• Random Merch: Derpy Belt, Books, Puzzles, and More!

    We have a bunch of random stuff popping up lately on the merch side of things.  Pony really is becoming the next Sponegebob! (Don't kill me!)

    First off, we have a new series of books based around various episodes popping up in Luxemburg for  5€.  The two above are Call of the Cutie and Ticketmaster, and clock in at 25 pages each.  They look pretty high quality compared to what we usually see in pony books! I wouldn't mind a set in English.   Thanks to Beck for the images.

    And in second place is a Derpy Belt.  Remember back when you guys all freaked out and thought she was dead? Turns out Hasbro has been working on Derpy Merch for months.  That Taobao Comic Con Derpy popped up almost half a year ago.  I still get save Derpy emails and hate messages for not pushing the hell out of the website for it. 

    Hot Topic also has Crystal Ponies in stock.  These have been relatively difficult to find for a while now.  I have a review up if you guys are curious about them.  Hopefully they finally complete the set.  I remember Applejack and Rarity had some planned, but still haven't seen them hit shelves anywhere.  Thanks to Ginger Snap for the heads up on both the belt and chrystal ponies!  

    And in the last slot, we have a simple 20 piece pony puzzle.   This particular one was found at a convenience store in Saskatoon, Canada for a measly 2 bucks.  Thanks to sen555 for that one!

    More images of the books can be found after the break. 

    If you guys find obscure pony merch in your various countries of residence, remember to send it off to [email protected]! It's hard to keep track of what we have and have not posted, so toss it anyway!

    (More after the break)