• Brony Appreciation Day - A Shoutout to Brony Artists!

    I have to admit, I'm biased. This has been always been my favorite part of the fandom. Since the earliest days on 4chan's comics and cartoon board, artists have been the lifeblood of expanding the show beyond what we got each week in 22 minute bursts. Friendship is Magic already has a super appealing style that is beloved by everyone, but so many of you have taken the concept of cute colorful ponies with anime eyes and turned them into so much more!

    Lets celebrate all things (drawn) art below!

    A Celebration of All Things Brony Art!

    Pony fan art started off pretty basic at the very beginning. Simple transparent drawings of various ponies in unique poses. Rarely OC's like this super early one from Kloudmutt up there.

    We kept it going throughout the years, with loads of people sticking close to show style and simply delivering fun concepts on existing episodes like Pixelkitties.

    Or upgrading the concept with heavy shading and extra artistic flairs.

    It was only a small amount of time before some of the best artists on the internet started throwing their abilities into the mix, like this beyond epic piece by Ziom05.

    Concepts that the show introduced converted into high-end paintings by skillsets honed from years of working in other fandoms.

    Speaking of other fandoms, nothing helped us grow faster than our artist army creating crossovers from their other beloved fandom communities.

    From valve games in those two above drawn by Don-ko...

    To weekly, sometimes even daily comics Madmax was churning out.

    We were absolutely everywhere

    The best part? It never gets old. Thousands of artists have unleashed their completely unique takes on what a pony can look like while still maintaining that adorable charm we all stick around for. The variety keeps us alive.

    From the ones that shift pony over to an even more cute and cuddly form...

    To the people that take the concept and make it monstrous. It's a never-ending factory of pure creativity that makes it an absolute joy to dig through 100's of drawings every single day for you all.

    It's especially rewarding watching people grow so much as artists through the years, or I guess months in the case of prodigy's like VanillaGhosties.

    Even the ones that already started off great like John Joseco.

    Some have shifted art into full-time careers thanks to all of the practice pony gave them.

    Many of which have literally hundreds of commissions under their belts.

    While a few have disappeared PKX here, their art still remains and will continue to be a mark on the internet for years to come.

    Along with my phone wallpaper occasionally~

    With every disappearance comes even more talent to fill the void, because at the end of the day, drawing ponies is just fun. Lauren Faust created a template so many people enjoy putting their unique twist on.

    Hell, that drawing up there has a whopping 13 people all chipping in their designs.


    If any part of the fandom survives long past the end of the show, it will be the art side. People need their ponies, and there are thousands of us all ready to draw them and thousands more all learning every single day while looking up to the people posting pure motivation every single day on Twitter, DA, FA, Derpi, and the host of other places our art community has invaded.

    To all the artists, including the hundreds that didn't pop up in this post (I wish I could include everyone!) thank you! You have made this fandom thrive for a decade, and we all owe you so much for grinding through all of the nightmarish issues your average creative goes through to improve their craft. It's is not an easy talent to pursue, and in many cases doesn't have nearly as much payoff in the end as some of the easier hobbies to pick up, but without you, this fandom would be nowhere near as fun. Keep at it! Conquer the art block! And know that we are all rooting for you every day.

    Now go draw more bats~