• Flash Fanfiction Event #3 - Father's Day

    Even in that sweater, he looks swag.
          Well, hello to you, one and all! Here we are with event number three! I apologize for the delay on this, the past couple weeks have been wearying IRL and I kinda spaced on doing this yesterday.

         So, this is going to be a short and sweet post, nothing overly fancy.  Write a fic celebrating the fathers in the series.  Doesn't matter if they're fanon or canon, since there's so few.

         As a small side note, due to the delay, you have a bit of extra time to write.  You have until Tuesday night at midnight to write on this, and you can start as soon as it's Sunday where you are.  Everything else applies as normal, e-mail me at [email protected], as ever if you have questions and to submit your fics.

         That's all, everypony.  Now go give your dad or the father figure in your life a hug.  Or at least a call.

         - Noble Cause