• Nightly Roundup #334

    Dang, Scootaloo. You sure grew up fast. Also I'm finally back and doing roundups again.

    New banner featuring a pony that's not the best pony made by Cereal.

    We also added 50 more lost banners to the compilation, for those looking to complete their collections.  

    Pinkie Pie Cake

    PK official Equestria Daily pastry correspondent.

    Pony SCP Game

    Ooooh boy. If you haven't played an SCP game before, maybe wait until  the morning.

    More Chess

    Yep, more chess pieces! Check out the pictures here and a video here.

    Alternate Language Big Mac

    Here we have a collection of Big Mac in other languages. Have some copypasta:

    "Still I'm a  fan of various language versions of MLP:FiM and this time I come with something that might be interesting for some Bronies around the world. No multi song, no fails, just a normal and short and funny comparison dialogues of Big Macintosh.

    Unfortunately still we don't have S2 in Europe(debut probably August-September), so I don't have in comparison famous "Nnoope" line.
    Maybe next time(few months) I
    do something like that"

    Podcasts, Etc
    Interview with Purple Tinker

    Copypasta: We organised a test run of our podcast this past Saturday. For the select few who were invited to be in the audience, we secured an interview with BronyCon founder, Purple Tinker. After some technical hiccups, we were able to ask a few questions regarding the founding of the convention and her views of the fandom. It was an honor and pleasure to talk to her, and we look forward to our next broadcast!

     Equestrian Empire Radio Drama

    Successful Meetups

    A bunch of bronies from various high schools in New York (Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, LaGuardia, and Brooklyn Tech) held a meetup in Central Park.

    we're the Grand Gala Project from Germany and last weekend we had our first big meetup at the German convention 'Dokomi' in Düsseldorf. We are a large group of MLP cosplayers and our goal was to make the Dokomi the BEST NIGHT EVER... or day XD And as you can see, we succeeded! (see the attachment)

    We had an awesome day in Düsseldorf, met a lot of other MLP cosplayers and bronies and made a lot of new friends :) The next convention our group will attend will be the Animagic in July. Anyone who's interested in our project might want to check out our blog for news and updates! (http://grandgalaproject.blogspot.de/)

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

     like the rest of the world (and possibly the universe)
    there is a meetup going down in the south of England
    if you live in/near Hampshire then the information can be found here
     Max Payne 3

    Howdy everypony, I wanted to inform you about Max Payne 3 crew, called Luna Squad. You can join us via rockstar games social club, here have a link  http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/luna_squad
     Raonoke, Virginia

    my Friend Stephen and I are planning a meet up on June 7th at 3:00 in Vally View Mall by Barnes and noble and after we raid the F.Y.E and Hot Top for any thing brony related, Well go across the parking lot to Cheddars . If there are any questions contact me or Stephen at, [email protected] or [email protected] respectfully.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

     Chrysalis plush
    Rainbow Dash Shirt