• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 24

    Dance, little ponies, dance! It's late at night, when even cultured ponies like darling Octavia let their manes down and just have fun making tweety noises with whistle. Tweet on, little Octavia. Tweet on. Hello again, everyone! After a few days hiatus to recover from an accident, I, your gracious blogprincess, have returned to oversee this event through its final stages. Did you miss me? I missed you! I see you've left me a welcome back gift in the form of 359 ponies of the night. How do you always know just what I wanted? Adding them to the collection, I see a total of 14002 images. I... am going to need a bigger fridge.

    To submit for Day 24 take out your handy little mouse or touchpad and click that helpful link right there. He'll show you just where to go. Hyaah! Ha! See, it's funny because... oh, nevermind. To ask any questions or smack me (gently, please) for that reference, find me at [email protected].

    Our last theme was all about ponies in the night, but what were they really up to? Ms. Heartstrings, where were you last evening at 11 pm, and why are your hooves covered with ash? Do you really expect me to believe that house caught fire all by itself? Well all right then. Draw a pony with a secret/Draw a pony master thief.

    Suddenly, we're onto the gallery. I am the night! It seems there are a lot of eyeballs floating in darkness tonight. I can't be sure, but I gave you all the benefit of the doubt and assumed those eyes were attached to ponies. It'd be pretty scary if they weren't! Let's... not keep thinking about disembodied eyes. Disemponied eyes? I dunno. The point is, I really need to say thank you to Calpain for taking over this event and keeping it running smoothly while I was down and out and unable to do so myself. It hurt me not to be able to keep pace with all of you, but at least you were all able to keep submitting and keep pushing yourselves on in my absence. We're in the final week now, so foward! As a team!