest of honor. This is certainly a wonderful start to what I believe will be a wonderful convention for our European friends.

    Check after the break for their full press release.

  • Something Fun Coming in January for the MLP Comic Series

    With Luna signaling the end of the micro-series comic, the guys over at IDW aren't stopping the side projects just yet.  Bobby Curnow from the IDW forums has confirmed that we will be seeing "something fun" in January.  Exact Quote:
    Yes it is the last micro, for the foreseeable future. We've got something new and fun coming in January though. I'll let that solicit hit next month and then talk about it more then!
    One thing is for sure,  it's going to be hard to top Luna and Pirates releasing in the same month!   Thanks to Whatshisgame and Doucet  for the heads up! 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #924

    I completely forgot to write something up here other than my little placeholder thing.   Have some windigoes, and other art below.

    [1] Source
    Dance of the Windigoes

  • Comic: Fluffle Puff Meets Trixie / Twilight's First Day 14 / Guardian Angel / Tithal Wave

    Poor Trixie, she just wanted to be obnoxious.  We have that, more Twi filly, some Applejack, and magic derps to finish it.  Click for full!

  • Story Updates - September 13th

    Story updates! Doesn't discord look evil here?

  • Luna Comic Possibly Ending the Micro Series

    As was announced last night, the official comic micro series has a bit of Luna on the horizon.   In the solicitations supplied to ComicList from IDW, there is a bullet point section listing the following:  
    • The team behind the Rarity Micro returns!
    • Fan-favorite Luna ends the MLP Micro-series!
    • Variant cover by Andy Price!
    As you can see from the middle one, Luna is slated to be the final pony in the micro series.  This actually directly contradicts a quote released from Larrys Comics back in July though, noting that after Applejack releases, we would see six more months of them (ending in January with that math).  Luna falls in December. 

    Hopefully they have something else planned for us!  I need as much pony as possible
  • Brony Documentary - Heading to Amazon Instant Video

    USA Today did a quick article on the Brony Phenomenon, or more specifically the documentary about the brony phenomenon.   It has the usual list of misconceptions that most of these writeups tend to nail, but added a little blurb at the bottom saying it would be heading to Amazon Instant Video today.  I'm not seeing it at the time of this post's creation, so we can probably expect it a bit later.  Hopefully this lets the people that randomly browse that section of Youtube a shot at something unique. 

    Thanks to Masem and everyone else for the heads up!
  • Short Animation: Greenfire / Send 'em To the Moon / Wish You Were Here

    We have a promo for a fanfic, some parody of another show with moon sending, and a new one from Filly Gamez that is meant to start off a new series.  It's a little bit on the grimdark side.  Click for full as always!

  • Story: Theory

    [Sad] MATH. This should be labeled HORROR.

    Author: short skirts and explosions
    Description: Twilight can't sleep. She has an ancient and unfinished magic spell running circles in her mind. It's only when her friends visit that she begins to relax.

    Additional Tags: sad, catharsis, family, friendship, love
  • Jetpack Comics MLP Comic #11 Variant

    Jetpack has tossed their #11 variant up over in their pony section.  They also have the non color version of their Larrys counterpart right below it, though Larrys itself isn't showing anything as of right now.  Expect them officially released around the 25th when the comic is finally out! 

    Thanks to 621Chopsuey for the heads up. 

  • Elements of Magic Book Coming in December

    Yet another piece of literature has popped up over at Previews World. This one is a bit more vague though, with a non-spoilery synopsis reading:
    The celebrated animated series comes to bookshelves! Revisit the inhabitants of Equestria and learn about the magic that friendship brings in this adaptation of the television series.
    At the moment, it could be anything. It does look like IDW is behind the publishing of it though.  I guess only time will tell! Expect it in December on the 4th
  • Analysis Compilation 2: Thoroughly Analyzing Lesson Zero, and Examining Episodes: Party of One

    The analysis circuit's been quieter since school started up, but I've got a couple new episode breakdowns for you this morning! Below the break, you'll find my new video analyzing the season two masterpiece, Lesson Zero, as well as Texeirax's examination of his favorite episode, Party of One!

  • Micro Series Comic #10 - Luna Time!

    Luna, Moonbutt, darkbluepon-3, she has many names. Shes also incredibly popular. Like so popular that she somehow rigs every single poll she is included in for garunteed landslide victory. It's no surprise that we are finally getting a comic dedicated to her.

    Going along with the Pirate comic from earlier, the 10th installment in the micro series is expected to release on the 11th of December. Head on down below the break for a synopsis!

  • Official Comic #14 - Pirate Edition Synopsis

    If there is one thing I love even more than ponies, it's PIRATES.  Announced a while back was a pirate theme for the 14th installment of the MLP main series comics, and now we have a synopsis! Head on down below the break to check it out to avoid those nasty spoilers as always.

    And expect this one to release on the 18th of December. Thanks to Kein for the heads up!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 29

    Almost there... almost... there...! Just a little bit farther... You've heard me saying it for almost a month now, but it's never been as true as it is today. We're here at the end of another week, and only two prompts lay before us. Though we may struggle, we fight on! Even though it's hard, even though there's stuff to be done, you press on beautifully, sending in another 217 stretchy mares and colts pressing on and displaying their burning, inviolate passions. Amazing! To have this kind of participation even at the very end of a difficult journey like this is... I have no words for it. I'm crying a little bit. Thank you, for each and every one of these 9627 images. 

    But now is not the time for waxing nostalgic or pulling up to rest. Not when there's still ponies to be drawn! 'But Phoe, there's always ponies to be drawn!' Well, yes, but this has always been about more than just drawing ponies. What you're doing is crossing a goal. It's a goal you set for yourself when you started. It's a goal to prove all the vast wonders you're capable of, and to reach out and grab that potential as your own. And you're almost there. Day 29. Day 30. These are the bridges you will gallop over on your way to the hallowed grounds of sleep and self esteem. The wind is at your back!

    Reach out, stretch out, hold out those hands just a little bit farther. Never mind the popping of the joints, don't worry if it hurts, just get that tiny bit farther, and have yourselves a gallery. I don't even know what to say at this point. If I've had expectations for the event, you've blown them all so far away I don't remember where they began. Be proud, each and every person in this gallery, because you've made some of my favorite art to date. Be proud if you've ever submitted to any gallery. Be proud if you've said something nice to an artist in these past 28 days. Be proud if you resisted the urge to make a zombie joke just now! Sort of.

    As anyone who's been through this little exercise can tell you, Day 30 is a bit special. Things happen a little bit differently. Don't you worry about that for now, just get your running shoes back on, because it's time to take a victory lap. Tonight, Draw a pony crossing the finish line/Draw a pony making the grade. Submit all entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time, on Friday, September 13. This is no ill omen, this is your moment! Now run with it; it's time for celebrations!