• Fillydelphia Radio Post-Con Musician Extravaganza

    An armada of musicians are doing a show on Fillydelphia Radio in a bit.  They will all be discussing their experiences at both BUCK and Everfree Northwest. 

    Head on past the break for a list of them, as well as times to hop in.  You can find the site here if you are lazy!

    MishaDash here to tell you guys about our special editions of the Fillycast this weekend on Fillydelphia Radio! (http://www.fillydelphiaradio.net)  The Fillycast by Mulberry Metal will be airing After-Con Specials for both BUCK and Everfree NW!

    All the action starts with BUCK on Saturday at 11am PST/2pm EST/7pm BST.  Convention Chairmen lasairfion and Saturn will be on air to talk about the convention, plus stories from musicians Sketchy Sounds, RainbowCrash88, TeiThePony and WoodenToaster!

    Then on Sunday at 3pm PST/6pm EST/11pm BST the action heats back up with the EverfreeNW After-Con Special!  Join us again as we hear stories from talent like DJ Alex S., BronyMike, Mic the Microphone, Odyssey/EurobeatBrony, AcousticBrony, F3nning, Foozogz and many more!

    To get in on the fun, just visit http://www.fillydelphiaradio.net and click on "Listen Now!" Or download one of the stream files, including a 64kbps AAC stream for mobile devices!  Fillydelphia Radio is a 24/7 brony music station dedicated to the musicians who inspire us all.  Our Auto-DJ Derpy-Bot provides streaming music around the clock, our live DJ's provide a unique twist and all of them take requests so feel free to tune and get your brony music fix.  Anytime. Anyday. Anywhere.

    DISCLAIMER: The Fillycast is a PG-13 rated podcast hosted by Mulberry Metal and MishaDash on Fillydelphia Radio.  Strong Language and Adult Content should be expected.  Viewer discretion is strongly advised.  Some of the views expressed by Mulberry Metal do not reflect the views of Fillydelphia Radio or its affiliates.  You have been warned: the Fillycast is Not Safe For Woona.

    - MishaDash
    Co-Administrator for Fillydelphia Radio
    Co-Host of Mulberry Metal's Fillycast