• Nightly Discussion #2852


    My Little Pony Nightly Discussion Author Calpain

    Aw, don't be annoyed, Tia. Your head is just very comfy is all.

    Evening everyone! Are you all ready for Friday night?

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  • Featured Music - Face Value

    Let's start off our new music postings with a badass new Neurofunk song dedicated to the Queen of the Changelings herself! Voodoo Pup delivers the instrumentals, with Dangerous Moonlight lead singing. This one also teases an upcoming album called Parasite, which you can find over here


    Go listen below! 

  • Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #4041

    Artist: 14-bis

    It has been a long time since we've had 14-bis art up here. I remember some of their early art being the most popular out there back in the day!

    Get art below!

    [0] Source
    Kirin Nirik by 14-bis on Deviantart

  • The Future of Music Spotlighting on Equestria Daily!

    Source - Bugplayer

    (NOTE: I've been told that our previous music system asked people not to submit as they were added to a list. We now require submissions so please send your tracks if you want them included. Updated submission information here.)

    Music has always been a fundamental and important part of the fandom thanks to its prevalence over the years in the actual show. We started off with remixes of what we heard in the recent episode, and it quickly evolved into encompassing a wide variety or original ideas created by every genre of musician out there.

    We've tried many different systems here over the years to make sure we spotlight music as well as we possibly can. There is a lot to dig through every day and no system is perfect, but hopefully we've at least kept you informed on all of the good stuff being churned out. At the end of the day, spotlighting awesome pony stuff is the goal here.

    Unfortunately we've had some issues over the past year with the current review apparently ignoring certain musicians for personal reasons and drama behind the scenes that I thought was originally a misunderstanding that we solved. As of a few days ago I've been made aware that it is not at all fixed, and if anything ended up even more messy than before.

    With that in mind, we are destroying the entire system and rebuilding from the ground up! I'll structure it out below, but if you want a TR;DR: Music Posts will be less common and maximize quality for a bit. We are essentially going to be in a very selective transitionary stage until a beefier review process can be set up in the next month or so. There will be super high quality main page music, but also a weekly (or multiple times a week based on how much we receive) compilation for songs we can't quite review yet so you all can still be made aware of new tracks releasing. Anyway, read below for details!

  • Analysis: The Secrets of Sunny's Lighthouse

    We have a new video delving into all of those neat little references dominating the background of Sunny's Lighthouse. Before it was obliterated at least. Sawtooth Waves digs into various aspects of it, with a little bit of that fanficcy flair you've all come to know from them.

    Check it out below!

  • My Little Pony Speedpaint Compilation #217

    More fastly drawn ponies have arrived! If you want to learn to draw, this is a good way to do it.

    Head on down below and see how some of these amazing artists that entertain you every day deliver cartoon horses!

  • Awesome Countess Coloratura and Sunset Shimmer Figures!

     Artist - @shuxer59

    I'm posting these two a little early since we are still waiting for enough for a proper compilation, but they are cool enough to split off anyway! Shuxer has dropped off another amazing figure, starring Sunset Shimmer this time around in all her pony glory, and a Russian artist named Chyvak has posted up an incredible Countess Coloratura. I hope every day that Hasbro sees these and decides to give us some super high quality pony figures! At least we can get humanized ones from Kotobukiya.

  • Morning Discussion #2646


    My Little Pony Morning Discussion Author Calpain
    Artist: MagnaLuna

    A nice little smoothie to start the day. Good way to get a quick burst of energy.

    Morning my friends, welcome to Friday! How are you all doing today?

    Twitter: Calpain
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