• Nightly Roundup #542


    Luna all the roundups~

    We have cake, mods, projects, and more tonight! Have some nightly roundup stuff!

  • Music of the Day #46

    Luna demands you send genres! Are you going to go against her wishes? I think not.

    We have 22 songs this time around from all walks of music life.  I'm sure you will all find something you like in here! Now go!

  • Top 25 Songs of 2012 - Community Voted

    We have yet another top music thing for you all to dig through! This one was announced a while back with opening voting from the community, so it's really up to all of you who was on top!

    Head on down below the break for Saberspark's top 25 community voted songs of 2012!

  • My Little Pony Comic Issue #2 Discussion Post

    The official release of the second issue of the MLP comic dropped today, and similar to the first one, I figured I'd set up a discussion post for you all here to blabber about what you thought of it.  Technically Kindle leaked it last month, but I know a lot of you were waiting to pick it up on iTunes, Comixology (My personal favorite for mobile devices), and various physical locations.

    So what did you think? Head on down to the comments and drop your 2 cents!

    (EQD really needs a forum doesn't it?) 

  • Hot in Cleveland Brony Episode Tonight

    Luna: Always related
    So apparently yesterday's Hot in Cleveland brony trailer was for the episode airing today as some of you had already guessed.  Someone from TV Land sent over a heads up about it.  I suppose we will find out what kind of episode it is in a few hours. Time update: Depends on timezone
    Eddie Cibrian joins the ladies tonight on HOT IN CLEVELAND as a through and through brony. He’s even made his own costume (as Prince Silversaddle) to attend Cleveland Fantasy Con. Check out all the fun tonight on TV Land. We’d like to your fans to check out the episode and live tweet all of the MLPFIM / Brony moments. His character Sean is into all things Fantasy! Include #HICBronies and the Hot in Cleveland team could retweet you.
    Midnight Run looks to be streaming it too, you can find that here once it starts.

    Feel free to discuss it below!  I have a feeling it's going to be... interesting.
  • Comic: Back in my Day / Celestia's Ascention / Give Him a Pony

    Uh, looks like you've got a little problem there AJ. Looks like Apple Bloom has a bit of explaining to do next time you see her.

    Comic time guys! Click for full as always.

  • Ponyscopes from The Hub

    I never thought I'd say this, but Cancer is best pony.
    The Hub has tossed up an app on their Facebook Page that gives you a pony horoscope based on your birth date.  I've never been one to follow these things, but I can already tell ponies are making them better!

    Head on over here to find out what yours is, and after the break for images of all of them!

    Thanks to Kein for the heads up!

  • Spotlight Music: Apology / The Magic of Winter / Raise

    You can listen to Trixie's music, can't you?
    It's about time we get a new background music extension! Trixie bias aside, that ending tune in Magic Duel was excellent! Find a huge version of that in the first slot.

    And in the second, more epic orchestral stuff dedicated to the winter season, because we need a break from all the dubstep!

    And finally, a Raise this Barn remix. Unlike the last swarm of remixes, this one really pulls something different off!

    Check them all out below.

    1.) Apology [200 sub special]
    2.) The Magic of Winter
    3.) Raise

  • New Wave of Youtube Takedowns

    As many of you have pointed out, there seems to be a new wave of Youtube video takedowns happening as of late.  Everything from commentaries and parodies (Otaku Ascended, Friendship is Witchcraft temporarily, ect) to actual episodes are getting the axe.  The main thing that separates this from the usual video pulling is the use of ContentID.  Xyro for example couldn't upload videos with the MLP intro theme, as this part of the episode was considered a portion of "The Last Roundup" and automatically rejected by Youtube.  Some do manage to get around it, but others are not so lucky.

    There is an interesting rumor from a very reliable source floating around that this is due to Hasbro finding it difficult to bring MLP to the Chinese audience.  Apparently they are refusing to buy the broadcasting rights, since everything is available via Youtube.  Again though, it's just a rumor. 

    With full season DVD's and other forms of media on the way,  full episode uploads were expected to be hit a bit heavier than usual.   Similar to China up above, some retailers won't stock a show that is completely free elsewhere.  Only time will tell how serious it is.

    As we move into the new year, I'm sure more information will pop up. Until then, I wouldn't panic too hard yet.  These waves of deletions tend to happen.

    I'm going to toss an opinion section after the break.  Feel free to rip me to shreds/comment on it below!

  • Plushie Compilation #99

    Lightning Dust hasn't had her own header yet and she just couldn't allow that, you know?

    Plushie time guys! Check out all the fuzzy ponies after the break!

    Source 1
    Lightning Dust

  • Drawfriend Stuff #673

    I'm pretty sure we have art sweatshops floating around out there or something.  These posts seem to jump in image levels every few months or something.

    Have a bunch!

    [1] Source
    Sparkle's Journey
  • Story Updates - January 2nd

    Story updates! We go!

  • Story: Bing Bang Zam!

    [Comedy] [Slice of Life] "A well-executed bit of courtroom drama that falls into piles of laughs and absurdity at exactly the right times." Pre-Reader #13

    Author: Pegasus Rescue Brigade
    Description: When Flim and Flam discover their beloved catchphrase is being used by a television personality, they respond in the only way they feel is appropriate: by filing a lawsuit.

    Bing Bang Zam!

    Additional Tags: Unnecessary lawsuit, intellectual property rights
  • Discussion: You Now Have Discord's Powers

    Discord is locked away, and Pinkie Pie is secretly disappointed.  Digging through the ponyville Library, she discovered a new use for the alicorn amulet.  Due to a completely random loophole in multi-universe magic, a human that dons the artifact is transformed into the new Lord of Chaos, as opposed to being corrupted.  Yes its convenient for the sake of this post, but Equestria is a land filled with conveniences if the last three seasons are any indication, especially when Pinkie is involved!

    So what do you do with your newfound power?  Take over the universe?  Hang with Pinkie Pie?  It's up to you!

    Now go be chaotic in the comments!

  • Story: The Garden Beyond (Update Part 6!)


    Author: Autumn Wind
    Description: The tale of the Imprisoned Sister has been told and retold for centuries, but no Little Pony knows of it as it unfolded in realms far and above. What is the moon to do when her mother and guide loses her way?
    The Garden Beyond (New Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: The moon worries about Luna