• Story Updates July 28th (Morning)

    You gave me a break last night only to flood me today! Have too many story updates.

    Story: Newsworthy (Update Story 3!)

    [Normal][Light Shipping]

    Author: Medicshy
    Description: A Journalist is given a major scoop about a certain six ponies at the Grand Galloping Gala. But it seems that these ponies don't like the attention. Will he be able to get his story? Will he be able to go through writing it if he does? And what consequences await the aspiring writer's choice? Whatever the outcome, it is all Newsworthy.


    Story: Strange Bedfellows (Update Part 10!)


    Author: Staeg Masque
    Description: When Twilight invites Rarity and Applejack to a sleepover, the results are not quite what they expected. After a misfired spell, the two rivals find that they must work together and learn from each other if they ever want to make it home in one piece.
    Strange Bedfellows


    Story: Pony Age: Origins (Update Part 26!)

    [Crossover][Adventure][Grimdark] I think this time slot is dedicated to throwing random crossovers out and seeing how you guys react.  Naruto didn't work so well yesterday, but the pre-readers actually liked this one! (I honestly gambled with the Naruto one since no one would review it, sorry :p)

    Author: OmegaPony11
    Description: The Ponyspawn have invaded Equestria, and it is up to the newest addition to the Grey Wardens, Twilight Sparkle, to find them means to drive them back! With her friends and allies at her side, can Twilight defeat the evil tide before all of Equestria is devoured?
    Pony Age: Origins


    Story: Silence is Bittersweet (Update Part 7!)

    [Normal] [Shipping]

    Author: Truehearted
    Description: The story of a mute musician trying to make her way in a new city. Can she make friends? And can those friends take the time to learn her language... only Celestia knows.
    Silence is Bittersweet


    Story: When the Man Comes Around (Update Sequel 2!)

    [Comedy][Adventure][Slice of Life][Humanized] - We don't usually take humanized fics, but this is apparently really good! So up it goes.

    Author: GentlemanJ
    Description: Ponyville is getting ready for the arrival of Princess Celestia's marshals, elite of royal guard and travelling heroes of the people. But in all the hustle and bustle of party preparations, a lone traveler slips into town, a young man with business concerning Twilight Sparkle. What that business is remains to be seen, but you can be sure Ponyville won't make it easy for him.

    After all, where would be the fun in that?
    When the Man Comes Around

    Story: The Detective and the Magician (Update Part 8-9)

    [Sad][Adventure][Crossover][Shipping] "Never before have I seen a crossover work so seemlessly, integrating the best elements of both worlds. Highly recommended." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Bad Horse
    Description: The museum curator thought Trixie was a harmless second-rate stage magician. Fetlock Holmes believed she was a master criminal, with the perfect plan to steal the Starry Night right out from under Arch-mage Sparkle's protective spells. But Trixie's true desire was beyond what either of them had anticipated.
    The Detective and the Magician


    Story: Flying High, Falling Hard (Update Part 7!)

    [Shipping] [Slice of Life]

    Author: Soundslikeponies
    Description: When Rainbow Dash crashes into the library one too many times, Twilight ends up helping her train for the upcoming Best Young Flier Competition.
    Flying High, Falling Hard


    Story: Changeling (Update Part 12!)


    Author: Deceased
    Description: With Chrysalis' defeat, Princess Luna recalls a bitter memory from her own darker days. Resolute on absolving herself, the Princess finds it in her duty to prevent the death that she foresees: she cannot allow herself to let the darkness of Chrysalis to reconstruct itself outside Equestrian borders.

    She sees in herself a chance at atonement--a change to forgive herself for past wrongs.

    Story: Windfall (Update Story 2 Part 20!)


    Author: Warren Hutch
    Description: This story involves a time skip of about 5-7 years after Season One. Twilight and her friends have remained close despite life taking them in different directions, and they come running when it comes time for Fluttershy and Big Macintosh to have their first foal.


    Story: My Little Pony - Hospice (Update Story 2 Part 9!)


    Author: Cudpug/Alex Phillimore
    Description: A ten-part story revolving around Rarity and her rapidly declining lifestyle after becoming consumed by the fashion industry. The main theme of the narrative is helping those in need.
    My Little Pony - Hospice


    Story: The Night Will Last Forever (Update Part 12)

    [Grimdark-Violence] More long epic style stuff!

    Author: MrFugums
    Description: Nightmare Moon has returned, and the only ponies able to stop her have failed to activate the Elements of Harmony. With Equestria in eternal darkness, Celestia must traverse this ruined land to find a way to bring peace to a world without any.
    The Night Will Last Forever


    Story: Antipodes (Update Chapter 30!)

    [Normal][Adventure][Shipping] Madmax made an amazing image, and then I started reading OC pony stories.
    Confound this Madmax she drives me to OC

    Author: PK
    Description: Set in the far future after Celestia and Luna mysteriously vanished and the sun and moon froze in the sky, Antipodes the the story of two ponies thrust out into the harsh new world on an adventure to uncover what happened to the world so long ago.

    Story: Ponytics (Update Part 3!)


    Author: Pickle
    Description: After receiving a letter about Democracy from Twilight, Princess Celestia decides that she needs to destroy this idea before a revolt starts up. WARNING: Hilarious antics will ensue.