• Derpy Day Discussion: Fanon Theories, Episode Ideas and More!


    So it would appear, in true fashion for the day, that I derped and forgot that today was Derpy Day. Forever cursed am I to have things go wrong when it comes to this silly mare.

    Derpy is easily one of the fandom's most recognizable and loved background characters in the show, her appearance as old as the show itself. A symbol of the connection the fandom made early on with the show creators she has had a wild journey both through the show and the fandom itself. From her inclusion as an easter egg in most episodes, to Derpygate and her getting roles in some episodes she has grown so much over time.

    So what are some of your favorite things about Derpy? Are you a fan of her having Dinky as a daughter or are you a bigger fan of her being a companion to Doctor Whooves? Or maybe you're a fan of another theory altogether? What episodes would you have liked her to have and how would you have further developed her character?

    Talk about all that and more in the comments!

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