• Looking for BUCK Stuff, and European Conventions

    Attention all BUCK attendees! We need your media!

    Did you attend the convention and gather some group shots/videos from the swarms of people there? Send it to [email protected] with BUCK as the label.

    Not everything will be able to be posted, but we will try to give a good amount of stuff for you all to dig through, similar to the Galacon post.

    There has been a pretty large amount of confusion in comments about EQD's status on European conventions, or Europe in general.  As with all things on the site, we cannot function cross seas unless you guys submit things.  I think we got a whopping four emails about BUCK straight from the staffers, and Galacon was even more silent.  Be our eyes and ears! There isn't a bias against European countries, we just need you to send it!

    People are also confused about the window of time EQD doesn't update each day.  This tends to be a no mans land in terms of submissions.  The normal 20-30 emails an hour turns into 5 an hour, most of which is art for the next drawfriend or music that needs to go through review.  If a cool piece of news/media pops up, we will usually post it, but for the most part it's pretty silent.

    tl;dr - Send your stuff!