• Guess the Character Event: Results!

    The results are in! We asked for your renditions of the potential new character (Spoilers!), and yo delivered! A few are completely off the wall, while many seemed to aim for a more average look.   Head on past the break to check out all the entries!

    (And again, potential unconfirmed spoilers!)

    The Water Horse of War - Alexis Johnson

    Had a lot of fun making this character. I am sure that the new character does not look like this, but it would be kinda cool if he did. We will see what Hasbro dishes up.

    Grandest of All - Egophiliac

    I am 99.9% certain this will be his actual canon form. The REAL villain is jealousy, Rarity!

    Dotori's Guess the Character Drawing Event Entry - Yunha Kim

    To be honest I didn't like what I saw of this guy at all. It looked like something straight outta Neopets. But after coming up with the rest of his body he kinda grew on me. I made him more of a kirin kinda pony. I also gave him a ridiculous costume to go with his ridiculous head wear.

    The Mystery Pony - Maddrks

    Just imagined him as a evil forest spirit with a sort of purple miasma. :D

    Villain Kirin - FighterAmy

    This image is in my scraps but I may clean it up and resubmit later, but it probably wont hit the deadline of this Event.

    If unsure what a Kirin is feel free to google it, they look rather cool.

    - Kinga

    Changeling King (King Metamorphosis) - Sarah

    I called this a changeling king because it looks are like a changeling. Green eyes, dark body, insect wings, and crested horn is why I call him King Metamorphosis. The green stripes are where changelings are summoned. The red stripe summons Chrysalis. The back is obviously his tail (Duh!) which is lighter than air and can glide freely. (Except the part where the tail is in)

    Quiz could be his name.......... doubt it - Joshua Whitehouse

    I believe this character could either be a unicorn or Alicorn but i went for a mixture of griffin and dragon i think it would be more interesting from a design point if his body was not all pony.
    The cutie mark is actually inspired by the premiers of the season 3 songs thereĆ¢��s something about crystals empires IDK to be honest just seems appropriate

    Prince of the Dead - Kaiser CVR

    I'd like to see a villain with Tartarus origins...but it's probably pretty unlikely that we'll ever get a canon glimpse into Equestria's version of hell, eh? :P

    Guess the Character EQD Contest entry - Luke Rossback

    5 hours spent on this. Well thanks for giving me the opportunity to enter!

    General Onyx - Crystal Pony - Vince Leaverton

    Can't wait for Season 3! /)^3^(\

    - Joe Oliver

    Largely based on Nyx Avatar from Persona 3 if you were wondering ^_^

    Season 3 Villain Interpretation - Emily Hull

    if possible, I would prefer to go as Emily the Penguin instead of Emily Hull, if that is alright.

    I love you Equestria Daily!! <3

    Celestia's Night Light - BlizzySky

    Obviously this mysterious "character" is just the prop for the nightlight in Celestia's bedroom.

    EQD 2012 Guess the Character Contest Entry - Sabrina Hill

    Err just my guess of what this bad beastie might look like? :Ic
    I figured he might be a Qilin, judging by the curved horn so I went off of a few different references for what Qilin supposively look like. oAo I just had to give him crazy fuzzy legs, and nothings more evil to me then evil flowy-flamey hair. ouo

    Kirin of the night - Rein

    Design based off a Kirin, an Eastern mythical creature. The SD (Super Deformed) version in the corner is there just to fill the free space, it's the same design.

    Chaonzo - Bryant Chau

    This is Chaonzo, the possible OC for My little Pony. He is a warrior king that leads his ponies on conquests and usually tries to control places. He is a friend of Celestia and Luna and his warrior-like traits make him a trusted ppony to the two princesses. He can be daunting at times for his personality.

    Tirek is back... - Queen Peach

    I had a lot of fun making this, from the sketch to the... Smudging!
    I won't say my exact age, but I am a lot younger then most bronies here. I feel that its important for young people like me to learn from the more experienced individuals. I have used many artists work as inspiration, as I feel that there is something to be learned from everyone's different styles.

    I have based my entry off of the My Little Pony TV special from the '80s, Rescue at midnight castle, as you may have noticed by the captions and the colours that I have picked.

    I worked very hard on this, and I hope to improve my art skills and submit more stuff to Equestria Daily sometime again!
    I hope you have had a wonderful day.

    Season 3 Mystery Character-Shadow Satllion (non-anthro) - Paul Davidson (Photon)

    My rendition of the mystery character. Shadow Stallion, has the body of a wolf, dragon wings and a random shark fin just to be..... random.

    And in the last slot, someone decided to semi-animate him!