• 22 More Best of Derpy Fanfics to Read for Derpy Day!


    It's Derpy Day! That means we get to explore all the crazy fanon's we've given her over the years via fanfic.

    This is only for stuff we haven't posted yet in these compilations. For others, head on over to this post!

    Now go read below and thanks to Whisper Key for scouting them!


    Slice of Life




    A Charmed Life by BlazzingInferno


    Ponyville was supposed to be Ditzy’s fresh start, a chance to leave the past behind and be her own mare. So what if that fresh start includes sleeping in her second cousin’s spare bedroom? So what if she’s working double shifts at the Hay Burger? She’s got a plan, a plan that starts with the expensive items that mysteriously appear on the second-hoof store’s shelves on a very special day of the month.

    A season one story.


    Here's Your Letter by FamousLastWords


    Spike waits for his mail to come and has a chat with the mail pony.


    Seven of Cups by The Cloptimist


    Derpy gets some bad career news... but when one door closes, another opens.


    Best Pegasus by forbloodysummer


    Feeling introspective and adrift after the ordeal at Rainbow Falls, the last thing Spitfire wanted to think about was having to fly all the way back to Cloudsdale, let alone do so with Soarin, Fleetfoot and an uncomfortable atmosphere. So she took the train instead, where she ended up talking to a pegasus from the Ponyville team. Turns out they have rather different outlooks on life.


    Dinky Debates Dexterity, Destiny and Dinner by CLAVDIVS CAESAR


    Dinky enjoys staying with Sparkler, but is still anxious to go back home to her mom. The bright young filly and the young-at-heart mare use their time together to teach each other about growing up and what it means to be family.


    Philosophers in the Orchard by Bromad


    When Applejack spots Derpy staring off into space, she wants to know if the lonely mare is all right. It turns out that Derpy has a lot to think about, including quite a few other pegasi who venture to Sweet Apple Acres in the middle of the night to do the same.


    Past and Future by Nimnul


    Set some years before the return of Nightmare Moon in canon and my other Berry Punch stories, but can be read on its own.

    Berry Punch has settled into her new life in Ponyville. She's made a friend whose daughter is a great friend to Ruby Pinch as well. Business is good, there's always money in alcohol. But Berry isn't a pony at ease with herself, and so she hates market day. Too many ponies to see, too many irrational anxieties.

    The high point of her morning is therefore a visit by Ditzy Doo, taking a break on her mail route to have a chat.









    First Class Guards by ClanCrusher


    Twilight is looking to hire guards for her castle. Derpy is looking for a new job. Lightning Dust is trying to find a way forward after her falling out with the Wonderbolts, and Flare Warden is just trying to get a position far far away from her brother.


    Lament of a Muffin by Arakos


    What happens when you see only what you want to see, hear only what you want to hear, and project those views onto somepony against their will? What happens when that fiction becomes reality, and their reality becomes everypony else's fiction?

    Ditzy Doo has to deal with it on a daily basis. Try as she might, ponies still see her as the klutzy, muffin obsessed mailmare that she's always been, or at least, that they think she's always been.


    Lyra's Human 2: Derpy's Human by pjabrony


    Several years after the events of Lyra's Human, Derpy Hooves decides that she's lonely, and wants to meet a human for herself. Together, Derpy and the human have crazy adventures across worlds as both learn what it means to be true friends.


    Goldilocks and the Three Months Spent in Young Offender's Prison by Impossible Numbers


    Everyone knows the classic tale: the Three Bears leave to let their porridge cool, the naive little filly Goldilocks comes in, she does porridge. Hijinks, as the saying goes, shall thus ensue.

    Dinky's got a little more behind her "re-imagining" than that, though. Her mind stands trial. Can she outwit the grim judge (big sister Amethyst)? Can she appeal to the all-loving jury (Derpy, walking disaster zone and friend of insurance sellers everywhere)?

    Or will she find the chair to be much too hot? And not "just right" at all?









    Pieces of a Grey Cloud by darf


    A series of moments from Derpy's life, most of them less than cheerful.



    There's a Monster Under the Stairs by Grimm


    Derpy is a good filly.

    Her eyes might not line up right and she can't think too many things at once, but she's still a good filly who always does what Daddy tells her. Until he tells her not to go into the basement under the stairs, at least. He tells her there's a monster down there, and it's all teeth and claws, and it's dangerous.

    And then Derpy doesn't do what she's told.


    The Derpy Protocol: Twilight in the Shadows by Mockingbirb


    Twenty years ago, Twilight horribly botched Luna's rescue from the moon. Ten years ago, trying to save Derpy and Dinky, Twilight cast a forbidden spell she now deeply regrets. Today, Twilight wonders if she can ever make things right.


    Wisp by darf




    Why can't anypony see me?

    Why doesn't anypony notice I'm here?


    What should I do?









    Where Is My Love? by TheMyth


    Even after many years... his love for her never faded... The one, who held a special place in his heart. Well, no more waiting! No more hoping! He was going to find her, and damn anypony to Tartarus that would try to stop him.


    Performance Review by getmeouttahere


    Derpy resolves to better focus on her mailmare duties after her latest performance review.


    Derpy's Interview by Heavyhauler75622


    Somewhere along the line, the press started to wonder about Derpy Doo and her new husband, 'John Smith'. So they sent an invitation for a sit-down and a chat...with ulterior motives in mind...









    The Ghost Who Never Died by Pascoite


    Derpy always considered herself an unusual pony, but then so did everypony else. They just don’t know why: she talks to ghosts. As would befit an unusual pony, she encounters a most unusual ghost. Of course she’d want to make it her friend.


    A Derp and Stormy Night by MagnetBolt


    Tempest Shadow is a pony trying to learn how to be part of pony society. To her, Equestria is a foreign land, and she's just a stranger in it. The natives are friendly, but her days are empty. What she needs is something to ground her. Something that can make her part of daily Ponyville life.

    She needs a job.


    Mothering, Someday by Impossible Numbers


    Some might think Twilight Velvet is the luckiest mother in the world. Yet she hasn't seen her daughter since her little girl was crowned princess. Velvet isn't even royalty herself. How can she be a mother to someone so radically different? So far away? So unreal?

    Worse, it's now Mare's Day - a day for celebrating motherhood - and the situation is so bizarre that Velvet is in the odd position of having to go visit her little princess in Ponyville, by appointment, to bring the flowers that Twilight will then give back to her as a Mare's Day gift.

    Twilight Sparkle's mother, they call her. Always and always. Princess this and princess that. Wouldn't it just be nice if someone looked at her life from any angle other than "Twilight Sparkle's mother"? For a day, at least. A few hours. Anything.

    So who should she stumble across in Ponyville but the oddest and most extraordinary mother of all: Derpy, a mail mare capable of looking from all kinds of angles indeed. Sometimes in ways other ponies can scarcely imagine...


    A Lily on the Windowsill by Pascoite


    Derpy is that one relentlessly happy person who never lets anything get her down. That’s one of the things Sunset most loves her for.

    But lately, Derpy doesn’t look happy.