• Blast from the Past #4

    Hey everyone, it's that time once again for another dose of nostalgia. That's right, it's another Blast from the Past heading your way! Ready for a little pony history?

    There have been some questions about whether or not I will do fanfics at some point and the answer is yes! I've talked with the prereaders and they are coming up with a list of old classics for you to chew over in future editions.

    As always, send any suggestions be it music, videos, games, fics, ect to: [email protected]

    First Video: The Elder Scrolls VI: Equestria
    Released in February 2011, this video became one of the first, if not the very first, pony video game trailers to go viral and spread pony to all corners of the internet. Hitting the front page of the video game blog Kotaku (and many others) and even Bethesda's own blog, this video was one of the first to show that pony vids could appeal to those outside of our cozy little fandom at the time.

    Inglourious Ponies

    First it was ponies and video games and then came ponies in movie trailers. This pony trailer first came to light in April 2011 and was featured on quite a few non-pony websites, including the Escapist! Check it out above.

    Dead Alewives - Dungeons and Dragons (MLP Version)

    Another oldie from February 2011, this clip put ponies in the popular Dungeons and Dragons spoof by the Dead Alewives. As a D&D fan myself, I found this wonderfully amusing back when I had just joined the fandom. Check it out!

    1000 People Clicked On The Subscribe Button

    In celebration on hitting 1000 subscribers after the success of Night of Pony!, UnanimousDelivers created this little celebration video in April 2011. It's a great little mashup, and apparently quite a few of you think that way as well since I have about a dozen emails suggesting it. Take a look above!

    Chain Algorithm - Friends Forever Mix

    Yet another old bit of music, this was actually the earliest piece of pony music I ever listened too when it came out in February 2011. A nice bit of sound mixing, this song introduced me to the world of pony music before there was much of a pony music scene. Plus it was great orc killing music in Lord of the Rings Online oddly enough! Take a listen above.