• Rainbow Dash Plushie Pops Up on Amazon

    Add another to that list of odd plushies coming out of Hong Kong! Rainbow Dash has joined the group, complete with rainbow hair and... leaf wings!  As with the Doctor Whooves, Crackle, and Spike, it is unknown who is creating them, or even why.  Is it some bored factory worker with a flash drive filled with pony plushie designs he made at home?  Or maybe a future line of toys that hasn't been announced yet?   Only China knows!

    In other news, I actually ran into one of the Crackle plushies at Everfree Northwest.  The quality was surprisingly awesome.  Why they would choose Crackle of all characters is still beyond me, but I'd buy one.  

    Anyway, you can find Rainbow Dash here.

    Thanks to Perfect Blue for the heads up!