• Album Compulation - June 16th

    Albums, albums everywhere! Hopefully you want to fill your playlists up with some stuff, because that's a ton of songs.  Have a list:
    • I​.​Am​.​Rhyme​.​Flow​.​2012 - Rhyme Flow
    • Equine Destruction - UndreamedPanic
    • Feel - CelestiasBeard
    • This Distance EP - Strobe
    • On the Wings of a Dream - DJ Alez Android
    • Aura: Episode 1 - Baq5
    • 200​,​000​,​000​,​000% COOLER - General Mumble
    And find the full information below the break.

    Title: I​.​Am​.​Rhyme​.​Flow​.​2012
    Artist: Rhyme Flow (MC Flowny)
    Genre: Hip Hop

    Description: None Given


    Title:  Equine Destruction
    Artist: UndreamedPanic
    Genre: Electronic

    Description: None Given

    Title:  Feel
    Artist: CelestiasBeard
    Genre: Electronic

    Description: None Given

    Teaser Video

    Title: This Distance EP
    Artist: Strobe
    Genre: House

    Description: Glitchhog/Strobe's latest EP, centered around the hit 'This Distance' (featuring Feather and Forest Rain.) The EP also includes remixes from Silva Hound, Expy, DreadSabre and bonus tracks including a collab with EileMonty and a special message from Koroshi-Ya upon purchase. Only $1!

    Title:  On the Wings of a Dream
    Artist: DJ Alez Android
    Genre: Electronic

    Description: None given

    Title:  Aura: Episode 1
    Artist: Baq5
    Genre: EDM

    Description: 6 months ago I started watching this show about ponies. 4 months ago I released my first album about it. This is the sequel.

    Title:  200​,​000​,​000​,​000% COOLER
    Artist: General Mumble
    Genre: Harsh noise (Yep, it's a genre!)

    Description: Warning: extremely loud, and potentially harmful to your ears if listened to at even normal volumes.