• Blast from the Past #11

    It's that time of the week again my friends! Time to take a step into the pony past and take a look at some material our younger fans may have missed and give you older fans something to reminisce about.

    As per usual, this feature would not be possible without you all, so keep sending in your material to either my email at [email protected] or to my Twitter account: @CalpainEqD 

    Step into our time machine after the break! (Don't worry, it's Equestrian Innovations certified!)

    There's a Pony For That

    Continuing where my last Blast post left off, we have another addition to the Hub's advertising blitz they had for the show last summer. In another show of encouragement from the Hub, There's a Pony For That was released July 2011 shortly after the Equestrian Girls advertisement.

    Parodying the famous iPhone App commercials, the Hub was able to pack all sorts of pony puns into this little ad, including a little shout out to EqD! Thanks to commercials like these, we managed to start the summer off to a good start and turn it into one of the most productive times seen in pony history.

    Ask Apple Bloom

    You know all those pony tumblrs floating around nowadays? All the ones for every single pony and nonpony ever? Well, there was a time when you could count the number of pony tumblrs on your fingertips believe it or not! One of the first good pony tumblrs to start the tumblr trend in the fandom was Ask Apple Bloom, which first came to EqD in a Nightly Roundup post in July 2011.

    Following the tradition of most ask blogs, the tumblr followed Apple Bloom as she answered a variety of questions posed to her from viewers. The tumblr was cute, had a unique style, and had a few interesting answers. Unfortunately, the tumblr has gone dark according to my knowledge, but some, if not all, entries can still be found archived on Ponibooru.

    Applejack & Twilight With Celestia

    Ponies don't just mix with a variety of movie trailers, they also happen to mix with other shows as well! This little ponifed version of the opening to Panty and Stocking comes to us back from March 2011. It's a pretty good rendition so check it out!

    I'll Make a Pony Out of You

    Considering that ponies were able to mix so well with video games, songs, and other shows it was no big stretch that ponies would apply themselves well to Disney songs as well. After all, coming from a show with some serious music chops it isn't too surprising that Disney and MLP go together so well. From March 2011 we have an awesome mashup of I'll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan and various scenes from MLP.

    Pinkie Sphere

    Before hitting the Blast from the Past Drawfriend, something silly to finish off our videos for this week's edition. Coming from March 2011, we have the Pinkie Sphere.

    Blast from the Past Drawfriend

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    This Day in Pony History - July 21, 2011
    Crazy to think of it, but a year ago today EqD hit 20 million pageviews! Now we are closing in on 220 million hits! A lot can change in just a year.