• Music of the Day #126

    Girly Dash edition! She'd kill us if she knew we were posting pictures like this.

    We have nine songs this time around. Find them all below!

    [1] Source
    Baschfire: Dreamwarden (MLP Fan music)
    Instrumental - Classical

    [2] Source
    To the Haters
    Vocal - Rap

    [3] Source
    Daring Do and the Hourglass of Pyramid Cave

    [4] Source
    Alioro - Raise This Barn (Progressive House Remix)
    Remix - Progressive House

    [5] Source
    Valium feat. DJDoctorWhooves

    [6] Source
    Skruffy Pony - Stargazer
    Insturmental - Electronic

    [7] Source
    Nicolas Dominique - Scootaloo's Training
    Instrumental - Electronic

    [8] Source
    Doofcake - Dawn
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [9] Source
    SixthDemention - WonderDash feat. Gryfinz and Albatross
    Hip Hop