• Nightly Roundup #686

    Apparently in our quest for headers of unique ponies we've let some old standbys fall by the wayside so let us fix that a little with some Fluttershy tonight! Sorry for no Roundup last night, but things were incredibly slow so we decided it was best to let things pile up for tonight.

    Check out what we have for you all after the break!

    Columbus Paper Reports on TrotCon

    TrotCon which is currently going on this weekend in Columbus, Ohio had an article dedicated to the event appear on the site Columbus Alive! Pretty slick stuff! Check it out at the link below.

    Article Link

    On a Cross and Arrow Audio Reading

    One of the big audio fanfic projects has completed with the release of On a Cross and Arrow in audio format with a large cast of talented actors and actresses playing the parts! Check out the whole playlist at the link below.

    Playlist (Scroll through the list to find it)

    Discord Meme as Read by Discord

    This guy does a very good Discord impression I must say!

    Yummy Cake!


    Grand Brony Gala Article

    TrotCon isn't the only pony festivities ending up in the paper recently! June 29th's Grand Brony Gala down in Florida has also hit the press with an article of their own in the Tampa Bay Times. You can find the article at the link below.

    Article Link

    Ashleigh Ball Talks About Ponies

    In an interview of Ashleigh Ball by Spartan Youth Radio we get to hear some of her thoughts about the fandom and the Brony Phenomenon. Watch it above!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    My Little Musical Auditions

    Copy Paste:

    After spending nearly two years in development, it is my pleasure to announce open auditions for "My Little Musical"! "My Little Musical" is an original two-act audio production, planned for release as a digital concept album. Now that the music and book are approaching completion, we are in need of artists to help make this project come to life! That means we're looking for voice actors, singers, musicians, and sound editors and mixers!

    For all audition materials, please visit our website at http://mylittlemusical.tumblr.com


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Rarity Painting
    Gala Perler Ponies
    Spike Plushie
    Twilight's List Hardcover Book Orders

    This Day in Pony History - June 16, 2011-2012

    2011 - Lauren Faust answers questions on sea ponies and pony weight, a possible MLP DVD is in the works, cake from the past, and training ground results!

    2012 - Ponies at the beach video and Double Rainboom updates.