• Online Game: Pony Tactics

    I know a bunch of you guys are into Fire Emblem, and I know a bunch of the old crowd probably loves them some Final Fantasy Tactics.  It's time to ponify it, and play it online! 

    The Lunar Republic and Solar Empire have apparently recruited a bunch of changelings who are stuck as the mane cast.  Hire an army with your initial bank of 10 bits and send them at each other in the ultimate pony war!

    (We can finally do something with that ridiculous trope)

    I couldn't get public games to work, but connecting privately is pretty simple.  If you played the Rainbow Dash one a while back, it's the same deal. 

    Now get down there in the comments and battle it out! For the SOLAR EMPIRE!

    (I actually prefer the Lunar Republic, but Celestia is fine too)

    Sending in the scourges!