• Brony Appreciation Day- Shoutout to Brony Musicians!

    Music has to be my favorite part of everything. It's how I discovered MLP:FiM in the first place (well, it's what really got me interested I should say). So on this finer than fine, totally not a joke because I'm being serious, perfect opportunity for toe-tapping day, let's highlight some good brony musicians, shall we?

    Okay, disclaimer, I can't get everyone in here. There are just so many great musicians out there! Not to mention there is a pony song for just about any style of music you like! Just know I'm patting all of you on the back. Yes, even that brony who never shares their music and just writes it for themselves.

    I respect all of you musicians! Your work has made it such a delight to be in this fandom. Thanks, Now Feel Appreciated! Let's start in the obvious place,


    You know them and so does everypony else. You can't get these songs or their remixes out of your head even ten years later! Good on you creators, a small part of you will always burn at the back of our skulls! 

    Whether it's like Pinkie's Brew above, WoodenToaster and Mic the Microphone's Nightmare Night mix, Eurobeat Brony's Discord, or Awkward Marina's Anthropology; you're going to be singing this stuff forever!


    I think we all agree there are a LOT of songs that could fit the electronic genera. Dubstep; Trance; Drum and Bass (Woot!); Industrial; My personal favorite, Electro-Swing; the list goes on and on! I love all your music, so know I appreciate every musician in this genre! 

    For when you want to dance it up or at least make the frame of your car shake more than the guy next to you at the stoplight. Sim Gretina Fashionista had music inspired by the show while bronies like BassBoostingBrony took their music in a more original direction.  

    Some songs are emotional like Korw's This Day Aria remix while others seriously went for the dance element like Dance Magic Remix by Faulty and Bank Pain or Aftermath's Helping Twilight remix.

    Yeah, there really are a lot here! But that's good. You composers take art and computers and make magic for our ears! Love it!


    Making fun or adapting other songs was a perfect match for ponies! It's definitely a talent creating these songs so good on you if you do! 
    Gotta love collabs like I Am Octavia too! Oh, and who could forget Jan Animation Studios' little gem, Don't Mine at Night. Also Pony Rock Anthem! 

    Since we're talking parody:


    Not my favorite genre (unless you count Rainbow Rock songs) so forgive me for missing some possibly amazing stuff. You rock musician really, well, rock!
    I know plenty of you love rock, like Forest Rain here who remaster the above song from The Offspring. The musical talent always amazes me with pieces like Pathfinder Project's Open Up Your Eyes Cover. And y'all know I can't get enough of Rarity, so Onetr1ckp0ny's Becoming Popular is worth at least a head bob.


    Definitely the smoothest of musical talent, musicians of this style keep it real loose. There's a lot of music that falls in jazz too, but all of them are perfect! You're perfect!
    Who didn't love that Smile Song remake by つよみー(Tsuyomi)? Sadly I don't anyone who's done improvisational pony jazz, but MusicByOctavia gave us a great blues rendition of the CMCs Go Crusading. And The L-Train's Theme from Ponyville Noire is amazing.


    Storytelling isn't only for print. While again sadly lacking in my musical library, the talent y'all put into these musical type songs floods the fandom with emotion!

    Musicians like Dragonfoxgirl actually reimagined actually musicals with ponies!


    Have I got you feeling nostalgic yet, well let's keep that going by reflecting on those bronies who understood the art of classical sound.  

    MLP has great songs, they don't need bells and whistles all the time. Take ArtemYegorov’sTrue Friend Orchestral cover inspired by background music or Fellowship Symphonies' A Symphony of Chaos based on a character.

    These songs carry a lot of feeling and a lot of good memories just like all of MelodicPony's pieces. All art continues a part of us long after we create it. MLP music is a legacy and comfort through tough times.

    But there's so much more!

    I really couldn't cover you all. Just know you're amazing! So take some time and enjoy the brony art that has inspired you through the years and on into the future! 

    And if I missed one of your favorite songs or genres, please mention them. I can't praise you musicians enough. Thank you for all these great songs and those to come!