• Nightly Roundup #687

    Back to unique ponies for headers! I can't remember the last time Colgate had a chance in the Roundup spotlight. Now I really have an urge to brush my teeth...

    Anyhow, I can do that after the news and the cake we have for you guys tonight. Tons of EqG impressions in this one from Meetup reports so check those out if you are curious!

    Ponies At Chalk Art Festival

    These pictures are from the annual Chalk Art Festival held in Salt Lake City, Utah by Utah Foster Care. These were submissions to the contest. The pictures are taken with my phone today (6/15/13), though I bet better pictures will be available from the UFC's Flickr account soon, as well as the contest winners and all the submissions. More details about the festival can be found at http://www.utahfostercare.org/events/chalk-art-festival/

    Told You There Was Cake!

    Brony News Network - Episode 21

    Episode Link

    Successful Meetups

    Fredericksburg Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    On Saturday the Bronies of Fredericksburg met at a local park. We played with velcro throw and catch, frisbees, cards, bubbles, and even a strategy board games. Some people went swimming and others went on a nature walk. Afterwards we headed over to a pizza place and flooded them with ponies. Over we had a total of 24 people show up between the park and pizza joint.
    We had a blast and always encourage new members. So if you are from the Fredericksburg, Culpeper and Stafford areas, feel free to join us on our facebook page and/or google+ (see below). We also dont mind people from outlining areas either! At this meet up we even had a member join us from all the way down in Virginia Beach! We have future events planned such as a local meet up for the Equestria Girls showing and a possible meet up at Kings Dominion Amusement Park!
    Team Brony North Carolina Sees EqG

    Copy Paste:

    Hello. Admin of TBNC here to tell you about our epic experience today. It was 9:30 in the morning when I arrived at Crownpoint Stadium 12 movie theater. There waiting outside were about 7 bronies. The theater was not opened yet so we just stood around the ticket booth and just chatted. After about twenty minutes the swarm came. Over fifty bronies came invading the outside of the theater, wearing their pony shirts and holding their plushies and other merch. Parents of younger children were in shock and awe. The theater didn't open till almost 11, so there, outside the theater, stood 50+ excited sweating bronies. When the ticket master came to the scene the crowd roared in a victorious cheer. We went in and took our seats, the theater was nearly filled. People sang pony songs as parents and children looked at us with smiling faces, stunned by the awesomeness of the crowd. Then it went dark as the theater silenced. Equestria Girls had begun.
    The meetup was a complete success. Even better than I imagined. So many people showed up and seeing their smiling faces made the whole day a dream come true for me. Before I go talking about the movie (don't worry I won't spoil anything) I want to talk about the meetup. After the movie we headed down to Five Guys where we devoured burgers that can only be described as a gift sent by Celestia and Luna themselves. We also celebrated the birthday of one of our newer members, and the cake (though was a lie) was a fantastic lie. Afterwards we went to the park and just chilled and chat. Though for some reason Celestia was not to kind and covered us in a miserable wave of heat. So we headed to somewhere cooler, a Cook Out not to far from the park. We spent the rest of our time there discussing the movie, talking about ponies, playing games, etc. It was a day to remember, 

    Now for the movie. The movie was fantastic. Far better than what I had expected. The songs were great, the animations good, the humor was hilarious, everything was good, pacing was fantastic. It did have "some" typical high school drama, but the writers took them in a whole different route making it not only tolerable but entertaining. There were many moments where the crowd in the theater would just cheer, whether it was because they saw a humanized character they love or it was just something epic. And believe me there was a lot of both. Worth every penny and I would definitely pay to see it again. 

    If you live in North or South Carolina and would love to join our group, just send a group request on facebook.Team Brony North Carolina
    Argentina Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Yet another great meetup at Buenos Aires! We gathered at Parque Centenario with an estimate of 80+ bronies, having a big picnic, playing random games, having art auctions, and overall just having a good time!

    Planeamos hacer más de estas juntadas grandes con más frecuencia, así que estén atentos a nuestro grupo de Facebook!! (busquenlo en el link de "meetup groups" a la derecha)
    NYC EqG Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Here's a group shot of Bronies-NYC Meetup Group who went to see Equestria Girls today

    The first (and only) showing of EQG sold out early, and the line for standby tickets reached out the doors and to the building next door. 
    the theatre (clearview cinemas chelsea) did an amazing thing today. they ADDED a 2nd showing in another theater after so many people turned out to see EQG. So the patient and faithful fans ALL got in!

    EqG Quebec Meetup

    It was a AWESOME day for the Quebec Bronies group, both at Montreal and Quebec City! Both cities enjoyed the magic of Equestria Girls!

    First, Equestria Girls event at Cineplex Odeon inside Pepsi Forum, Montreal. A meetup was organized, over 30 Bronies were expected to show up. But it turned out that about 50 BRONIES assisted to the screening of Equestria Girls! We watched the movie, among with kids and parents. We did ALL LOVE it! Then we went to dinner at Five Guys, we had a good time to draw and pin our drawings to the message board.
    What a record! This is the BIGGEST meetup of Quebec Bronies ever!

    Second, 20 Bronies showed up at the Cineplex Odeon of Saint-Foy in Quebec City. All came to see the awaited film of their favorite show. Optimistics, all Bronies applauded at the beginning and at the end of the representation. The critics where unanimous, the public was charm, and even the few surprised mothers and daughters joined the party.

    All we could say, Quebec had an enjoyable day! =D
    Michigan Bronies See EqG

    Copy Paste:

    This morning, at 10 AM EST, the Michigan Bronies/Pegasisters ventured to Cinema Hollywood in Birch Run to see Equestria Girls.  Tension was thick and fear was in the air.  Our beloved ponies are being turned into humans, and they're going to...HIGH SCHOOL??!?!?!!! Is this the end of the My Little Pony we know and love?  We say NEIGH!  On the contrary, we loved Equestria Girls!  And it was great being the only ones in the theater, aside from two families with two girls.  We thought it was kinda funny how the projector was playing a DVD, but that hardly detracted from the movie.  We laughed, we clapped to the songs...and we all left as soon as the credits rolled.  Well, except for two of us, who then ran outside and told us of the surprise after the credits finished (which left the families confused).  Afterward, we stood outside of the building and crossed off the Equestria Girls Bingo game...and lost.  Following that was a questionnaire which we answered before a camera.  Lastly, we all stood around and talked about how our lives revolve around ponies.  All in all, it was a great morning!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Zachary Rich of Double Rainboom Needs Help

    Zachary Rich is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to try and get to Everfree Northwest. Chip in a buck or two if you can and try to get Rich there for the festivities!

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    Pony Keychains

    This Day In Pony History - June 17, 2011-2012

    2011 -A nifty pony body parts chart pops up, Friendship is Witchcraft debuts on this day, and new results from the training grounds show up.

    2012 - Lots happen today! Faithful Farmer animation is released, Penguins of Madagascar beat MLP for Best Original Song, Seeds of Kindness passes two large milestones, and Ponibooru shuts down and is replaced by Derpibooru.