• In Rememberance of Kiki

    A week has already come and gone since the passing of Kiki last weekend, but during this week of remembrance many of you gave your condolences to the family in the form of artwork, videos, messages, songs, and any number of wonderfully heartfelt gestures. Tonight we'd like to present to the family what the community has sent us and once again extend our best wishes to the family and our greatest thanks to this wonderful community.

    Rest in peace, Kiki. This is for you.


    [1] Source
    Rest in peace, Kiki.

    [2] Source
    Bye, Sweet Angel

    [3] Source
    For Kiki Havivy

    [4] Source
    Rest In Peace, Kiki.

    [5] Source

    [6] Source
    Promised Eternity

    [7] Source
    Rest In Piece, Kiki

    [8] Source
    Kiki Havivy

    [9] Source
    Thank You, Kiki

    [10] Source

    [11] Source
    Fly High, Kiki

    [12] Source
    To the little Angel Kiki

    [13] Source
    Kiki Wallpaper

    [14] Source
    Kiki's Spirit Survives

    [15] Source
    Good-bye, Kiki

    [16] Source
    Fanart - MLP. We will always remember you

    [17] Source

    [18] Source
    In Loving Memory of Kiki Havivy

    [19] Source
    Goodbye Kiki

    [20] Source
    For Kiki Havivy: A Restful Place

    [21] Source - Rocket Slug
    RIP Kiki

    [22] Source - Josephine
    Mimi and Kiki

    [23] Source - Aluri
    Rest in Peace Kiki

    [24] Source - ShikariSPEEDER
    For Kiki

    [25] Source - Shadow Paint
    Kiki, RIP

    [26] Source - Steve
    Mourning Kiki

    [27] Source - Kaycee
    Kiki Memorial

    [28] Source - Thunderbeat
    A Walk

    Music and Videos:

    A Poem: The Meadow Where It All Began

    A poem by Jimmy.

    Desktop Pony Kiki

    Finally we have a link to a custom created desktop pony version of Kiki's OC. You can find her here.